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All about Integrated ATPL Program in India

Are you interested in learning more about ATPL programmes that are integrated? This post will describe the ATPL curriculum and how you can complete a combined programme at Hercules Aviation Training School in as little as 14 months. 

The pilot and co-pilot are unable to communicate with one another in the same way that we do in everyday conversation. Pilots do not simply turn on the engine and take off into the sky. They must develop a flight plan that takes into consideration the journey’s attitude, route, and fuel consumption. Should document all technical faults and incidents throughout the flight, such as drones, bird strikes, and undesirable passenger behaviour. It can’t afford to ignore administrative paperwork because it contributes to the development of future navigation plans, safety systems, and technological capabilities. 


These responsibilities are impossible to complete without the correct training from a reputable flight school. Because of the extensive ground and flight training required to become a pilot and the jargon they must acquire, they must accrue sufficient ground and flight hours in order to master all dramatic and technical abilities. 

To be eligible to apply for a commercial pilot position, one must have a minimum of many hours of flying experience. The ATPL flight licence is the most stringent requirement when it comes to pilot training. Various jurisdictions have different standards for their citizens. We are primarily concerned with assisting students in meeting the ATPL criteria, which will allow them to fly with any of the major airlines around the continent.  Interested parties should contact us for more information.  

  • Instructor education and certification 

It is critical to have a qualified flight instructor from India’s Best Pilot Training Institute for your ATPL training. Your whole career depends on the instruction you receive from the person who trains you and your capacity to retain the information you are given.  As a result, instructors must pay close attention to every component of your flight technique. To ensure that you do not develop harmful habits later. 

  • Payment 

Your selected flight school may need you to pay the entire school tuition before you can begin training. Some schools utilise this formula without first checking to see if planes or trainers are available for usage. Another approach is to implement a no-refund policy on the entire fee. Regardless of whether they can deliver on their commitments. During the pandemic, this became extremely problematic. As some flying schools failed to fulfil their pledges to students, resulting in the loss of dozens of pupils.

A courteous and professional payment system that takes into account. The value of every pilot licence training is available to you. There is a one-time payment that covers the admissions price. As well as the cost of acquiring a Class 1 medical. 


We are completely honest about all prices associated with the training. In order to protect your pursuit of the integrated ATPL flying programme certification. There are no hidden charges, allowing you to budget every penny. You will spend to complete your degree in the proper manner. Indeed, we offer one of the few ATPL integrated programmes that provide a fully bundled price, which includes everything you need to finish your training: ground school training, tests, flying training, transport to and from the airport, VAT, lodging and board, and all other fees and expenses. 

  • Quality 

Even if you have no prior experience flying an aeroplane. You can achieve your goal of becoming a pilot in as little as 14 months. If you put forth the necessary effort and dedication. A large number of training opportunities for basic pilot certification are available on the Internet. Due to the fact that an integrated training programme is designed to bring you to your objective in the most efficient manner, the training expenses are typically greater than what you will receive from a Best Pilot Training Institute in India that provides you with a standalone training programme. 

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