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Everything To Know About Twitter Ads

Twitter, which claimed to be less focused on advertising than Facebook or LinkedIn, contradicts itself. Indeed, Twitter has understood very well that its social platform attracts the envy of brands and continues to sell new advertising space. This article gives you an update on how its sponsored ads work. You can get the services of Twitter Ads Agency in London

What do Trending Topics mean?

Trending Topics, abbreviated TT on Twitter, are the trending topics of the moment. Any subject, the name of a celebrity, a hashtag. Trending Topics are calculated and displayed by algorithms integrated into the Twitter service. Trending Topics, or simply news, appear on the Twitter homepage.

To fully understand Trending Topics , a basic knowledge of how Twitter works is required. Each user produces content (TimeLine in English) composed of short news or tweets – this news can include links to other sites or to your photos, videos and audio. If you send a tweet that includes a Trending Topic, it will appear in public search results for that topic.

How do Trending Topics work?

If enough users mention a topic with or without #Hashtag , it can be a person, an event, a book or just a sentence – it will appear as a Trending Topic in the Twitter system.

That said, Twitter does not disclose the criteria and its algorithm for reaching the Trending Topic, but lets us understand that its system is based on a number of mentions over a period X hours, filtering out certain expressions and banalities of a language.

In addition, this feature has created economic interest for brands. Since it allows companies to obtain visibility on a network that attracts hundreds of millions of people around the world. Twitter has therefore launched a service for buying advertising space so that brands can use it to promote it: “ sponsored hashtags ”.

Sponsored Trending Topics

Sponsored Trending Topics first appeared in 2010 in the United States. To advertise on Twitter, you need to have a substantial budget. Besides, only the big brands can afford it. The feature was available at a price of $80,000 per day in 2010, but continues to rise. Virgin, Samsung and other big brands have already opted for these sponsored trends.

As for European brands, they are exempt from scheduling ads on Twitter, because this service is reserved only for advertisers tweeting in English and based in the United States. However, several alternatives are possible to circumvent this exclusivity.

Promoted tweets

A promoted tweet is a regular tweet, which an advertiser chooses to broadcast to a wider audience. Sponsored tweets are clearly identified as such through a “  Sponsored ” label. But this name is the only differentiating factor. A Promoted Tweet is initially sent from the advertiser’s account, and appears at the top of search results on, or through your mobile. And a new possibility allows you to dismiss this sponsored post, by hovering with your mouse, so that it no longer appears in your news feed.

Sponsored Account Suggestions

The sponsored account is the 3rd product in the series of sponsored products available to advertisers on Twitter. The role of this service is to suggest potentially interesting accounts to follow. Sponsored accounts are listed on the left side of your homepage. This is a dedicated space to boost recruitment on a Twitter account, based on specific targeting (geographical, thematic, etc.).


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