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The holiday season is fast approaching and businesses must prepare for it. It is announced to us each year always a little earlier. Some have already started to think about their party menu or the gifts they were going to give. If this period is a symbol of rejoicing, it is also the most important commercial period for traders.

This has been starting for a few years with Black Friday at the end of November. Every year, the French budget explodes. In 2019, the average French budget for the end-of-year celebrations was €549.

Faced with the expected crowds in stores in the coming weeks, in the current context, it is important to communicate effectively to better guide customers. Dynamic display and giant SMD Screens are very interesting solutions for businesses at this time.

They make it possible to inform and communicate remotely with a large number of users. In addition, this solution can also participate in the animation of the sales area and convey the magic of Christmas.

However, as with all major communication campaigns, this one must be prepared in advance. First of all on the technical level in the use and location of its dynamic display tool. Then, you have to develop your communication plan and the associated media. If all these elements are well integrated, then a digital signage solution boosts sales by an average of 24% (2017 POPAI study).


It’s hard to talk about the end-of-year celebrations without mentioning the current context. This month of December it will be 1 year since COVID-19 began to spread across the globe. Businesses will therefore have to manage a double challenge during this holiday season.

First of all, organize to regulate the flow of visitors in compliance with security instructions while managing to achieve the expected turnover with even more marked competition from online purchases. The dynamic display on a giant screen can help manage this challenge.

Indeed, it makes the safety instructions easily accessible to all passers-by. This is all the more true as screens have a strong power of attraction. In fact, according to a study conducted by OTX and SeeSaw Network, 63% of people consider that digital signage attracts their attention more.

Thus, it can even provide live information on the number of people already present in the store and guide users. In addition, thanks to their ability to multiply messages in one location, they can also share various promotional offers. It is also possible to display ambient visuals to spread a little Christmas magic and improve the customer experience.

Finally, one of the major advantages of on-screen communication in this intense period is its ease and speed of updating. It is thus possible to disseminate information in real-time. This also allows you to modify the visuals over the days or the state of your stocks.


To communicate well during the holiday season, you must be prepared and have defined a campaign theme. This will thus serve as a guideline for the various communication tools used, including the dynamic display solution.

After that, you have to define how you want to use the giant screen. To do this, you must first define your communication objective. Develop sales? Animate the sales area? Bring in the customer? This step will allow you to eliminate many possibilities to focus on the essentials.

This objective will also be closely correlated with the location of the screen. Is it a wall-mounted giant screen inside? Outside in front? a screen in the window? Finally, do not hesitate to evolve this content throughout the holiday season.

The giant screen will allow a notorious gain in visibility and better knowledge of the offers. On the other hand, hard-hitting content will allow memorization and action.

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