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10 Best Father’s Day Gift for Pet Dads

Thank you for looking up ‘Father’s Day Gift for Pet Dads’, this makes us happy. Happy knowing that the efforts of our loving & caring pet Dads are acknowledged.

Every year Mother’s Day makes noise, but Father’s Day goes by in silence. Let’s celebrate the coming Father’s Day by appreciating all types of fatherhood. Fathers with kids & fathers with 4-legged kids.

Our team consists of one, two, to many pet dads. With father’s day nearing, we asked them to share with us a gift they’d love to be presented with on Father’s Day.

Shh! We are going to share this secret list with you, so you can get pet dad the best gift.

Father’s Day Gift Recommendations Coming Straight From Pet Dads

1. Cat Print Pyjamas

Cat Dads’ thoughts on Cat Print Pajamas is ‘Me-want’. If you are a pet parent too, you’d know that lounging & cuddling with your pet after a long, tiresome day is the best feeling ever.

This comfy & cool, cat print lounge pyjama will make the pet & dad time more fun and warm.

2. Dog Backpack

Every father aspires to take his kid on an adventure someday. Dog Dads dream the same, to go hiking with their good boi.

Move a Dog Dad an inch closer to his dream by gifting him Dog Back – Pack. This backpack is spacious & carries absolutely everything & a dog.

Trust us, a dog dad is simply gonna love it!

3. Matching Jerseys

There are two things that Pet Dads absolutely love. One is Dog & other is their favourite football, IPL, Formula One & Baseball teams.

We all are aware of the hype when their favourite team is playing. Pet Dads are literally glued to television.

Their constant partner in this game watches is their Dog. So, why not gift the Dog Dad & Dog matching team jerseys?

Because Twinning is Winning.

4. Digital Pet Portrait

These Digital Pet Portraits from Pawstro were ranked #1 on our list of Best Father’s Day Gift for Pet Dads.

The reason is simple. Pet paintings are personalized & eternalized. It captures the essence & personality of the pet perfectly with every stroke.

The paintings are made with such precision that if you look at them for a minute or two, you’ll feel your pet will come out running towards you.

A digital pet portrait will make the pet live forever on the wall of your living room.

Want to get a pet portrait for a loving pet dad?

Then Visit Pawstro (Insert Link)
Choose one from the two: Master Pet Portrait or Name pet portrait (Pssstt….. You can also choose both)
Attach the photo of your pet
Hit Order Now
And Pawstro will deliver it safely to your doorstep

5. Personalized Mug

Pet Dads wake up in the morning by licks & snuggles of their pet. Their day starts by breakfast with the pet. As the pet licks on milk, pet dad sip on coffee/ tea.

You can gift a mug to pet dad with a personalized message.

Here are some messages that you can borrow from us:
1. Life is better with a dog
2. To the purrfect cat dad
3. You are simply Pawsome
4. The Dogfather
5. I don’t say this but ‘meow you’
6. I protect, I pet

6. Silver Dog Cufflinks

Some dads love dressing up fine. They also believe that dressing up is a form of expression. A way to express their personality. And from what we have seen, Personality of a Dog Dad is 80% made of random dog facts, puns & memes.

These precious little silver dog cufflinks are not just an accessory but rather a statement piece screaming ‘I LOVE DOGS’

P.S: It will literally be like ‘Wear your heart on your sleeves’

7. Couch Pillow for pet

An ideal Friday night for a pet dad is binge-watching any NetFlix show with its pet. Pet & dad stay up till morning watching the TV series they are hooked on.

They spend the night eating snacks curled up on the couch. Like any parent, the comfort of their child matters the most to pet dads.

Hence, gifting a couch pillow for Pet Dads Cat\ Dog will make their binging night more relaxing & comfortable.

8. Dog Shaming – A novel

This book by Pascal Lemire explores the goofy side of the often loving, caring & Hooman’s best friends Dogs.

‘Dog Shaming’ is the compilation of the funniest doggo goof-ups, that serves as a reminder that you are not alone in this dog parenting world.

What is better than seeing your loved ones smile? It is to see them laughing till tears roll down, falling off the couch wheezing frantically.

This novel holds the power to make Dog Dads laugh to the point their stomach hurt.

It’s relatable, It’s Hilarious & also an outstanding gift for Dog Dad.

9. Pet Print T-shirts

The cutest T-shirt doesn’t exi-

(Add image of Barfi Shirt)

The cutest T-shirts have the cutest faces printed on them & no face is cuter than your beloved pet.

Gift Pet Dad a T-shirt with his pet’s face on it. We also have a suggestion, to make the Pet – Print T-shirt look even chicer, you can print Digital Pet Portrait on it.

Pawstro also provides a soft copy of the pet portrait, if requested.

Want to gift a T-shirt with pet painting on it?
Then get in touch at

Pet Painting T-shirts are a gift that Pet Dads will keep close to them, forever.

10. Desk Calendar

Father’s Day arrives in June, leaving 6 Months to New Year. It is the perfect time to gift someone a half-Yearly Calendar & Father’s Day serves as a perfect event to gift a Pet Dad, Pet 6 Month Calendar.

Make the calendar by putting together the goofiest, cutest & funniest picture of Pet Dad with his pet.

It will look cool on their office desk & when pet father is having a bad day at the office, flipping through the pages of this calendar will instantly change his mood to good.

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