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10 Coolest Science Facts for Students: Amazing, Weird, and Interesting

Are you a science freak? Check out these amazing science facts that will blow your mind.

Do you know that the PH level of acid in your stomach is so high that it can easily dissolve a sharp razor blade or banana you are eating right now is radioactive? If these science facts spark curiosity in your mind, we have uncovered some coolest and mind-blowing science facts that will fill you with wonder. 

Science is endless. Scientists have left no stone unturned to uncover the mysteries of the world. We are learning new things every day with NCERT solution class 7 Science book, and something we don’t know today will indeed discover tomorrow. 

To expose your brain intrigue with excellent general knowledge, we have listed some mind-blowing science facts.

Table of Content
10 Interesting Science Facts

1. Hot Water Freezing is Faster than Cold Water

2. Hawai is Getting Closer to Alaska by 7.5 cm Every year

3. Human Stomach Can Digest Razor Blade

4. The weight of the Cloud is Around five Lakh Kilogram

5. Footprints on Moon Can Exist for Next 100 billion year

6. Hummingbird Only Bird Can Fly Backward

7. Immortal Jellyfish

8. Bat is Only Mammal That Can Fly

9. Twinkling of stars

10. Grasshopper’s Ears Are Located in Their Bellies


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

10 Interesting Science facts

1. Hot water Freezing is faster than Coldwater.

In 1960, Tanzania school student Erasto Mpemba stated that hot water freezes faster than cold water. He observed that heated ice cream froze more rapidly than cold ice cream. This effect is also known as the Mpemba effect. 

Many researchers and studies try to prove this study wrong, but no one has proven shreds of evidence against this effect. 

2. Hawai is Getting Closer to Alaska by 7.5cm Every Year.

The motion in tectonic plates is responsible for Hawai moving closer to Alaska annually by 7.5 cm. The earth’s crust is divided into large pieces called tectonic plates. The currents below the surface constantly drive these tectonic plates.

Hawai is in the middle of the Pacific plates, and due to constant movement in the tectonic plate, slowly, it is getting closer to the North American platform, Alaska. a

3. Human Stomach Can Digest Razor Blade

The research published in the “journal Gastrointestinal Endoscopy” suggests that a single-edged blade can easily dissolve into the human stomach within two hours. 

Human stomach

Our stomach consists of digestive and gastric juices like pancreatic juice, bile juice, hydrochloric acid, etc. The ph scale range from 0-14. The lower the ph value, the higher the acidity. The ph value of these digestive juices is between 1-2, which means the acidity level of these gastric juices is very high. It can easily melt and digest the razor blade within one to two hours. 

4. Weight of a Cloud is Around 5 Lakhs Kilogram.

What is the weight of a cloud? What happens if the cloud falls on us? These types of questions indeed hit the bell in your mind. According to USGS, the weight of a cloud is around 1.1 million pounds, equivalent to 5 lakhs kilograms. This weight is more than the weight of 100 African elephants. 

5. Footprints on Moon can exist for the Next 100 million years.

If you take any mark on the moon’s surface, it will be indelible for the next 100 million years because the moon has no atmosphere, no water, and no wind to wipe it off. You can still find the evidence of Appolo’s mission and chandrayaan, which will not erase for the next millions of years. 

6. Hummingbird Only Bird Can Fly Backward

The Hummingbird, the smallest migratory bird, is the only bird in the world that can fly in the backward direction. Hummingbirds fly in the air, moving their wings in figure-eight with the maximum wing-flapping rate of 80 beats per second, allowing them to fly in the backward direction. Flying at this high beat per second releases a humming sound which gives it the name of a hummingbird.

7. Immortal Jellyfish

Every creature who takes birth on the earth will die one day. But scientists have discovered a creature named Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish that can be young again after reaching maturity.

Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish
blue Jellyfish

And it can repeat that cycle many times. Scientists are officially calling it Immortal Jellyfish. 

8. Bat is the Only Mammal That Can Fly.

Bats are the only mammal on the earth that can fly. 

9. Twinkling of stars

The light from the distant star passes through the different atmospheric layers. It bounces and bumps back due to the changing optical density of the atmosphere. Changes in the weather, wind, etc., are also responsible for the deviation of light.  Due to this, the observer on earth experiences the twinkling of light. 

10. Grasshopper’s Ears Are Located in Their Bellies 

Grasshoppers have ears in their bellies. The organ grasshoppers use to listen to the external environment is known as the Tympanum. Wings cover the Tympanum, and they use it to listen to their fellows. 


Here, we have touched on the top ten fantastic science facts that will help expand your knowledge and curiosity about learning about different things. I hope you love this blog. If you find any difficulty feel free to ask us in the comment section. 

Before wrapping up the blog, we have taken frequently asked questions that will add a little spice to your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  1. What are ten amazing science facts?

The ten fantastic science facts are

  • Hot water freezes faster than cold water.
  • Hawai is getting closer by 7.5 cm every year.
  • Human digestive system can digest a razor blade within two hours. 
  • Weight of the cloud is around five lakhs kilogram.
  • Any marks on the moon’s surface can survive for the next 100 million years.
  • Hummingbird is the only bird that can fly in the reverse direction.
  • Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish is the only immortal creature on the earth.
  • Bats are the only mammal that can fly.
  • Our average body temperature reduces as we age.
  • Grasshoppers’ ears are located in their bellies. 
  1. What is the most interesting fact in science?

The human DNA is so long that it can cover the entire earth 2.5 million times.

  1. Who invented science?

Many people believe that Aristotle invented science

  1. What are the great scientific inventions?

Science has given many boons to make our lives easier. Here are some of the greatest inventions of all time.

  • Invention of DNA.
  • Invention of the Internet. 
  • Invention of Antibiotics.
  • Invention of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Invention of Electric light.



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