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15 practical tips for preparing your Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

Here are 15 culinary tips to help you spend Christmas under the banner of the cordon blue. Christmas is a great opportunity to pamper yourself and satisfy your wildest culinary desires. After all, this party is not in vain. A party made for celebration. And to celebrate well is to celebrate on your plate. To make your Christmas Eve unforgettable, here are 15 cooking tips you’ll tell us about in the comments.

To keep your sorbet lipstick safe from the first opening

Use a freezer bag to keep the ice cream jar as soft as when you first opened it. We all have an ice preservation problem of Christmas Dinner. Its texture changes over time, and there will no longer be a pleasant mouthfeel at the end of the pot. The trick is to simply place the ice cream pot in an airtight plastic bag before placing it in the refrigerator when open and in contact with air. If you want to learn Santa Claus drawing then visit below…

Santa clause drawing

Cook the eggs hard-boiled, making them easy to peel.

When we cook hard-boiled eggs, we play a little Russian roulette. Some of them get rid of their shells easily, others to a lesser extent. In order to have every chance on his side and to ensure the best preservation of the aroma, put them in the oven, not in the water. Program the range to 60 ° C and leave the eggs there for 30 minutes.

The king of recycling explains that cardboard egg crates are ideal for storing Christmas decorations. If you empty egg cartons into cartons, do not throw them away. They can help you park your Christmas decorations and free up space at no extra cost.

Strawberry turns into Santa Claus

Santa Claus right before our eyes and in twos of Christmas Dinner. After peeling the strawberries, flip them over to fit on the base. Its top will act as a pointed hat. Slice the strawberries near the top and garnish with whipped cream. Freezing the whipped cream melts it in hot chocolate and gives it a unique flavour.

Make a beautiful Christmas tree out of frozen chocolate.

Melt the chocolate that you will be pouring into the injector and draw your tree on the baking paper itself, placed on the baking sheet. Place it all in the freezer, and you’re done.

The Snowman In Pizza

Even without pizza parties, all occasions are suitable. So why not for Christmas dinner. Make three different diameters that you will match with each other, and use the decoration to draw the attributes of the snowman. You will enjoy helping. Hover over the Snowman Frosty, and we’re warming up the house with this Snowman pizza recipe! Turn your kid over and read some books about snow people, then go to the kitchen and get inspired by the books to make pizza. Kids can do everything from measuring to decorating!

Hot chocolate in a pot

Can’t you see what it looks like? Well, it’s like a soup kitchen, only with hot chocolate, and for the whole family too.

  • Chocolate chips are obtained from a block using a peeler.
  • Perfect for decorating your magazine or a variety of treats
  • Sugarcane as a label holder, you should have thought about it.

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