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3 Crucial Strategies for Maximizing Your IELTS Speaking Test Score

IELTS Speaking Test Score

IELTS Speaking Test

Calm down. It’s just a test Easier said than done, right? If you’re preparing to take an English proficiency exam, you’re probably freaking out a bit. Here are 3 crucial strategies for maximizing your IELTS speaking test score you should know before taking test.

This type of test can be difficult or very crucial for career.

IELTS is no different.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up 7 of the best ways to fully prepare you.

Top Strategies for Boost Your IELTS Score in Speaking Test

Stay Calm

The more anxious and uncomfortable you are, the more difficult it will be for you to maintain your ease and maintain your consistency. It can seem overwhelming to have to use a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical structures with precision and with the intended meaning. But, please don’t get panic

Remember that the examiner wants to help you and it is their job to make you feel comfortable. The format of the test is also designed to foster (encourage) this, as you will first be asked some basic questions about familiar topics like family or your home. The examiner can sometimes feel a little “robotized”, but this is due to the scripted nature of the test and the fact that the examiner is focused on administering the test, reading the questions and instructions – all of this while assessing and scoring your language. ! No wonder they’re tense, it’s hard work.

Just feel relieved that all you have to do is answer a few questions.

In the latter part of the test, the examiner will take a more conversational approach when discussing less familiar and more abstract topics. Again, relax, smile, and do your best to talk to the reviewer as if you were really having an interesting and engaging conversation with someone.

Know What’s Coming

Are you taking the IELTS for the first time? Do you truly know that, how the speaking test module perform? Even students who have taken the test multiple times cannot answer questions about the structure of the test and how the test is administered. What a huge mistake! Knowing how to pass the test is half the battle. Once you know what to expect, you’ll answer questions faster and easier. Here are some simple questions you really should know the answers to:

  1. How long is the speaking test?
  2. How many parts or sections are there?
  3. What is each part about?
  4. What areas of my language are assessed?
  5. Who marks my performance – the examiner or someone else?

If you are unable to answer all of these questions, read the test format information page on the British Council’s Take IELTS site and find the correct information:

Just Answer The Question!

At the beginning of the test, simply give the necessary information rather than developing your answers too much. Wait until you hear questions about your home, work, school life, etc. before giving more detailed answers. Even then, provide relevant answers and avoid rambling on about anything you can think of. Candidates often stray off topic on tangents – avoid this. Consider structuring your answers this way:

Sample IELTS oral question: “What kind of weather do you enjoy the most?”

OPENING (optional) – Hmm, It’s really very tricky to pick one as I love all seasons.

ANSWER – I would say summer should be my all time favorite.

REASON/EXAMPLE – You know, summer is just awesome. There’s so much to do outdoors, you can be near the water, and yes… if it’s too hot, you better hang out at the beach. I really love to visit beach and sports which includes water.

LOSE – so, yes, if I had to choose one, it would be summer for sure.

This should be pretty obvious, but do your best to answer the question. Don’t decline or drop the question:

OR – I don’t know… I can’t answer this question.

Try THIS – Hmm, that’s a tough question. Let me think about that … yes, I think I would say…

Then do your best to answer the question! The phrases above are useful to give you some thinking time and might get you out of a pickle. Using these “filler” phrases also shows your ability to keep talking despite a difficult question.

Follow these 3 crucial strategies for maximizing your IELTS speaking test score. Also you should take professional guidance from your favorite coaching classes. I suggest you to opt for IELTS coaching in Lucknow or Delhi as both cities have very famous and good coaching Classes.  You can also ask your advisor or overseas education consultants for guidance.

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