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4 keys to a healthy and clean nursery school

Schools are places where hundreds of people pass every day, including children, teachers, parents, etc.

correctly, Schools are places where hundreds of people pass every day, including children, teachers, parents, etc. As with health centers or hospitals. A good cleaning in nursery schools is essential for preventing diseases that poor hygiene may cause in the center. At SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we know that hygiene in nursery schools, nurseries, or study centers is a necessity of the first order. For this reason, not everyone can carry out this task, always thinking of providing total hygiene to spaces where the little ones spend a large part of the day.

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1. Importance of nursery school cleaning

Apart from the little ones, there are schools with a nursery service, in them, we find perhaps the people who most need good hygiene around them, the babies. These little ones, a few months old, frequently, do not have a fully developed immune system. If we add to this the little ones that crawl, or walk, the important role that we fully understood good cleaning plays in nursery schools. , since otherwise, the children would be constantly moving the dirt from one place to another.

2. Professional cleaning in nursery schools. How to do it.

Any type of professional cleaning needs to know information about the users of the place to be cleaned since we do not clean a school in the same way as a commercial premise. Knowing this makes it possible for school cleaning professionals to adapt the tasks to their needs. The cleaning procedure in nursery schools in each autonomous community is also important since, although they have similarities, how we carry it out is not the same. Cleaning in nursery schools in Melbourne, then in Sydney. The main thing is to get the best results, trying to disturb the least.

Another thing to keep in mind is that in order to achieve a good cleaning job, we carry out a study of the facilities and characteristics, and we adapt the cleaning service in nursery schools to the real needs of each center.

 If you are going to clean schools, what should you know?

Before opting for a vacancy in the school cleaning job boards, you need to know:

➤ User profile.

In hygiene in nursery schools, it must be taken into account that a large part of the users of the place are children and of the total, a large part is young, to this we must add the percentage of adult staff and, as we have previously mentioned, parents and visitors. Knowing the type of user of each installation, we will know what the nature of the dirt is and what we can find if we are going to clean nursery schools, to make sure what protocol to follow and what cleaning products to use.

➤Type of dirt.

As important as identifying the dirt is determining on which surface we will find said dirt, as well as how we are going to eliminate it. Obviously, cleaning toilets is not the same as cleaning classrooms. It is very common to carry out cleaning in nursery schools, after the school day, in such a way that the activity of the place is interrupted as little as possible. Here are the most common types of dirt found in nursery schools:

  • Dirt from contact with dirty hands on walls, stairs, doors, tables, etc.
  • Eraser, pencil remains paint stains, chalk, marker, dust, and plasticine.

Although in these places the teachers are to develop cleanliness and hygiene among the little ones, trying to make them more and more independent. Although they cannot perform tasks such as painting or eating without incurring dirt.

If we consider a child can only produce a lot of dirt in an activity such as painting with tempera, if we multiply the same activity by the number of children, the importance of good sanitation in nursery schools is clear.

  • Materials and procedures we will use

In selecting hygiene products and procedures for nursery schools, they must take the following concepts into account.

 Good choice of cleaning products. Taking care when choosing to clean products for cleaning schools is essential since some chemical products can generate toxicity or allergic reactions, even just in contact. Also avoid products that cause slipping, such as floor polishing waxes. In nursery schools, air fresheners and sprays to eliminate pests are also dangerous, since they are attractive to children.

➤ Procedure for cleaning children’s educational spaces.

  • Dust cleaning will be done with a wet system while we open the windows to remove harmful particles.
  • The quality of the air must always be adequate, using ozone generators if necessary and, above all, carefully cleaning air conditioning or heating devices. Ventilation of classrooms is also recommended.
  • By using ionized water, we will eliminate bacteria to the greatest extent possible. It is a substitute element for chemical products, acting as a powerful degreaser, disinfectant, and polish.

 3. Security measures to be considered when we carry out cleaning in nursery schools

Our cleaning staff must know at all times the risks of using certain chemical cleaning products, both in them and in the users of the facilities.

Nursery school cleaning staff will undergo a period of specifically designed training on the child profile of school users, to avoid carelessness that causes accidents.

Therefore, it is important and recommended that cleaning tasks in children’s educational spaces be done either after the school day or before these.

The transport of cleaning products and accessories will always be done in an orderly manner, with cleaning carts, observing after each cleaning service that nothing is missing, and always trying to maintain the correct security measures.

It is very possible that before starting the cleaning task in a school or even a nursery, part of the time must be spent removing toys, papers, objects on the floor, or any other type of object that interrupts and is an obstacle in our service. Cleaning.

4. Calendar of tasks and frequency with which to perform a cleaning service in children’s educational centers

We will do the cleaning in nursery schools daily, weekly, or periodically, depending on the spaces and surfaces to be treated, as detailed below.

  We will do daily ➤ The following tasks.

Ventilation of spaces, avoiding at all times excess of current.

Cleaning of dust, stains, and remains of any other product, on surfaces such as desks, tables, and chairs. Reaching total disinfection of these parts of the school is very important.

Cleaning of traces marked on glass, windows, or doors, as well as those on railings, handrails, and cranks.

If the educational center has a warehouse and kitchen, we will follow the cleaning regulations of the food sector.

Proper cleaning of toilets, also being very important the ventilation and disinfection of toilets, replacement of toilet paper, and cleaning of taps.

Daily floor and baseboard cleaning because of footprints and dirt accumulated throughout the school day.

Disinfection and cleaning of teaching material, this includes toys, swings, etc.

With dirty fabrics, it will be important to replace them with completely clean ones.

Cleaning of offices, concierges, emptying of bins and containers.

Replenish soap in soap dispensers.

 ➤ Weekly cleaning.

These services will be part of those mentioned as daily tasks, every week or 15 days, among them we find.

Complete cleaning of windows, doors, toilets, interior shelves, and storage furniture. Deep cleaning of walls, ceilings, and garbage containers, as well as lighting systems (lamps, fluorescent)

 ➤ Regarding periodic tasks, the following stand out:

  • Cleaning exterior lighting and signs
  • Deep cleaning of ventilation channels and air conditioning filters
  • Parasite control activities in fabrics and fillers
  • Carry out pest control, for this holiday period or weekends

So if you are looking for the professional services of a cleaning company. Optimally and correctly, take care of cleaning in nursery schools. At SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we have a great team of professionals, extensive experience in cleaning children’s educational centers, and quite competitive prices.

Don’t hesitate any longer and get in touch with us. So you never have to worry about hygiene problems in your center again.

Contact us with no commitment and discover everything we can do for your business.


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