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5 Doubts People Usually Have About Solar Energy Use

Doubt is a part of life. It is even more apparent in moments when you are trying something new. Even though solar energy has been around before life on Earth, people still have a lot of doubts about it. People still question the efficiency of the force that keeps us alive. 

Since the start of civilisation, we’ve been utilising fossil-fueled energy. Fossil fuels are cheaper, and they have also proven their efficiency and convenience in production. Hence, it makes electricity consumption easy and abundant in this day and age.

Unfortunately, fossil-fuel usage is harmful to our planet. This source of convenience is one of the top factors that put the environment at risk. That’s why environmentalists and advocates are now insisting on using clean energy instead. 

Among all of the clean energy types, solar energy is their preference. You might be wondering why? Because solar panels make it easy for us to utilise the sun’s power. But as I’ve mentioned earlier, the journey to a cleaner life is not a walk in the park. People’s doubts make it harder for experts to convince and help others see its benefits. 

In this article, let’s discuss five doubts people usually have about solar energy use. 


Doubt No.1: They think it is not as efficient as fossil-fueled energy.

Today, it’s almost impossible to live without electricity — especially if you live in an urban city. As you can see, technology and electricity are a critical part of our lives. Without them, our work and personal lives could be affected. Energy is indeed a must in a world where technology rules. 

And so, people doubt solar energy’s efficiency. “Is it powerful enough to power my appliances?” “Won’t it run out when I’m using all of my appliances all at once?” These are just some of the many questions people usually have about solar energy’s efficiency.

If you’re wondering, the answer to those questions is: yes. Yes, it is that powerful; yes it won’t run out. To ease that doubt, here’s a fun fact. Did you know that massive corporations like Apple, Target, and IKEA are using solar energy completely? Their headquarters are 100% off-grid through the use of solar panels. Solar energy is so powerful that corporations can rely on it.


Doubt No.2: They don’t think solar panels are reliable enough to support solar energy’s efficiency. 

Without solar panels, it would be hard to utilise solar energy. Unless there are other ways you can do to harness solar energy, then you won’t need the panels. Generally speaking, solar panels are the best and easiest way to utilise solar energy.

Even though a lot of studies have shown and proven how efficient solar panels are, people still question them. Over the last decade, experts have worked on improving solar panels’ efficiency — making them easier to utilise today.

“Will it work during winter?” “Will it last for a long time?” “Will I need an inverter to convert it?” The answer to these three questions is all: yes. A lot of people find it surprising that solar panels work during the winter. The only exception is at nighttime. Indeed, your panels won’t work at night. But, you won’t run out of electricity as long as you have a solar battery. 

Here’s a rule to remember. The purpose of solar panels is to collect the sun’s light. If there’s no light, then there’s no energy for the panels to harness. Thus, making it impossible to use at night. But, as long as there is daylight, your solar panels will work as expected. 


Doubt No.3: They doubt solar panels’ life span.

With doubt number two, follows doubt number three. People question solar panels’ lifespan because they don’t think they can last a decade. The truth is that solar panels can last for a maximum of thirty to thirty-five years. As long as you use your panels accordingly and have them serviced regularly, they can last for more than three decades. 

As you use your panels, it’s normal to encounter issues over time. Some of the common issues users experience are birds and squirrel nesting, wire corrosion, minimal roof damage, and dirt accumulation. These issues are bound to happen. But, you can prevent them from getting worse through proper panel use and maintenance. 

So, to clear the third doubt, solar panels’ life span is not short. Their lifespan will depend on how you use and take care of them. 


Doubt No.4: They doubt that they won’t get the value of their money out of it. 

One thing to know about solar energy use is that they’re expensive. Unfortunately, solar panel installation and use are not yet affordable. That’s one of the reasons why until now, only the wealthy and businesses can afford to shift to solar. 

With its price comes people’s doubt that they won’t get value for their money. Normally, solar panels’ price ranges from $6,000 and above. If you have a big property and your energy consumption is high, expect that $6,000 is not enough. 

Now, this fourth doubt will depend on how much energy you need. How you’ll use your solar panels is another factor, too. Just like with any purchase, it depends on how you’ll utilise the item to know if you’ll get the value for your money or not. 

One of the great things about solar panel use is that you won’t be paying any electricity bills anymore. This is if you’ll use your panels completely without fossil-fueled electricity. Users say that the amount you’ll spend on solar panel installation is cheaper than when you pay your monthly electricity bills.

That means, if you maximise your solar panels, you won’t only get value for your money — but also save your finances in the long run. 


Doubt No.5: They doubt that solar panel use benefits the environment.

People still doubt whether solar panel use has any benefits for the environment. Clearly, solar panel use will benefit the environment in so many ways. Not only will it help lessen greenhouse houses in the atmosphere, but also lessen the endangerment rate of other beings. 

As we continue to use fossil-fueled electricity, we continue to put our planet at risk. No matter how you use fossil-fueled electricity, it will still trigger global warming. Clean energy like solar is the only way to mitigate that. 


It helps to look at the bigger picture to answer these doubts. 

If you still have doubts or know someone hesitant about solar panels, help them see the bigger picture. It would be nice if there’s someone who’ll help them understand how each doubt links to the advantages of solar energy use.

Hopefully, my points helped you clear some of your doubts. If you still have questions, I suggest learning more about solar panels. After all, it is only through learning that we see the bigger picture. 


About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for Penrith Solar Centre, an Australian solar company that advocates better energy resources to improve the quality of life on Earth.

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