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6 Major Reasons Businesses are Choosing Flutter for Mobile Application Development

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If you want to expand your business on digital platforms to reach more customers, then mobile applications are one of the best solutions. As the use of mobile is increasing, having a mobile app for your business makes sense. To cover all the mobile users, you must have applications for both Android and iOS. You have to spend a lot of money and time to get both these apps developed individually. But if you use a cross development platform, it can benefit you in many ways. Here are some reasons to support the previous statement. 

Single Code Base for Different Platforms

Any business planning to launch a mobile app will wish to have versions for both Android and iOS. It doesn’t make sense to make an app for just one platform as you will leave behind a large group of customers. But also if you have a restricted budget then developing separate native applications can be costly. But with Flutter, you do not have to worry about developing two different native applications. Flutter makes cross-platform development easier. With a single codebase, you can create applications for two different platforms. For the UI developed in Flutter, code portability is easy as it does not require any platform-specific components.

Simple and Speedy

To have a single codebase to develop and manage makes it simple to handle. Flutter’s widget library allows developers to use pre-made functionality that helps reduce overall coding time. Reduction in coding time means reduced development costs. Flutter has hot reload features that reduce development time as it reflects changes in real-time without changing the current state of an application. Thus, developers can test features and fix bugs instantly. Your app will be ready to launch in the market in a short time. Thus, Flutter is the best choice for startups that have limited funds and time. 

Customizable Widgets

With Flutter, you can build apps that have an attractive visual appearance. It has a rich collection of material design widgets and Cupertino widgets that makes the appearance of an app natural and native. It has platform-specific scrolling, navigational patterns, rich fonts, and a functional reactive framework that can help integrate powerful interfaces that makes the app look native. The experience of the developer also matters when it comes to making an app look mature. You can hire dedicated Flutter developer who has a few years of experience in developing mobile applications. 

Easy MVP Development

Flutter is easy and fast when it comes to the development process. So if you wish to display your MVP to the investors, Flutter is the best choice. As you do not need to make two separate apps, Android and iOS. It gives you ease to discuss the business model and convince them for future funding. You will save a lot of time as well as resources by skipping the developing and testing process in two different prototypes. Flutter is compatible with the Firebase, which means you will not require separate backends while developing MVP. Thus, platforms like Flutter do play a huge role in business success.

Easy to Learn Programming Language

Flutter uses the Dart programming language for development. It is an in-house language of Google. It is a general-purpose language so it is easy for developers to learn and use. Dart is not just restricted to mobile application development but it can also be used to develop web, server, and desktop applications. If in future you want a web app, the same can be developed with the mobile app code. You can consult this before you hire Flutter app developers, whether they have ever developed a web application with Flutter or not. You can have multiple advantages from one single code.

Easy Maintenance

As you have a single codebase, it becomes easy to maintain. With lower maintenance efforts, the Flutter app can be easy to update. If there is any bug that requires a quick fix, the developers have to go through just one code and the issue will be solved for both Android and iOS. This means you do not have to spend extra money while improving or upgrading your app. This is the reason why businesses are choosing Flutter. If you want to have an app that is easy to maintain, you can hire Flutter app Developers, who will help you with all the development and maintenance processes of the app. You will also save money as at the cost of one you will have apps for both Android and iOS. 


If you have a restricted budget or time constraints, then you should prefer cross-platform apps over native apps. You save time, money, effort and a lot of things that can benefit your business. You will have to manage one code and both your apps will run perfectly. You can discuss when you hire dedicated flutter developers if you wish to use this code for web applications in future. Because with Flutter, you can also develop a web app from the same code.

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