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7 Biz-Boosting Custom CRM Software Benefits for the Construction Industry

A business grows with strong relationships, especially those relationships with your potential buyers and the present customers. The higher prospects you will have, the higher will be the chances for continued sales success.

Now, as your business grows, it can be difficult to maintain minute insights into every interaction with every prospect. This is where custom CRM solutions come in. If you use it properly, you can build profitable relationships with your prospects.

If you are in the construction business, we’ve got great news! You can use custom CRM solutions to ensure your construction business runs seamlessly.

7 Benefits of Custom CRM Software for Construction Companies

A lot of construction companies think twice before investing in ERP software to handle multiple projects and business functions. The primary reason is they worry about the costs of installing the customized CRM solution. Did you know? The benefits of a custom CRM solution outweigh the cost of installation. Here are the benefits of installing custom CRM software for construction companies.

Custom CRM Software

#1 Optimize the sales process to ensure the highest profit

Custom CRM solutions are crucial when the sales journey is long and detailed, like in the construction industry. It brings a central repository for every customer and prospect contact data that offers a timeline of all the interactions with every company.

Thus, you can keep all the records digitized including the plans, agreements, quotes, and invoices. You can also share this information throughout the company. Therefore, it reduces the chances of duplicate entries between the different departments and ensures better collaboration.

#2 Ensure Better Relationship with the Supply Chain

In the construction industry, it is crucial to maintain trust. With a customized CRM solution, all sorts of construction companies can maintain healthy, service-based relationships with their parties. Since they help in keeping a linear record of activities of every contact, the CRMs are great for post-sale project management and pre-sale lead nurturing. Custom CRM solutions integrate seamlessly with the calendar apps. Thus, your business development team will never miss out on any call, site visit, or progress meeting once again.

#3 A Simple Custom CRM Software Solutions is Cheaper than a Sprawling ERP

We are not trying to say that full-blown ERPs are not useful. However, the full-blown ERPs have a time and a place. Thus, it leads to construction SMEs working on sprawling spreadsheets, or worse, they would have to work on pre-historic paper systems.

However, if you choose simple and customized CRM solutions, it will be easier to handle, especially when you are getting only the functions required. A custom CRM solution brings you functions like procurement, and business intelligence but in a simpler and much more affordable way.

#4 SaaS CRMs Available Anywhere, Anytime

The beneficial aspect of SaaS systems is with the presence of 4G/5G technologies, all your team can access them anytime and anywhere. Whether it is the salespeople on the road, on-field operatives, or the back-office team, everyone will be able to stay updated on the same information and stay synced in real-time.

The SaaS tools are the lifeline of companies that want to adopt hybrid or remote working practices. They work completely online with most of the systems rendered through a simple web browser – thus, you’ve one less thing to tether your team to the office.

#5 Excellent Lead Capture & Sales Nurturing

You cannot deny that leads can come to you from a wide array of angles. Starting from the networking events to the word-of-mouth recommendations, biz-dev & roving sales, or sometimes even the companies might find you online. When all the lead sources are stored separately, it becomes difficult to continue with the prospect selling. Thus, the overall experience becomes disorganized.

A customized CRM solution works as a “central pot” that helps in capturing all the prospect details in one place, irrespective of how many leads come on your radar. Be it business cards, hurriedly scribbled details, or downloaded online chats can be lost over time. However, when they are entered into the CRM at the point of capture, the sales team can easily swoop in and approach while the buyer’s interest is at its peak.

#6 Custom CRM Solutions Offer 360-Degrees Analysis & Forecasting

With integrated CRMs, you shall get completely flexible reporting that offers full visibility for all customer-facing operations. With standard accounting reports, sales pipeline analysis & sales forecasting, a lot of CRMs allow us to measure and analyze data points held within the system. In this way, you shall be able to create reports that track the KPIs that matter to you.

Whether it is about identifying the trends in sales or prospects over a period or carrying out multiple lead scoring to figure out which leads might convert, or even identifying the most lucrative projects, it is possible to do everything with a custom CRM solution.

#7 No More Data Silos

Without the company-wide integrated system, chances are there will be data silos. The data silos can occur when different teams manage the data in different ways. Thus, there is very little integration with others. What happens is, that each team hoards its data and other departments cannot access it.

There can be a lot of inconsistencies between the departmental records. Thus, it becomes difficult to cross-reference the information between different teams, and the work gets duplicated. A simple customized CRM solution helps you to record contact details, capture the interaction history, and integrate calendars, marketing functions, accounting data, and every other detail that you need.

In Conclusion

Whether your team is on the road, working from home or they are lucky to have a “digital nomad” lifestyle, if you are using a custom CRM solution, they shall be able to perform in the same way as they would if they were on site.

The best part of using custom CRM software is, that you can use it on the mobile app. Be it through a mobile app, or whether it is through a responsive website portal – using a cloud-first approach will bridge the gap amongst the different departments, along with all the prospects being updated in real-time.

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