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7 Brilliant App Ideas for Start-ups to Launch in 2022

Time has gone by when having a smartphone was a big deal. In today’s time can you imagine your day without your smartphone and internet? Your answer will be BIG NO! The lives of people are dependent on a smartphone and can’t imagine a day without mobile app.

There are more than 6 billion smartphone users which means nearly 83% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. In leaps and bounds, the number of smartphone users is increasing and it is predicted to reach 7.26 billion users by 2025 according to Statista.

Mobile app have dominated the mobile market with the growing popularity of smartphone users. Both small and big businesses have developed mobile applications to get more customers and enhance the business.

A study by App Annie found that on daily basis a person spends an average of 4.8 hours on their mobile phone in 2021. eMarketer predicts that an adult spends nearly 90% of the mobile internet time downloading or using mobile applications.

Statistics of Mobile App Development Revenue and Usage

  • According to Statista, by 2023 the revenue generation of mobile apps is expected over $935 billion globally.
  • Globally, the android operating system leads a market share of 70.97% in February 2022 with more than 2.9 million mobile applications published in the Google Play Store. Monthly an average of 70,000 new android apps are released.
  • Globally, the iOS operating system market share was 28.27 in February 2022 with more than 4.37 million mobile applications publish in the Apple App Store. Monthly an average of 32,000 new iOS apps are release.
  • The app store consumer spending is predict to grow by 92% to $157 billion by 2022 globally report by App Annie.

The mobile application development companies will grow in leaps and bounds looking at the statistics of the usage of mobile applications by smartphone users.

Innovative Ideas for Mobile App Development for Startups

A startup is all about coming up with new and innovative ideas to develop a mobile application. In this cutthroat competition, every entrepreneur thinks about how will the business survive where millions of applications are already trending in the mobile market? Will this app be useful to smartphone users? Will it hit the market? That’s where the unique idea for app development comes to make your business stand out and survive in cutthroat competition.

Here we have come up with a list of some brilliant mobile app development ideas for your startup.

1. Secure your home or shop with Security Control App

With increasing crime rates, people are taking utmost security and safety measures to keep their family members and belongings safe. Developing an IoT security control app comes up with a great security technology where users can easily manage. And control their security devices like burglar devices and cameras.

Over and above that, right from allowing a person to enter the premises to view the camera footage all can easily be done just by using a single mobile application.

This app warns the users if it senses any issue in their premises. However, depending on your investment, you can either opt for an on-demand security app or can develop the security app.

2. Safety and Help Alert App

The safety alert app is majorly design for users who are in trouble and need help. In case of any trouble, just by pressing the power button 3 times, the app will get activate and the live location will be sent to the police control room as well as to top contacts save as an emergency contact in the application.

Apart from sending the live location, you can also add the voice recognition feature where the user simply has to say “help me” or “save me” and the app will get activate.

3. Medication Reminder App

Globally, many patients forget to take their medicines on time and regularly. A medication reminder can be a successful and trending mobile app idea that gives timely notifications and a reminder to users to either take their medicine or give medicine to their near and dear ones.

4. Anti-Smartphone Addiction App

More than 6 million people use smartphones and spend their utmost time on their smartphones. Many users realize that usage of smartphones gives a negative effect on their health. This can be an innovative mobile app for your startup. Users can set the restricted time to use a smartphone, alert users when they exceed the set usage time, users can allow selected members to monitor the time spent on the smartphone.

5. Vehicle Tracking App

Globally, many people are associate with the transport business and they find it difficult to keep track of their driver’s location. The success of the transport business depends on timely delivery. The transport owners just have to install the GPS tracker in their owned vehicles. And they can easily keep track of the driver’s location. You can start your business by providing an on-demand vehicle tracking app.

6. Food Wastage App

Whenever there is a party organize, each party ends up with delicious food serve to the guests. Mostly after the party, a huge amount of food remains untouched. People do throw the food in the dustbin which we say wastage of food.

Food Wastage App is an innovative idea for app development. With the help of this app, the untouch delicious food can be sent to the orphanage or NGO or even given to needy people. Once the user informs about the party and amount of food left, accordingly the orphanage. Or the NGO is been inform and they can send a rider or delivery person to collect the food and deliver to that particular orphanage or NGO.

In this way, the food is not waste and needy people can also eat delicious food which they cannot afford to buy due to their low financial condition.

7. Give Away Used Items App

The idea behind developing this app is to provide a platform where donors and receivers can connect. With the Give Away Used Items App. And the donor can easily get rid of unnecessary items by donating to a needy person. It can be anything like old clothes, toys, furniture, books, etc.

The application can be develop in such a way that items can be easily categorized base on interest, age, location, and type of item. The donor can easily fill in the details of the unuse stuff and the receiver can easily search the item that is need and can contact the donor.

No matter which app idea you choose to start up your business. The success of the application depends on the functionality and user-friendly interface. The mobile app development company will understand your requirement and will develop a bug-free and easy to use application.

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