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7 Reasons To Choose NodeJS For Startups

NodeJS demand has skyrocketed since its initial release in 2009. It appears that it will continue to skyrocket in the coming years.

Most well-established companies, such as PayPal, Yahoo, Netflix, Uber have embraced Node.js for years due to the vast array of benefits it provides.

You must have come across the question: Can young enterprises benefit from Node.js as well? The short answer is “yes,” however our blog will tell you more about the advantages of Node.js for startups.

Let’s dive into the reasons behind the use of NodeJS by successful and gigantic companies and how it became one of the most popular technologies in recent years.

Reasons to choose NodeJS for startups

It’s a backend technology which is open source and cross platform that runs on V8, JavaScript engine with outstanding performance.

Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O paradigm to provide high performance. It has garnered a lot of traction in the Node.js developer community in recent years.

Node.js excels in creating fast, scalable network applications, with performance, development speed, and other advantages. The need for real-time data processing and consumption is crucial nowadays, and Node.js is lightning fast in multi-user real-time data applications. It’s no surprise that many startups are gravitating towards it.

Let’s look at the seven reason why NodeJS is highly popular and best chosen tools for startups:

1. Responsive

When testing, the time it takes for a server to respond is critical as it effectively lays the foundations and tells a lot about the startup’s entire performance. Every vetted developer would desire a speedy response time, and Node.js just meets it. The Node.js platform has the advantage of providing quick responses when developers are testing their code.

As a result, developers using the platform can concentrate solely on writing and testing their code.

Another reason why Node.js is so quick is that both its frontend and backend are written in the same programming language, eliminating the need to switch between them.

This can be a huge comfort for someone who is just getting started in business or for beginners developers because they won’t have to worry about that extra challenge.

2. Easy to learn and access

When it comes to startup, there’s always the potential that the developers are new to software development or have little experience.

For the most part, a newcomer dealing with complicated platforms can be both confusing and depressing, especially when learning the basics requires a lot of effort and prior understanding of software development.

This is one of the main reasons why many entrepreneurs choose Node.js as this platform is considerably easier to learn than other frameworks.

When the front and back ends use the same programming language, you don’t have to write too much code.

Besides being simple to understand and use, this platform also comes with a developer community that can assist you if you run into any issues while working. For a beginner developer, this can be really advantageous. To put it another way, learning Node.js can help you become an expert in a short period of time.

3. Great community

Node.js is known for its ever-expanding developer community, which makes it an appealing platform for companies. Having a group of people whom you can look up to when needed is as essential as receiving exceptional service.

The best thing about being a part of the Node.js developer community is that when you run into a problem, it usually gets fixed much faster than if you were working alone.

Furthermore, it provides you with the possibility to quickly learn new skills, and the Node.js platform is always evolving.

This platform continues to gain popularity and build its community, thanks to its unique features and functionality, easy-to-code nature. For a young startup company making its way around a new project or an entry-level engineer who is stuck, this vast network is a very useful tool.

Beside, Node.js also includes a few other features that can be incredibly useful such as customer count scaling, wide capacity of testing in A/B format, enhanced speed and safety are a few features which are loved the most by developers.

4. Scaling

There are various advantages to utilizing Node.js, but one of the most compelling reasons for developers and companies to utilize it is its ability to scale.

When it comes to choosing a development platform, most startups strive for scalability, which Node.js provides.

This useful feature is especially useful when describing software stacks. On the server side of software development, developers nearly always select Node.js to construct their software stacks because of its scalability.

It enables them to create light, rapid systems with outstanding real-time reactions that can be scaled up and new modules added to the existing ones as time goes on.

The beautiful thing about this trait is that it benefits everyone, not just startups. Because of its scalability, Node.js is also used by much larger companies like eBay and LinkedIn.

If you’re a software development startup looking for a development platform, this benefit should be enough to convince you to choose Node.js.

5. Lightweight applications

One advantage of Node.js is that it allows you to create lightweight apps. All requests from the server and applications are handled quickly. Apps built with Node.js are always lighter and easier to manage than apps built with other platforms. The only reason is due to its quick server and fewer application files.

Furthermore, Node.js enables you to achieve efficient performance through precise code, which may subsequently be leveraged to reduce server congestion.

This allows the server to handle a large number of requests at the same time resulting in a requirement of less hardware to match the same user’s additional needs.

There is no better programming platform to employ than Node.js for a startup. If you want to develop software that are modern, original, beautiful, and lightweight enough for the systems they work on.

6. Reduced cost

Node.js enables the usage of the same programming language on both the frontend and backend, which can save company’s a time and money by eliminating the need to hire multiple developers.

A startup can save a lot of money by improving the quality of limited resources and reducing the time spent learning the language.

Developer training costs are often costly. However with Node.js, this cost is greatly reduced because Node.js is a simple programming language compared to others.

Furthermore, because employing employees with specialized expertise can be costly for a startup. Developers / Programmers who can use Node.js are frequently chosen.

Furthermore, it is commonly recognized that the platform is better suited for enterprises with modest funds and a short time frame to launch a product; hence, startups. It saves them money on development.

7. High Performance

It’s crucial to remember while working with users and clients that they don’t just want a well-written, successful product. User expectations are constantly rising, and it’s up to you as a developer to be prepared to satisfy them.

A client may require additional features in their app at times. However, adding more features when utilizing other platforms may affect its performance by slowing it down or raising its reaction time.

However, if you use the Node.js platform, you won’t have to worry about this issue. You can safely add extra features to an app using Node.js. As it provides uninterruptible service and a strong network that can support expansion and integration.

The code generated in NodeJS development is reusable enabling development easier, and speedier execution. Furthermore, because of its outstanding prototyping capabilities, it enables app scalability.


Now that we’ve covered some of the advantages of utilizing Node.js for startups. We’re confident you can see why so many organizations have begun to use this development platform. If you willing to develop a software using NodeJS, you can hire NodeJS developer.

Remember that there are several other benefits of NodeJS and we have only covered seven benefits.

Other benefits, such as shorter time-to-market, its mature and well-tested nature, and the ability to quickly construct an MVP. Such outstanding benefits make it a very appealing tool for both large and small businesses.

Let’s say you want to go right into software development without having to learn a new language. In such instances, Node.js is the way to go because it outperforms the competition.

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