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A Brief Guide On Choosing The Best Dog Treats From Pet Stores, Winnipeg

Shopping for pet food and treats can be overwhelming at times. Too many choices, plenty of brands and a lot of ingredients in each of them make it confusing to choose the right one. But when you know what to look for and how to compare your options shopping does not have to be difficult after all. This is particularly true while shopping for pet treats. Now that there are many brands offering natural and healthy pet treats, it is easier to find what’s best for your dog.

So the next time you visit pet stores Winnipeg, here are a few things to look out for as you hunt for the best dog treats.

Things To Consider While Shopping For Pet Treats

1. Know The Different Types Of Dog Treats Available

Cookie treats are some of the most common options. But not all of them are healthy. Some are loaded with additives and flavoring agents to make the treats more appealing. So, while choosing cookie treats, look for something that comes with as few ingredients as possible. Healthy freeze dried treats are much safer for dogs. These are made of raw meat dehydrated by freezing the meat and removing the excess moisture to extend the shelf life. For puppies soft treats will be better options.

2. Consider Your Dog’s Sensitivities

Irrespective of the brand you choose and the variant you choose within each brand, you should consider spending some time in understanding the label. Look for the ingredients list on the label. Over the years you will have developed an understanding of what kind of ingredients your dog is allergic to and what food items cause digestion problems in them. Study the label and choose the right one that does not contain ingredients that your dog has sensitivities to.

3. Ingredient Sourcing

One small factor that most people often do not consider will be the source of the ingredients included in the treats. When you finalize a brand of treats for your dog, consider doing some research on the brand. The ingredient sourcing details might be present in the label most of the time. If you cannot find the essential information there, you can also look for the details from the particular brand’s website. This gives you an idea of which ones are locally sourced and made from fresh ingredients that will be healthy for your dogs. For example, farm fresh produce and meat from animals raised in a farm will be healthier choices.

Even after careful consideration, when you choose the right treats for your dog, you should always keep the intake in moderation. Treats are meant for training and pampering occasionally. They can never replace your dog’s healthy everyday meals. And when you choose healthy options from pet stores, Winnipeg, you can be sure that the chosen treat is safe for your dog. Unhealthy treats and treats consumed in excess can lead to bloating sometimes. This can also severely affect the dietary behavior of the dog in the long run.

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