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Backpacking to Tosh Village – Budget, Itinerary & Much More


Backpackers flock to Tosh village for a variety of reasons, including cheap lodging, easy access, and a wealth of trekking paths and hiking routes. Except for the frigid winters, the weather is pleasant virtually all year. Winter, on the other hand, has its own allure when everything turns white and Tosh transforms into a winter paradise. If you’ve never backpacked before, starting with Tosh Village is the ideal way to get started. It would alter your attitude regarding traveling.

Visitors come from all over the world to see the region’s natural splendor. This lovely town, located in Parvati Valley, is one of the most visited sites in Himachal Pradesh, a North Indian state. The entire region is a backpacker’s and adventure junkie’s dream come true.

Tosh village is also the Parvati Valley’s final motorable settlement. It offers a great perspective of the highlands, which are surrounded by lush green mountains with pine, deodar, and oak trees. Visiting Tosh village on a backpacking trip was one of the best decisions you could make. The place is gorgeous all year, but the winters make it even more tranquil and picturesque.

Best time to visit

The best time to go to Tosh is determined by what you wish to see and do. If you want to see the beautiful green valley with distant snow-capped mountain peaks, go between June and July because the monsoon strikes the valley after that and the roads become prone to landslides. Most treks in and near Tosh are also accessible during this time, and it is an ideal time for trekking.
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Winter begins in November, and the entire terrain becomes frigid and dry. By the second week of December, snow had fallen in the valley, and subsequent snowfalls have continued to fall, blanketing the surrounding areas in deep snow. During the winter months, the route to Tosh may be closed to automotive traffic, but one may always walk from Barshaini to Tosh. Winter also offers a number of challenges, such as erratic power and difficulty navigating in the snow. But, then again, it’s all part of the experience that you won’t get during the summer.


A three-to-four-day vacation to Tosh can be conducted for less than 7000 INR (100 USD). The following are some of the most important cost components.

Cost of Reaching and Returning- The cost will be around 2800 if you are traveling from Delhi to tosh. The cost will increase with increase in the distance you are traveling from. If you are closer to Tosh then the cost will decrease.

Cost for Stay– The cost for stay will be around 1200 INR. Wherever you stay, be it hotel, guesthouse or hostel, if the place is not too luxurious then this amount is enough for your stay during the visit.

Cost of transport in Tosh– There will be no money spent on internal transport in Tosh as the way to explore Tosh is by foot. It’s a small village and you will get a better glimpse of Tosh if you are on foot. You can connect with locals, get to know their culture and spend time with them hearing their stories.

Cost of Hiking and Trekking- This cost will also be free for you as you can easily visit nearby trekking sites with no money spent.

Cost of Food- Approximately 2000 INR will be spent on food for a total of two days. This includes proper meals and snacks.

Miscellaneous Expenses- It is always advised to keep extra money for unforeseen expenses. So, here is an advice for you to keep at least 1000 INR as extra money.   


Day 1- Trek to Tosh Waterfall

  • Meet us in Barshaini to begin the Tosh Trek! From here, we’ll start our magnificent hike to the base camp, which has been constructed near Tosh and Barshaini.
  • The scenic hike to the Tosh Waterfall begins from the base camp. The trek is around 2.5 kilometers long and provides trekkers with one of nature’s most beautiful sights. The trail is not particularly steep and has a consistent ascent and descent pattern.
  • Admire the splendor of the woodland once you’ve arrived at the waterfall. Enjoy the silence, interrupted only by the sound of gushing water, inhale the fresh pine scent, and feel the clean, cold water on your face. 
  • Once you’ve spent some time at the waterfall, begin your journey back to base camp, where you’ll have a campfire and trade stories with your fellow trekkers before retiring to your tent/homestay.

Day-2 Back to Barshaini

  • Enjoy the spectacular sunrise as you wake up to a magnificent picturesque Tosh Valley surrounded by nature in your ideal adventure retreat.
  • After a filling and well-deserved breakfast, you will begin your trip back to Barshaini, i.e. Tosh Valley.
  • From here, transportation will be provided from Barshaini to Kasol, completing the incredible Tosh Trek.

General Travel Advice:

  • Travel light at all times. Pack for the season and keep all of the supplies for the hike on hand.
  • Do not walk alone in the Tosh valley at night. It isn’t secure.
  • Avoid engaging in illicit activities such as drug use, alcohol use, and so on.
  • Keep a water bottle and some snacks on you at all times.
  • The Pahadi culture is distinct. Respect the culture and the rules.
  • Adhere to the no-trace policy. Maintain a clean and green environment.
  • Be cautious and avoid harming animals or vegetation.


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