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Benefits offered by Microsoft Azure

One of the most effective network infrastructure solutions today is the information hosting service on cloud servers , which is also one of the safest. Through virtual systems and technologies in other cloud components , Microsoft Azure provides companies with great malleability to integrate information from their servers to the cloud, optimizing available resources, adequate technological and human factors with Microsoft Development Services.

Cloud services as a model of interaction, storage and information management, allow access to a shared set of configurable computing resources (networks, servers, storage, applications and services). Cloud is the latest technology that offers the potential to improve agility, scale, availability of all customer information, providing significant cost reductions. This model envisions a world in which components can be orchestrated, provisioned, deployed by efficient and managed IT services .

Cloud Computing is a combination of various technologies:

  • – Virtual services
  • – Web services
  • – Clustering and parallelization algorithms
  • – Distributed processing
  • – Mass storage of information

Microsoft Azure serves as an excellent option to increase the profitability of your business, optimizing various resources of technological and human capital, according to the pace of the processes that are carried out. Within the technological theme, data and other information is protected in the cloud, keeping it safe from leaks, sudden crashes in common servers and managing its access, delivery and distribution. Microsoft Azure is the technological solution to the new business challenges that appear for all industries and institutions, bringing together excellent features to meet today’s needs.

Microsoft Azure envisions a rich collection of integrated cloud services (analytics, compute, database, mobile, network, storage, and Web) enabling you to move faster, work harder, achieve goals, and save money:

  • – WEB applications- Mobile applications
  • – Virtual Machines- High Performance Computing (data analytics)
  • – Artificial Intelligence – Development and testing- Storage, backup and recovery
  • – Cloud Services- SQL Database- DNS Domain Hosting
  • – VPN gateway
  • – Active Directory Azure.

We share the main benefits

of Microsoft Azure for your company:

1) Reduction of operating costs:

the cloud hosting platform offers significant savings in energy consumption, support and maintenance.

2) Flexibility:

the cloud hosting service allows you to quickly obtain more resources and maximize the use of your server, as required at any given time.

3) Focus:

Cloud infrastructure allows you to free up time and resources that were intended to maintain your own infrastructure. This allows you to direct them to tasks of greater value for your business.

4) Security:

The security regulations that Microsoft Azure data centers comply with provide customers with the confidence that their data will be fully protected, thanks to its most sophisticated security measures.

5) Additionally, the company’s developers can be trained within the functionalities of Microsoft Azure , promoting innovation in applications with the most complete tool chain.

6) True and effective AI solutions are available to support the most urgent needs within the business.

7) Build the best solutions for your business:

Part of Microsoft ‘s commitment, with its continued contributions to open source to enable all programming languages, is the ability to build solutions the way you want and deploy them where you need them. For example, Azure Data Services functionality enables hyperscale data execution.

8) Work within a hybrid environment:

Microsoft Azure is excellent for adapting to any environment, be it on-premises, with a previous cloud service. Integration work can be done to manage these and services designed for the hybrid cloud.

9) Security in the cloud: thanks to the support of a team of experts, and proactive regulatory compliance trusted by companies, public administrations and startups.

10) Prepare for the future:

Microsoft ‘s continuous innovation underpins the work and development that takes place today. In this way, the intense work to continue innovating continues, clarifying upcoming ideas for future products.

The benefits of As-A-Service and Microsoft 365

The As-a-Service (AAS) model is designed to give your company comfort and solve the need to adapt to new technological changes. In addition, this tool will allow you to use your money strategically, since you will make a single efficient investment.

What is As-a-Service?

By purchasing the service, you will rent the use of the applications for each of your employees. The provider will take care of the software , the data of the application, the availability of the information and the security of its content.

What a company needs from the AAS model is:

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) refers to creating in virtuality the hardware that previously depended on the physical, such as storage systems or data centers.
Platform as a service (PaaS) provides the operating systems to write the code without paying attention to maintenance.

Everything as a service (XaaS) seeks that the client does not have to develop their own ICT department.

The As-A-Service and Microsoft Office 365 duo

Once you pay for the license, you can enjoy all the benefits of the Microsoft 365 cloud , formerly known as Office 365 . You will have access at any time, device and place to the tools of the platform, such as Teams, Outlook and all the office automation designed for office work (Excel, Word, Power Point, for example). In other words, it will use all the products of cloud technologies .

The Microsoft Cloud License includes:

The One drive storage system.
A set of calendars and mail grouped in Exchange Online.
Solutions for business intelligence in Power Bi.
A mediator of customer relationships in Microsoft Dynamics CMR.
The benefits of Office 365 , the Microsoft suite.
Microsoft Azure , which contains Platform as a Service, or PaaS, and Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS. You can also find Microsoft Azure consulting in Medellin through Gestion System .

Advantages of this model

You only need the As a Service model . You will not have to design specific applications or have personnel specialized in these issues. The provider will take care of everything related to software and hardware .
Economic flexibility.  But, of course, you will have the possibility to change the terms according to the needs of your company.
Adaptable to the moment of development of your brand. The services will go from being just an expense to accompany the particular growth of the company. The Information Technology provider will offer you basic services according to your immediate needs.

Access it from anywhere.  You will have complete freedom in this matter.
Your customers will be able to use the tool. From the Internet, external users can visit your content without downloading specific software .

projected into the future. Over the years, cities will be much more technological. The As-a-Service model will keep you prepared to take on these transformations and continue to generate profitable revenue.

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