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Best Boxing Equipment 2022

Best Boxing Equipment 2022

Boxing Robe

In the past, boxing robe are made to give insights into boxers. Therefore, they aren’t just amazing and if you understand how to examine them, you will see a lot about the boxer. In my opinion, it’s very cool. A lot of boxers choose to use them solely for promotional purposes. If you spot a company’s large logo displayed in a fight on television, it surely will increase sales.

The main function of the boxing robe is to keep the boxer’s muscles warm prior to the fight. If the boxer is relaxed, they will be able to be more effective in fighting. Numerous studies have shown how you are able to strike with more power with relaxed muscles.

Because of the high-quality satin fabric, it’s light and like many other robes that aren’t made of top quality materials, simply could not manage it. This is among the major reasons that this is among the top sought-after style of robe available.

There are a variety of sizes for robes, but the rest of the robes typically have one size belt. After you have it, you have to alter it, or it might not be a good fit. But, Cleto Reyes makes custom belts to fit each of these Robes. When you put on the Cleto Reyes ‘ Satin Boxing Robe, you’ll feel as if it was customized to fit you. Aren’t you amazed?

Material for a boxing robe

Boxing robe made of nylon

The material used to construct nylon boxing robes is high-end nylon that shines cloth. It is available in various styles

Fabric boxing Robe

The fabric that is used to make the fabric boxing robes is a top-quality, shining, and luxurious cloth. it is available in various kinds of styles and characteristics.

Silk boxing Robe

The fabric used to make silk boxing robes is of high-end silk and silk is a fabric that is extremely shiny, comfortable, and warm. It is attractive and looks extremely cool.

Sizes chart boxing Robes

Size Chest Size (A) Back Length Estimated Fighting Weight
SB 28-30” 37” 25-30kg
MB 30-32” 37” 30-40kg
XS 32-34” 39” 45-55kg
S 36-38” 45” 55-65kg
M 38-40” 48” 65-80kg
L 40-42” 49” 80-90kg
XL 44-46” 51” 90-100kg
XXL 46-48” 51” 110-120kg

Boxing shorts

A large selection of boxing shorts is suitable for Muay Thai, MMA, and boxing. Boxing shorts that you can customize for professional fighters and gyms.

Boxing Muay Thai and MMA are now popular sports in recent times. Many millions of viewers are tuned in to watch the fighters take part in these fight sports live. SKS Empire provides the best Muay Thai boxing shorts and MMA boxing shorts made in Thailand. For professional fighters, with plenty of options for customization or beginners looking for boxing shorts and other equipment to start their journey.

Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

Muay Thai is a sport that Muay Thai uses fists, knees, elbows, and shins. All of these places must be secured. SKS Empire offers equipment and tools for all of this. We offer Muay Thai boxing shorts, belly pads, T-shirts Kick pads and knee pads accessories, shin guards, and even custom combat wear. All the way from shorts to shin protectors We have everything to ensure you are well-protected for training or at any event.

MMA Boxing Shorts

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA has grown in recent years to become among the top well-known sports around the world. It’s a mix of cage combat with no limits. Strikes, punches, and all other aspects are part of this thrilling sport.

The protection of the whole body is essential. This is the reason why SKS Empire can come in and provide MMA equipment and gear that are required. Starting from MMA boxing shorts, to essential equipment needed for training as well as actual fights, you’ll be protected from any fight that is coming up.

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