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Best caravans for rent in India – Carawander

What is a Caravan?  

Caravans are the latest trends in travel with kitchens, bedrooms, halls, and washrooms everything embedded in them. This western concept is taking its shape in India drastically. People are enthusiastic about having a safe, happy, and memorable transit with their family and friends. You can choose to travel to any of your Favorite destinations with all the facilities engraved in a single-vehicle. Many travel companies provide this facility, and Carawander ensures that it has some of the caravans for rent in India.   

Caravan for family trip

To keep the balls rolling, here are the types of caravans at Carawander.  

Mini Wanderlust  

Are you excited to start your mini road trip and adventure? Our Mini wanderlust is right here! This Mini wanderlust, as the name itself indicates, is designed for your short trips, which include 4 to 6 people. To explore all the wonders of the country, the caravan acts as a moving motel with comfort, luxury, and security. With a composed outlook and all the amenities brought together, you can immerse yourself in your solo or group road trip.  

The mini wanderlust might look small on the exterior but has all the sophisticated features like  

  • Spacious and well-lit interiors   
  • A proper ventilation system and hot and cold air conditioning system make it ideal for unpredictable climatic conditions.  
  • Luxurious seating spaces and sofas in the living room  
  • Smart TV and intelligent entertainment system embedded in the living room   
  • Queen and king size beds with a comfortable sleeping experience  
  • The western-style toilet, shower, geysers, and other hygiene facilities in the bathrooms  
  • As safety comes first while travelling alone, night vision cameras are installed to ensure protection from intrusion and fire accidents.  
  • The kitchen has a coffee machine, stove, fridge, and microwave.   
  • Also, the Wi-Fi and geo navigation facilities help you travel without getting lost.  
  • This Mini wanderlust has camping, hiking, and barbeque equipment loaded in it for nature travellers.  

Rolling paradise  

Want to plan your road trips across the country with a large group of friends or family? Rolling paradise awaits you! Rolling paradise is another beautiful product of Carawander that is all set to take on enthralling trips to India. This caravan has all the comforts and facilities to make your travel smooth and flexible. Six to eight people can hop on Rolling paradise, which allows you to eat, sleep, and travel in your comfort. The spacious ambience makes you feel that you are in a large home on wheels all your road trip.  

The breathtaking features of the caravan might include  

  • Well ventilated and lit living room with large Sofa and Television.  
  • Spacious ambience  
  • Well maintained and spotlessly clean bathrooms with geyser and western toilets   
  • There is a well-equipped kitchen with pantry cabinets, an electric stove, a fridge, and a microwave that is good for cooking meals, heating them, and storing them accordingly—the utensils, mixer, and a dining table to dine comfortably.   
  • Camping, barbequing and hiking facilities are also available at rolling paradise.   
  • Your safety is our priority. So, you can also find a first aid kit and medicine box at the caravan.   
  • We ensure that fire extinguishers are present at the caravan to prevent fire hazards and electric short circuits.  

As we discussed the features of caravans we have, let us dive into the benefits of renting a caravan.  

Why caravan?  

No wonder caravans are called the house–on–wheels with all the facilities and features they offer to the people in transit. Here are some of the benefits of renting a caravan for your next vacation.  


Who doesn’t want to travel with many comforts and zero stress? Caravan exactly does that to you. It has a kitchen, hall, bedroom, and everything one gets at home, and you do not have to stress yourself up by carrying your luggage as you do to the railway station, bus stand and airport. All you have to do is hop on the caravan with your luggage and travel worldwide!  


Caravan gives you unlimited freedom as you can travel to as many places you want and stop in between if you’re enjoying nature or taking a halt at a particular location. You can arrange campfires, cook, dine under the star-studded skies, take a beach break in the evenings if your body needs relaxation, and everything as per your whims and fancies.  


Caravans are indeed less costly when compared to stays in hotels. With everything set on wheels, you can get ready for the trip whenever you want by stopping at multiple places without paying a single penny to anyone, unlike staying at hotels.   


A new and refreshing experience 

You can get a whole new perspective of trips and travel once you get on a caravan and explore nature and places you cross. Also, as you can visit any number of sites, each location might give you a new experience towards life and yourself like you have never felt before.   


Travel is everyone’s cup of tea and enhancing it with a more beautiful journey makes it all worth it. Try yourself with our best quality caravans, and we assure you that you do not regret it for lifetimes to come!  

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