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Best Puzzle Games kids Can Play In 2022

One of the very few gaming genres that may simultaneously be least popular on some platforms and most popular on others is the puzzle games for kids. Puzzle games are well-liked in general on smartphones, whether they run on PC. On consoles and computers, the narrative is entirely different.

However, a lot of puzzle games for kids played on computers or gaming consoles have succeeded in stealing the focus from other well-known genres throughout time. We’ve compiled a thorough list of the top puzzle games you should play this year down below.

The Bridge

The Bridge is a beloved puzzle game that draws influence from the works of renowned Dutch artist M.C. Escher. It is situated in a surreal atmosphere with grey scale and hand-drawn scenery.

This game has excellent looks, without a doubt, but it also has some clever gaming mechanics, at least in some of the sections. By turning the environment (the ceiling may become the floor), which alters how items are affected by gravity, you can solve the game’s riddles.

The Room Series

The Room is a collection of four compelling 3D puzzle games, each with stages or rooms. You must figure out the hidden mysteries in these areas in order to go further. To attain the goal, this technique needs be repeatedly carried out.

But bear in mind that with each level, the number and difficulty of problems will rise. The Room: Old Sins, the fourth game in the series, differs from the first three by including features like cloud saving, Google Play Games achievements, and an exploring component.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Without a doubt, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind isn’t entirely a puzzle game, but it does provide a number of enjoyable puzzle difficulties. Although existent, the puzzle-solving component has only seen a limited amount of use in earlier Zelda games. However, in Breath of the Wild, players have more opportunities to take on puzzles and other side kayaşehir escort missions.

The puzzles might be simple, requiring you to carry out a job in a systematic way, or more challenging, involving the use of physics. Developers have shortened the overall time that should ideally be required to finish one problem in order to make things more entertaining.


You play the part of a reactor engineer in the game SpaceChem, whose responsibility it is to generate chemicals in time for export. You may accomplish it with the aid of two remote manipulators known as “waldos.” Atoms and molecules will interact as they should in a well-programmed circuit that includes the waldos, producing the chemical.

It goes without saying that the problems will only get harder as levels go by, but you can still attempt optional tasks in each level (which are also not easy to solve by the way). The game assesses the player’s performances after each task using specific criteria in order to maintain competition.

Scribblenauts Unlimited

A side-scrolling game called Scribblenauts Unlimited, which basically follows the plot of the original Scribblenauts game launched in 2009, lets players solve puzzles by interacting with various items. Your character, Maxwell, may acquire “Starites” through these exchanges, a unique item needed to complete each level.

Additionally, players can call in a variety of items into play, from a straightforward ladder to a helicopter. All you have to do to get it is put the term (legal) into the search bar. You may play around with how these items look and give them different powers.

Tetris Effect

The renowned tile-matching game Tetris Effect is essentially an updated version of it. It features the “Zone” mechanism, a layer or feature you would say, which helps players win more points by extending the length of levels a little bit longer than they would typically run.

The game has 30 different levels, each of which has a unique sound effect and exuberant background music. In my opinion, this is the game’s best feature. The Game Critics Awards and the Game Developer Choice Awards for “Best VR/AR Game” were among the several honours Tetris Effect received in 2018.


The one aspect about Catherine that I appreciated was its sincerity. It offers something fresh. Your character, Vincent Brooks, a middle-aged man who spends much of his time hanging out with his buddies at a nearby pub, is the focus of the gameplay. When Katherine, his longtime lover, asks Vincent to marry her, Vincent’s world is abruptly turned upside down.

Vincent, perplexed and disturbed by Katherine’s insistence, nonetheless manages to have a relationship with a stunning young woman named Catherine with a C that he meets at the bar. Now, Vincent’s situation starts to deteriorate.

Lara Croft Go

Lara Croft Go, which was released in 2015, is tragically the final instalment in Square Enix’s Go series and the second game overall. The basic components of the Tomb Raider brand have also been retained in Lara Croft Go, a turn-based puzzle game like its predecessor.

You must use a turn-based strategy to guide Lara past a number of opponents and obstacles in order to reach the final destination. You must dodge traps, deep holes, and boulders that are part of puzzles. Enemies appear in a wide variety of sizes and forms, including lizards and enormous spiders.

Puzzles will get harder and more opponents will appear as the stages progress.


You are a little child who finds himself in the middle of a dark woodland by accident. You travel through the woods full with traps and monsters hidden in the shadows waiting to pounce in, torn between the terror and the need to find your lost sister. It’s strangely unsettling to learn how straightforward viewpoints may render anything horrible.

You will encounter a variety of monsters throughout the first half of Limbo that are either dead or trying to hurt you. All of the mechanical riddles that you must solve to complete the game are presented in the second half.

Before finding the right answer, players can prepare to fail or die several times.


A four by four grid with numbered tiles serves as the backdrop for the sliding puzzle game Threes. It functions by adding two succeeding integers and three-digit multiples. For instance, adding ones and twos together results in the number “three.” In the alternative scenario, two “three” numbered tiles combined will result in a single “six,” two “sixes” will result in “twelve,” and so on.

The objective is to achieve the highest possible final score, which will be determined at the conclusion of each game. When there is no more room for any move, the game is over. Threes was first made accessible in 2014 for iOS devices, but it was quickly made available for Android and Xbox One as well. The greatest iPhone game of 2014 was given to it.

Monument Valley

In the well-designed puzzle game Monument Valley, the player plays princess Ida. In order to complete the task, you must lead the princess through a series of improbable obstacles or deceptions. You may achieve this by bending and moving the items’ original architectural settings.

The mysterious “crow people” will obstruct your path at irregular intervals, adding to the difficulty. With an expansion pack, the main game’s 10 levels may be increased to eighteen.

The Witness

In the intriguing but occasionally frustrating puzzle adventure game The Witness, the player must solve a number of difficult riddles while exploring an island with an open environment. To reach the endgame, it follows that the goal is to solve each one of them. Eleven separate sections make up the entire island and surround a mountain.

All of the maze-like problems in the game may be solved by mapping a path from the start point to the objective or terminus. As you go, you must abide by a set of rules that may vary from puzzle to puzzle.

The Talos Principle

The Croatian game studio Croteam created The Talos Principle after being inspired by Talos, a mechanism from Greek mythology that guarded Europa from pirates and invaders. Assuming the role of a robot with human-level cognition, you will solve more than a hundred puzzles that are spread across several locations.

You must gather “sigils” while navigating obstacles and mazes in order to reach the final level. You will experience “philosophical conundrums” concerning your own life as the game develops.

Hexcells Infinite

Hexcells Infinite is the game to choose if you enjoy logic-based puzzle games like Sudoku or Slitherlink and want something similar for your PC. The game may initially appear to be a direct amalgamation of minesweeper and griddlers, but trust me when I say it has much more to offer.

Hexcells does not need guesswork and each problem has a logical solution, unlike Microsoft’s venerable freeware. In the game, there are a few scatted numbered cells around the orange hexagon cells that offer you an indication as to how many of the neighbouring cells are a part of the pattern and need to be marked.

After a few levels, the game not only gets more difficult but also changes as numbers begin to emerge outside of the grid.

World of Goo

In the multi-award-winning puzzle game World of Goo, you design and construct different constructions out of goo balls. Well, to be honest, initially defining this game just by its mechanics can be misleading.

As noted earlier, your goal is to weave goo balls into bridges, buildings, and other improvised constructions to help the remaining goo balls scramble over obstacles like hills, spikes, and cliffs to reach the “other side.”

There are five chapters in all, and each one presents a new variety of goo balls. Each level has a distinct mood thanks to its own graphic and audio themes. The game is renowned for its creativity, visual appeal, and player control.

Portal 1 and 2

Without Valve’s Portal Series, no list of the top puzzle games for kids is complete, and I can say that with absolute certainty. Their genius cannot be disregarded outright. The original Portal was more of an experiment with less dialogue and condensed gameplay when it was first released as a part of a five-game compilation titled “The Orange Box.” It makes up for that, though, with intensity and thrill.

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