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Can Varicose Veins be cured without Surgery?

If adequate safeguards are not followed, varicose veins can develop into a significant health issue. It can cause discomfort and swelling in the legs. It often develops through the long-term wearing of high heels and prolonged standing, especially in women. Non-surgical options are available for Varicose Veins to relieve pain and discomfort. Major deterrents for many individuals include the recovery period and rehab needed for Varicose Veins Treatment in Dubai. As well as the fear related to enduring general anesthesia for a surgical procedure. There are currently several methods to treat veins without surgery. Thanks to advancements in medical technology over time.

Typical Symptoms:

Varicose veins don’t cause any symptoms. Yet, if you have varicose veins, you might still observe some symptoms. These indicators include:

  • enlarged legs
  • itchiness near the veins
  • development of ulcers
  • alteration in skin tone
  • Muscle Pain
  • burning feelings
  • legs feeling heavy

Potential Causes:

Damage to the vein valves, which allows blood to build up in the veins, is the primary cause of varicose veins. The veins stop working. There are a few other elements that contribute to the emergence of this illness. These elements consist of;

  • continuous standing
  • Obesity
  • gaining weight
  • variables connected to age
  • Pregnancy
  • hormonal changes
  • An inheritance of varicose veins

Candidates for Varicose Veins Treatment:

You are a good candidate for varicose veins treatment in Dubai if :

  • You have reasonable hopes for the outcome of the therapy.
  • You wish to get rid of the varicose veins, and you’re in good physical and mental condition.
  • If surgery is not yet appropriate for you, laser therapy is the best choice.
  • You don’t have a pregnancy or a major medical condition.

Non-Surgical Ways for Varicose Veins Treatment:

A vein illness occurs in one out of every three individuals over the age of 45. It is crucial that you see a Varicose Veins Doctor in Dubai as soon as possible if you are having symptoms like those listed above.  Contenders who wish to treat varicose veins to prevent more severe problems should consult a doctor. Compression stockings are a terrific technique to promote healthy blood flow and prevent future treatments. Thus your doctor will tell you that you use them. There are other solutions if compression stockings do not work or do not offer adequate relief.

To treat varicose veins without surgery, Precision Vascular employs the following nonsurgical techniques:


Sclerotherapy in Dubai is a well-liked treatment for minor varicose veins. Spider veins involve injecting a specialized solution called a sclerosant into a vein’s main surface. Because of the scarring and later collapse of the vein, your blood must now travel through healthier veins. Over time, as a result, the varicose veins get destroyed. 

Due to the tiny size of the needle used to inject the sclerosant solution, patients experience very little discomfort during the Varicose Veins treatment in Dubai. It eliminates the need for anesthesia and shortens the recovery period. The actual procedure is actually straightforward and takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

The injection covers the vein walls with a gooey material that causes inflammation. This causes the blood in the treated veins. That helps to flow via healthier veins instead, and over time the vein will close before withering away. 

Aftercare: Surgeons will use pressure bandages to compress the vein walls and reduce blood loss.  Moreover, surgeons will ask you to wear this bandage for 12 to 24 hours after the treatment.

Radiation Ablation:

Radio Frequency ablation is an outpatient procedure without surgery for all types of varicose veins. It entails inserting a wire catheter guided by ultrasound sensors into the varicose vein before heating the wire. This heats the vein before removing the wire, allowing it to collapse, shut, and seal.

Since the heat of the wire might be uncomfortable. Surgeons used local anesthesia to perform Sclerotherapy in Dubai.  Patients can resume their daily activities once the procedure gets completed. 

Aftercare: Surgeons apply bandages over the injection site on the leg to prevent infection and speed up recovery. Unless the physician advises it, compression stockings are not necessary.

Closure by VenaSeal:

The VenaSeal procedure uses medical adhesive to treat varicose veins. It is the most cutting-edge Varicose Veins treatment in Dubai in recent years. The procedure includes inserting a thin catheter into the vein. It is much like endovenous laser therapy and radiofrequency ablation.  But the distinction is a little quantity of medical glue. Surgeons used medical glue to seal the vein, rerouting blood through healthier veins in the leg.  After that, the vein will contract and deteriorate before the body gets rid of it.

Due to the fact that heat is not utilized to shut the vein. There is no need for an anesthetic, and patients can resume their usual activities right away following treatment. Patients do not need compression stockings or painkillers.

The procedure takes less than 30 minutes and only calls for a single injection.

Endovenous Laser:

For the elimination of varicose veins, endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) is one of our most often-used procedures. The procedure has a 95% shown success rate. It is the best Varicose Veins Treatment in Dubai.

Method: Under local anesthesia, a tiny incision is used to implant a thin catheter into the leg. A probe then delivers laser energy to the region in brief pulses. The damaged valve is sealed by laser radiation, which directs blood flow to healthy veins further inside the leg.

Aftercare: The leg will be wrapped to aid with swelling and bruising after the treatment. It is advised to wear compression stockings for two weeks.

What is the Best Treatment for Varicose?

The leading Varicose Veins Doctors in Dubai recommend Laser Treatment since it is less invasive and doesn’t require surgery. The procedure is carried out by experts with exceptional competence and is absolutely safe. For a very long time, our clinic has provided patients with varicose vein laser therapy, and all of them have been happy with the outcomes.

Cost of Treatment for Varicose Veins:

The Varicose Veins Treatment Cost in Dubai is variable. Because it relies on the method picked and the gravity of the issue, it differs from person to person.  The surgeon’s level of experience and the clinic’s location affect the cost. To find out the precise cost, you need to visit an expert.

Varicose Veins Treatment Results:

The majority of the time, the therapy yields excellent outcomes. Immediately following the procedure, you will see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the varicose veins. If you want to see more substantial benefits, we advise scheduling many sessions. Tiny veins often disappear entirely after 10 to 12 weeks.

Contact Our Experts Today:

If you intend to have Varicose Veins Treatment in Dubai, schedule an online consultation with the specialists. You must complete the form, and a member of our staff will contact you shortly. They will arrange for you to meet with one of our highly skilled professionals so you can talk about your issue.

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