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Compare and contrast vinyl and wood windows.

Vinyl and wood windows compete for your attention when it comes to purchasing new windows for your house. Wood and vinyl both have advantages. Wood windows have a timeless appeal that vinyl can only aspire to. However, for the vast majority of households, the inexpensive cost of vinyl outweighs the aesthetic appeal of wood. Which window style is best for your home?

What Is the Difference Between Vinyl and Wood Windows?

Vinyl Windows

Vinylfönster are mostly composed of extruded polyvinyl chloride of excellent quality (PVC) The sash mechanism is made of metal and several types of plastkompositmaterial.

Wood Windows

On the inside, most wood windows are made of wood (typically pine or Douglas Fir). Extruded metal, PVC, or fiberglass are used to cover wood exteriors.

Colors and Surfaces

Vinyl Window 

White vinyl windows are the most common. Manufacturers have historically struggled to generate rich, dark hues that do not fade. Beyond white and tan, most hues are considered luxury and will cost extra.

Wood Windows

One of the primary advantages of wood windows is that the inner frames may be left unpainted if desired. Any color may be used on the outside and interior.


Window Vinyl

Painting or sealing vinyl replacement windows is never necessary. One disadvantage is that painting vinyl windows is more difficult than painting wood windows.

Wood Windows

Painting or sealing wood-exterior windows is required not only at the time of installation but also throughout time. Painting wood windows is a difficult process that must be done on a regular basis. Aluminum-clad wood windows never require painting.

Insulating Factor

Vinyl Windows 

It is a poor heat and cold conductor, which is a good thing. Vinyl window frames, on the other hand, are frequently hollow. The empty gaps will allow cold air to move through. Make sure the window frames are insulated.

Wood Windows

Feel the frame of a wood window while it’s chilly outside. Wood-framed windows are very effective in preventing the transfer of cold or heat from the outside. As a result, wood is an excellent energy saver. 


Vinyl Windows

According to Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value Report, vinyl replacement windows are roughly 20% less expensive than wood windows.

Wood Windows

Wood windows are more expensive. These are more expensive than vinyl windows for a variety of reasons, including supply and demand, the cost of beauty, and the fact that fewer firms produce them.


Window Vinyl

Vinyl windows are now more appealing than they were in the past, thanks to the emergence of hues other than white and tan.

Wood Windows

The goal of wood windows is to maintain the inside natural or stained, with a sealant applied on top, so that the wood grain can be seen. This is impossible to replicate on vinyl. You may also paint wood to give it a solid color appearance.


Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are widely available from a variety of manufacturers, making them easy to purchase on time.

Wood Windows

Because wood windows have a far lesser market share than vinyl windows, producers and merchants do not emphasize them. As a result, wood windows may take longer to get than vinyl windows.

Return on Investment

Window Vinyl

When it comes time to sell the house, vinyl windows provide a nearly 67-percent return on investment.

Timber Windows

Wood windows have a few percentage points lower resale value than vinyl windows.

Which One Should You Purchase?

Vinyl windows are all about saving money and reducing the amount of upkeep required. It’s difficult to save money on your next window purchase if you’re aiming to do so. Wood windows are all about flair and giving your property long-term value and beauty. Wood windows may be the greatest option if you have a historic property or one that has to preserve its worth for a long period.

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