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Diabetes And Seniors – Four ways Home Care Assistance Help with Senior Diabetes

Diabetes is now becoming a common disease infecting a large number of people every year including seniors. Seniors with diabetes really need to look for properly. Ask4care provides Best home care assistance in Barrie to provide help to the seniors in fighting diabetes. There is no permanent cure for diabetes however it control through medication, exercise and diet control. There are two types of diabetes:

  • Type 1 Diabetes – In this case, the body stops producing insulin and hence the supply of glucose from the blood to the body cells is restrained. Any age can affect with this type of diabetes and can only treat with insulin.
  • Type 2 Diabetes – So, this is another type of Diabetes in which the pancreas reduces the production of insulin required to control sugar level in blood. This can treat with proper diet and exercise. 

In both cases, elderly need regular monitoring of insulin through different ways depending on the type of the diabetes. As a caretaker, you may not find enough time to monitor it. Well, in this case you require a little assistance who can look for your senior in your absence. Seeing the scale 1 to 10 of the disease, home instead of senior care in Barrie is preferred. Home care assistance in Barrie is not only responsible for monitoring diabetes but also provides assistance in other tasks that become difficult as the disease takes over your health. This article highlights the reasons why home care can be of great use for seniors suffering from diabetes. 

Medication Monitoring

At older ages, seniors find it difficult to do their daily activities. Diseases further weaken the immune system, especially diabetes. Hence, it is very important to control diabetes to reduce its effect on the immune system. Depending on the type of diabetes, their treatment is decide.  In most cases, it is the insulin that helps them to control diabetes. The intake of insulin plays an important role in controlling diabetes. 

For seniors, the level of insulin needs to be checked throughout the day with intervals because if it goes high or low it can directly affect the brain. For this pin prick or glucose monitor is used to check the blood sugar level. Seniors may find it difficult to check it by themselves. Home care assistance will be responsible to check it and monitor it. At the end of the month, make a complete trend of blood glucose level for the doctor to check. 

In such conditions, they may not be able to arrange to lower it. A home care assistance in Barrie can help monitor the insulin level or make arrangements if it goes high or low. 


Support in Movement

Vision and movement get impaired with time and diabetes further affects the nerve to speed up the process. Seniors find difficulties in movement and even in eyesight due to damage caused by diabetes to eye and feet nerves. You do not want to see them falling on the ground or on their way to home. It’s scary even thinking about it isn’t it? There is a constant guilt of not looking for them properly when they need you the most. 

The best way is to hire home care instead of senior care in Barrie because they need home care assistance 24/7 to watch their movement even when they are at home. Home care assistance is a great help to provide them support in movement to avoid the risk of falling and hurting themselves. They can be a great company for doctor’s visits and transportation etc. Moreover, they can take the seniors to walk as the exercise is also very important for diabetic patients to keep their health in line. 


Meal Management

Meal is the most significant way to combat diabetes. A proper diet helps in improved sugar levels that further maintains your body functionality. If a senior with diabetes does not take care of their meal routine, which usually happens because of restricted movement, their health can deteriorate. They not only need a meal on time but a healthy one. But usually at this age seniors see their ease and eat easy to make food rather than healthier one. 

Home care assistance draft a diet chart on doctor’s recommendation and ensure to provide all the required healthy meals. The meal should include daily intakes of fruits and vegetables as advised by doctors. Protein also does well for diabetic patients and sugar must be cut down as low as possible after consulting with a proper physician.


Improved Quality of Life

Happiness comes with good health and proper care. As you grow older, difficulties come with deteriorating health. The first thing being a senior is to accept yourself as being passing through the phase of life. It’s not only the caregiver duty but it is a two-way mutual effort. Happiness can found when the senior himself accepts the situation and cooperates with the caregiver. 

On the other hand, home care assistance in Barrie as a caregiver should try his best to help them in cooking, cleaning, preparing meals, and monitoring their medication. They can be a good partner because at older age seniors mostly stay at home due to restricted movement. Home care assistance can provide mental support and be a partner to walks, doctor’s appointment and for lunch as well. 


Diabetes is no doubt a growing problem but it controlee with proper monitoring and care. Home care instead of senior care in Barrie can provide a great assistance and you do not even have to leave your home. You can stay at home along with your family members and yet can have support or assistance to lower the burden of your family member’s.

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