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Effective Tips To Secure Your E-Commerce Website

Effective Tips To Secure Your E-Commerce Website:

Most of the businessmen around the world mostly hire web development companies in Pakistan. Because the web development companies in pakistan considered the website security. They take it as their one of the main concerns in the whole web development project. There is no difference between  you being new or an expert one in web development. But the website owners also want a secured e-commerce website that:

  • Help to sell their products/ services online 
  • Create a brand awareness 
  • Increase sales

But, this is only possible when your website is secure and safe from the hackers. Every second a hacker attacks the website and finds the important information and data and mis-use it.  It means if you do not pay proper attention to the security system of the website then you will be in a deadly trap. You may lose your important information and also waste your investment that you spend on web development. 

Most of the websites have a security system but sometimes they need to be improved. However, lack of security and their implementation cause disastrous data breaches. There is one thing that improves the security of the website and makes it more secure is:

  • Keep an eye on your website account.
  • Also checks and watches each and every activity that is conducted on the website. 

Tips to make secure websites.

Followings are the effective tips to make a secure website/improve your website security:

  • Hire a secure web hosting company:

 If you want to do business online for that reason it is important to find the most trustworthy and reliable web hosting companies so that you can send more money. Around 60% of the consumers avoid purchasing things online. There are two reasons behind this: 

  • One is the quality
  • Second is the security.

Their main concern before putting the information on the website they asked about the website security because while online shopping on the payment gateway their personal information is must to share then transaction will be done.  

But if your website is secure and saves you from a single attack of the hackers and unauthorized users it builds trust of the company on the potential customers. In Pakistan there are many best web hosting companies that provide the best web hosting services in the affordable budget. The web development companies experts in lahore always suggest and insist on hiring the best web hosting company because it improves the users experience,  loading speed and serves incredible security along with data backups.  

  • Create a long and strong password:

The web development companies in Pakistan considered that passwords are the first line of defense.  It is important to save your website from unauthorized users. There is no one who leaves their website for the hackers. So, make sure you set strong and long passwords. 

Because there are so many programs, databases and accounts, it is crucial here to set different, tough/difficult  and unique passwords. Here are some tips about the website password:

  • Use character and symbols in the password
  • Never use simple, clear and famous names
  • Does Not use the same password everywhere. 
  • Use both upper and lower cases in the passwords
  • Not use specific dates like birthday dates and personal information.
  • Use tough and complicated passwords. 
  • Get the SSL certificate:

The top web development companies in lahore suggest and recommend you to spend some money to hire the one of the best web hosting companies. Because the best web hosting offers you the free SSL certificate that makes your website security more strong. Also give you free other things with security features. 

SSL is a way to protect your data when it transfers or passes through different computer networks. Not only for your website data and client sensitivity information   for that,  it offers and provides:

  • High Security
  • Integrate 
  • Privacy 


  • Don’t forget to backup your data:

There are several breakdowns on the website and you lose your important data. It is very important to set the backup option because it is only a way to save the data. So it is considered one of the daily routine tasks. 

  • Also find the best web hosting company that guarantees you automated backups
  • Most of the top web development in Lahore tell you to not conduct backups from the server where your website is located. 
  • Set the limit on login attempts:

If your business has an ecommerce website then the security of the website is very important. Because the hackers not only want to hack your website but also want to get the information about your client like their bank account ID and other information. Because your website has an online payment system that is the main reason hackers main victims are mostly the ecommerce websites. But here is the solution available that makes your website secure from hackers. 

Make a setting and set the limit on the login attempts. Don’t set it more than three times as a login attempt from the same IP address because this simply and automatically blocks it. 

  • Keep your software up to date:

As we see that there are thousands of websites that are outdated and the security of the website is being compromised on a daily basis. And their owners don’t pay attention to the website security. But when they lose some important data then they realize what happened with their website. Hacker perfect victim is the outdated websites they hacked these outdated websites with new and latest techniques. So, if you want your website to remain secured for that purpose you need to  hire the best web development company in lahore. That helps to redesign your website, keep your software up to date and make a secured website for your business

  • Install WAF:

WAF stands for web application firewalls that are used to improve website security and help to make your website more secure. Web development companies also call it virtual guard.

  • It keeps an eye on the data transmission and ensures that the website remains secured. 
  • It probably detects all the suspicious traffic and spammers. 
  • Also help to block all the attackers from the hacker-sides. 

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