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Environmentally Friendly Custom CD Jackets | SirePrinting

Compact discs, or CDs, are extremely useful for storing vital data. CD jackets, which are suitable encasements, must be used to protect such discs. These jackets are specifically designed for the preservation and safety of discs containing critical data for users, lowering the risk of damage to your personal property. The material used to create these coverings is both environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. They’re tough and can withstand a wide range of hazardous situations caused by temperature and pressure changes.Depending on the customer’s preferences, they’re also available in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes, such as bookend Custom CD Jackets cases, four-panel CD jackets, six-panel Custom CD Jackets, and two-end Custom CD Jackets.

Because they provide such a wide range of customization options, they are highly desirable and appropriate for use. These covers serve several purposes: they protect CDs while also making them more appealing and thus increasing their market value.

Printing On CD Jackets:

Printing is essential in the marketing industry. Custom CD Jacket printing is also very important. We use a variety of printing techniques, including digital printing, offset printing, and screen printing. We live in an advanced technological era. Due to the scarcity of time these days, no one bothers to look into a product’s details if it is not readily visible. Clients would prefer a product with clearly stated features that can be easily tracked. The same is true for CD covers. We provide the most recent printing of the required information on the encasements.


In order to increase client acceptance, we ensure that CD encasement printing is long lasting. To accomplish this, we frequently use Cheap Custom CD Jackets cardboard for printing. This is because digital printing performs best on cardboard with maximum dimensions of 46*34 and four PMS colors. Furthermore, cardboard is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as being lightweight. They are biodegradable, reusable, recyclable, and friendly to the environment. Printing becomes much more comfortable, reliable, durable, and preferable when using this technique.

CD Jacket Customization:

Depending on the client’s preferences, offers a wide range of design, style, and color options for printing. We accept CD jacket wholesale orders starting at 100 pieces as a well-known and large company to make our service more efficient and satisfying for our customers. We value our customers because customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. As a result, we provide our clients with a variety of options based on their needs.


We also offer Custom CD Jackets at low printing prices to assist our customers and build goodwill. The combination of low prices and high-quality services is the most important pillar of our success. As a result, we offer the best printing service at an affordable price.

Why Should You Pick Us? has made a name for itself in the Custom Printed CD Jackets industry by offering its customers exceptional services and facilities at a reasonable price. 100% customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our success. SirePrinting offer free shipping to our valued customers. The value our customers and work hard to understand and resolve their issues and problems as soon as possible. We offer a 15-day money-back guarantee if an order is canceled for any reason. We’ve also taken precautions to ensure our clients’ safety and privacy. Our systems are completely secure from any type of cybercrime in the event of any online payment or booking. We also provide an expedited delivery option that takes 4-6 business days. Many of our services also include flat view, 3D mockup, and physical sampling. These services are readily available upon request.


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