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Everything you need to know about debris cleanup: Post Construction cleaning

The debris is that set of waste that comes from the work or construction of the home or building. They also originate after the fall, demolition, or demolition of a building. The rubble is formed by materials such as stones, concrete, bricks, iron, wood, different metals, or any element that intervenes in the construction.

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When building a house, dwelling, office, etc. begins. the garbage that is generated is called rubble and is constituted, as I mentioned before, by the materials that intervene. Because of the discomfort generated by the surplus, they usually have priority of urgent cleaning.

In this article, I will tell you what rubble cleaning is, its collection, the construction waste, and how the construction work should be collected after the removal of waste. But first, do you know what it is about and how to clean the debris?

Debris Cleanup: What is it?

Rubble is the set of remains of bricks, concrete, steel, iron, wood, etc, from construction waste, demolition, or reform of any home, building, etc.

The removal of surplus involves the collection and subsequent cleaning of the surfaces affected by this type of waste.

The debris from the building or construction of the structure can be of various types. Do you know what they are?

Types of debris according to their origin

There are different debris from a construction, such as

  • Prefabricated waste: These can be cement or ceramic blocks, etc.
  • The waste produced during the work: The materials that are produced during the work, whether concrete or mortar.

Why is debris removal necessary?

In order to avoid any type of setback, be it an accident or other problems, the removal of debris on the construction site is a fundamental task.

Extreme responsibility is required from those responsible for the work in relation to the removal of waste. They must carefully place the rubble outside the work to avoid mishaps.

There are a series of regulations that regulate how waste removal must legally be done.

The sudden fall of a building can be because of accidental or provoked causes. Within accidental causes, we find fires or earthquakes or natural ones, and the poor conservation of a building can cause the collapse of the construction.

It can also be a type of demolition caused because you want to build another building or because you want to leave the space free.

For both reasons and others, after the fall of the building, it is important to make the complete removal and subsequent disposal of the waste.

How to collect debris and clean it?

To give us some background, you may need to carry out a type of comprehensive waste collection after the construction of a new building or after the work or renovation of an existing one. The first step, as I have mentioned before, is the removal of debris in order to clean the affected surface. After the work, even if the waste is removed, there will always be remains of these materials, abundant dust and dirt that needs elimimnation.


If you decide to do it on your own. You should know that removing waste is a very laborious process that requires a lot of time. Yes, it is the cheapest option, but it is a tedious task. We will need several weeks to carry out the complete removal of the rubble after the work or reform.

Cleaning for your work comprises removing all that dirt during the reform process.

Steps to follow in debris cleanup:

  • Dust removal: It is more than likely that after knocking down walls, lifting the floor and other surfaces, etc. leave a thick layer of dust. To get rid of it, the fastest way to do it is to open the windows and put a fan facing out. In this way, little by little, the dust will disappear.
  • Cleaning for ceilings: To clean ceilings and walls easily after the work or reform. You must have a monkey and a bucket of water. Put the mop in the bucket until it’s wet. Do not clean the surface of the ceiling or walls with an excess of water since you will transport the dirt from one place to another. With the damp mop, clean the entire surface of the walls and ceiling.
  • Cleaning for floors: One of the most common mistakes is to sweep the entire surface, and this is not a good idea since it will cause the dust and other dirt to change places and hard to eliminate. To clean the floor, you must have a vacuum cleaner with a high-efficiency air filter. Vacuum the entire surface and you will leave the floor spotless.

Factors influencing the price of debris removal

The removal of the resulting waste after carrying out a work influences.  The price depending on the materials we used to collect the resulting waste.


For the total removal of the surplus after carrying out the work, a container or transport is necessary, with a double purpose, the first to leave the area free of any residue after the demolition and to preserve the environment as it is, respect the environment since otherwise it could incur a crime and increase the final expense.

This waste are for specific containers, and besides that, This for the recyclable

Normally, at the beginning of the work, the company has calculated all the removal and cleaning costs within the budget. However, they usually fluctuate according to the contracted services.  The most basic service hovers around $70 and growing progressively. That by adding more services as they could be transportation and containers.

It is a tedious task and cannot be a work for anyone. Choose experts in the field because what you save in labor may not always be the case.

Do you need a professional cleaning company?

To achieve a professional finish, it is often advisable to hire a professional cleaning company. Specializing in this type of service. SCS Group Cleaning Solution is among the 7 best cleaning agencies in Melbourne and is aware of the specific products to use in each case, the latest trends and innovations in waste collection techniques, and always using environmentally friendly products.

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