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Farm Tractor Parts and Their Functions – Know in Detail

Farm Tractor Parts and Their Functions

The tractor Parts is one of the most critical pieces of agricultural equipment. This machine assists farmers in completing their tasks, particularly in the areas of piracy, cultivation, fertilisation, sowing and other agricultural-related tasks. But, do you want to learn about farm tractor parts and their functions? If yes, this article will provide information on farm tractor parts and their functions. Here are the details you should be aware of to pick one according to your needs.

These tractor parts are available in all types of tractors, but the capacity to work these parts varies from model to model. For instance, a tractor like Swaraj 744 has more power to work with its features than a small tractor. But if you require a tractor for small farming work, don’t buy a giant tractor. 


The drawbar an essential component because it is used to transport cumbersome loads. The tractor’s primary function is the drawbar. This tool lets you connect the tractor to the implement you want to drag, such as a straw or a trailer. This drawbar has the ability to stretch elastic in all four corners of the circle.

There is also a Tractor Drawbar Stabilizer/Trailer Mover that keeps your drawbar stable to prevent dangerous swaying of your 3-pt. By simply stabilising the drawbar, this product makes hooking up attachments easier.

Tracks and Wheels

The wheels and track components of a farm tractor designed and used to balance weight on the tractor to prevent the tract from sinking into wet soil. The tractor’s wheels are more significant than the front wheels, which support the weight of the tractor and the load. 

Apart from this, wheel tractors primarily used for farming purposes in different places in India. Also, the various manufacturers manufacture the wheel tractors like Swaraj 855 and others. These tractors are easy to see in the farming field. Moreover, the track tractors are also vital for places where the soil is muddy. 


This section aims to make it easier to remove and reduce heavy loads carried by tractors. It is one of the farm tractor parts, and their functions are essential, especially when you want to transport something that is somewhere and move it to another road. If a hitch occurs, you can quickly unload the item and push it to a different location.


Every automatic, as well as every other vehicle, necessitates the use of a machine. Initially, a steam engine was used in manufacturing a tractor, but as technology advanced, a steam engine was replaced by the use of kerosene, ethanol, and gasoline. However, most of these engines run on gasoline due to a lack of kerosene. Therefore, diesel engines also used in tractor engines to save energy.


This component makes it possible for tractor parts to perform their functions more efficiently and effectively. For example, the transmissions on this sidewalk were shaped or run manually, but they have now evolved into automatic transmission.


The following in the farm tractor parts and functions is a control system. When the tractor is carrying a heavy load, this section assists the engine in driving the tractor. This control consists of braking, making it easier for the tractor to stop when going downhill or uphill. As a result, the tractor will not easily tip over, and its power will be stable.

Also, a control system is vital for the security of a vehicle. For example, a vehicle without brakes can be dangerous to the operators. That’s why the control system needs to improve continuously in any vehicle. 

Power Take-Off

This section typically completed along the length of a rubber belt wrapped around the tractor, powered by an engine controlled by a pedal on the rear wheel. Almost all modern tractors use this power or power take-off engine, also known as a PTO, which functions as a process for removing power. Typically, this machine easily connected via the farm tractor’s wheels and gears. When the part is connected, the PTO will be able to provide a large amount of power to the tractor and the engine on a broiler, causing the wheels to move automatically. As a result, a tractor must pull a powerful engine while also having a low speed that can be used on agricultural land.

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