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Faulty throttle body tech causing the car not to accelerate faster.

Everyone enjoys when they accelerate and the car responds but a faulty throttle body could inhibit this factor. Some cars with a small engine produce lesser power unless when they have performance modifications. Alternatively, there are vehicles whose engine produces a lot of power. They usually have more than one throttle body.

The throttle body is responsible for sucking air into the engine for the purpose of combustion. This air goes through the throttle shaft past the butterfly valve to reach the combustion chamber. Afterwards, the fuel injector releases the right amount of fuel from the fuel tank. This fuel mixes with the air to burn and produce power for the engine.

How the throttle body works.

The throttle body is a major part of the engine’s air intake system. It’s location is in between the air intake and the combustion chamber. The throttle body consists of other parts that are necessary for power production. It works with

  1. The throttle body position sensor.
  2. Butterfly valve.
  3. Accelerator.
  4. Fuel injector.

These parts are very essential for engine power production. The throttle position sensor exchanges data with the engine control module and the accelerator to determine the amount of power  that the engine requires. This happens when the driver presses the accelerator pedal.  After receiving this data, the throttle position sensor transmits the data to the butterfly valve.

Next, the butterfly valve opens and closes up to a specific angle. This depends on the engine’s Rotation Per Minute RPM. The RPM is dependent on how fast the driver is accelerating. So the butterfly valve opens to allow air to be sucked into the engine’s combustion chamber.

Afterwards, the fuel injector releases fuel from the fuel tank into the combustion chamber. The amount of fuel that it releases is an exact match with the amount of air that went into the combustion chamber. In order to balance the fuel and air mixture ratio and keep the engine RPM at a steady place.

5 Signs of a faulty throttle body.

Basically, this is what the throttle body does. Now lets assess what are the signs of a faulty throttle body.

1. Engine misfires.

The engine misfires won’t be hard to spot. Usually, the engine misfires are felt when the driver revs the engine. Misfires take place due to the engine fuel and air mixture not burning effectively. Misfires can also result from a faulty spark plug.

2. Check engine warning light.

This warning light arises due to a number of reasons. Most of the time it comes about because of faulty sensors within the car’s system. The throttle position sensor is likely to trigger this warning light. But if the throttle’s butterfly valve isn’t working well, it could also trigger the check engine warning light.

3. Reduced acceleration power.

The car starts to loose acceleration power when the throttle body is not functioning well. This is because the air that is necessary for burning fuel is in limited supply. Consequently when the driver hits the accelerator, it causes more fuel to be dumped into the combustion chamber. This fuel doesn’t burn effectively to give out engine power. Some onboard computers are programmed to display a reduced engine power warning light when this happens.

4. Engine going off during idling.

The engine will often times turn off when idling. This is because the faulty throttle body is causing a reduction in power supply.  Engine RPM depends on the ability of the fuel and air mixture to burn well in order to give the engine enough power. Now, if the mixture isn’t burning well the engine’s rotations per minute will reduce drastically. Hence causing the engine to shut down randomly.

5. Poor fuel economy.

The fuel that you use for a given mileage will not be enough anymore if your car’s throttle body is faulty. That’s because the fuel that goes into the combustion chamber will not burn effectively. Leading to a rich fuel combustion. This is because the faulty throttle body will not be able to supply sufficient amounts of air into the combustion chamber. Yet the air and fuel mixture ratio will be unbalanced.

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