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Get Your Dream Housing at Scape Redfern Student Accommodation Sydney

Get Your Dream Housing at Scape Redfern Student Accommodation Sydney

Sydney, the most populous city in both Australia and Oceania, has gained widespread popularity in various aspects. It has hosted prominent international sporting events. One of the instances in this regard is the 2000 summer Olympics. Besides, there are a lot of travel destinations in Sydney, which are the subjects of great allure.

In addition, Sydney is an education hub with six public universities based in the city, five public universities with secondary campuses in the city, and four public universities offering programs through third-party education providers in Sydney. So, we can witness a large number of international students here.

The University of Sydney is one of the most popular universities among overseas students. Therefore, the demand for The University of Sydney can be widely witnessed among individuals. A lot of arrangement has been done by various authorities to provide accommodation near this university. You can find a place to stay within the walking distance of the university.

One of the popular places for student accommodation Sydney, which you find close to the University of Sydney, is Scape Redfern. Scape Redfern comprises the modern amenities desired by the students of today. Let’s have a look at some major aspects of this property.

Studios and Apartments

Studios and apartments are the types of student halls available at this property. The studios further have their own types.

Studios are categorized into five types, which include:

  • Twin Studio
  • Medium Studio Apartment – Loft Window & City View
  • Medium Studio Apartment
  • Large Studio Apartment
  • Large Studio Apartment – City Views

On the other hand, the apartments are available in only one type, which is 5 Bedroom Apartment.

Fun and Entertainment Facilities in Scape Redfern

The joy is helpful in mental healing, which further helps in studies. Scape Redfern takes full care of the fun and entertainment of students.

In the fun facilities, we can keep the games room first. In the games room, students can play a variety of games for their fun and frolic.

On the other hand, there is also a cinema at the property for entertainment. Televisions are also available in the studios and apartments to facilitate them watching their favorite shows, music programs, sports, news, and more.

Fitness Facilities in Scape Redfern

Fitness is another aspect that is necessary. A fit body is a source of a fit mind. Scape Redfern also comprises excellent fitness facilities for residents.

There is a fully equipped gym available here. So, if you had a workout routine at the gym in your native place then you can continue it at the in-house gym of this property. You can also make a new workout routine if you haven’t started going to the gym till now.

On the other hand, there is a Yoga Room also at this property. You can get perfect physical, mental, and emotional health in Yoga Room by practicing yogic postures, breathing exercises, and meditation.

In addition to this, having fresh air inside your body is also a great source of fitness. You can take fresh air at this place by roaming the outdoor courtyard and rooftop terrace.

Study and Internet

Study arrangements are most necessary for students without any second thought. Even the students who are not interested in fun and workouts also need these arrangements.

First of all, when students enter their studios or apartments, they find the workstations having study tables and chairs. On the other hand, the study rooms are also available at the property, which are meant for facilitating disturbance-free studies to students.  

On the other hand, a Wi-Fi internet connection is also available in all the units. So, students can attend online lectures and video tutorials. They can also complete their projects & assignments.

Apart from education, the internet can be used for other purposes also such as entertainment, communication, social media, online shopping, online funds transfer, and more.

Storage Spaces in All the Units

All the units of this property have ample storage spaces, where students can keep their assets. There are bookshelves also, where students can keep their course books and other materials. The wardrobes can be found for keeping the attires. There are other storage spaces also for putting the other assets.

Dining Features

Students get kitchenettes inside all the units. In the kitchens, they find microwaves, electric cooktops, fridges, etc. Moreover, there is a dining area available for enjoying delicious meals.  

Shuttle Service for University

Students can reach their universities easily with a shuttle bus service. However, the University of Sydney is just within 9 minutes walking distance but you can reach there within three minutes by drive.

Security Services at Property

A 24/7 security staff is available here for safeguarding students and their assets. The secure door entry is also available for the security of the belongings of students.

Final Thoughts

For fun, fitness, study, security, and in all other aspects, Scape Redfern proves to be the right place for accommodation in Sydney. Accommodation can be booked here through online options such as the websites of student accommodation service providers.

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