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Grooming tips for men by Noir Salon Punjabi Bagh experts

Evergreen styling trends at Noir Salon Punjabi Bagh

When it comes to grooming services, men deserve much more attention than they actually get. Many emerging brands have successfully filled up the space of male grooming trends, taking inspiration from Gen Z and millennials. Experts at Noir salon Punjabi Bagh offer men’s grooming styles for an evergreen look.

There is a very popular quote that says, ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have.’ Styling and grooming among men are as important as it is among women. Filling your wardrobe is not the only way to become a boss! Many emerging brands have successfully filled up the space of male grooming trends taking inspiration from Gen Z and millennials.

When it’s about being styled, men’s grooming deserves much more attention than it gets. Every skin and hair type needs different care. A smart and sharper look doesn’t need much of your time from the daily routine. Professionals at the Noir salon Punjabi Bagh have come up with men’s grooming styles that can give you an evergreen ‘boss’ look in just a few minutes.

Facial skincare – Nothing is better than opting for natural and environment-friendly facial skin care products for men. Those containing aloe vera and sodium hyaluronate are the best for making the skin moisturized and hydrated throughout. For a dry skin texture, a non-soap cleanser or dry skin facial wash gives the best results. Oily skin needs products containing salicylic acid to unclog and degrease pores. Facial scrub, once a week can help in removing the dead skin cells.

Well-trimmed moustache – Having a well-trimmed moustache has become a trend among men lately. A perfectly-styled moustache makes you feel confident and enhances your personality.

Easy beard straightening – Those with a long beard might face difficulty maintaining their texture and shape. But, Noir salon experts have the golden ticket for an easy and well-straightened beard. Regular combs and brushes are not the right picks for a perfect beard. Beard straightening brush is the new tool that has created a great impact setting a new grooming trend. Its adjustable temperature feature prevents overheating and gives a perfectly-styled fuller beard.

Every hair needs care – Even men’s hair needs care in every season. Use a toxic-free gentle shampoo and conditioner. Choosing the least chemical infused products leads to much healthy and shiny hair. Delayed salon visits for hair trimming can make them brittle, unstructured and damage-prone.

Excess facial hair – Facial hair look good for men, but as we say, ‘excess of everything is bad, too much of facial hair needs proper care. Thicker brows are good but if they join in the middle without your permission, it has to be repaired. Use tweezers to pluck that hair or simply go for threading for a fresh and neat facial look.

Clean and short nails never fail – Dirty and long nails make you look untidy. Use a nail brush to clean your feet and fingernails and nail clippers to shorten them. Clean hands and feet are a good way to enhance your personality.

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