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Guide To Skunk Stripe Hairstyles For The Beginners

What Is Skunk Stripe Hair?

Are you wondering why skunk stripe hairstyle is popular? Well, the skunk stripe hair fashion is trending because it combines two contrasting colors in stripes on either side of the face, as a split half and half, or as a top and underside layer.

 If you are a purist, there are so many directions you may go with this hair color trend. Consider the color combinations of lime green and black, purple and blue, grey and black, or orange and brown.

Do you want to try skunk stripe hairstyles for yourself? To begin with, make an appointment with a colorist. Bring a few inspiration photos along with you and describe your concept. 

If you don’t want to color your hair, you can always use human hair extensions from India Hair International. They have the best quality hair extension, which you can color and customize according to your preferences.

How Do You Maintain Skunk Stripe Hair Extensions?

Like any other type of hair color, skunk-dyed hair necessitates some maintenance. Plan a touch-up visit once every six to ten weeks to renew your color at the roots, tone, and brighten.

Keep your hair healthy between treatments by applying some nourishing items to your hair routine like shampoo and moisturizing conditioner or a shampoo and conditioner duo created specifically for color-treated hair. 

How Do You Get Skunk Stripes Out Of Your Hair?

When you are ready to switch from skunk dye to a new look, make an appointment at the salon. This is the best technique to get from point A to point B without risking harming your strands or appearing too edgy.

Your colorist may devise a personalized strategy, including dying your light hair dark (or vice versa), stripping the color, or adding extra color to provide a more subtle contrast. Finally, how you transition is determined by the new look you desire.

 5 Skunk Stripe Hair Colors To Try Now

Now that you know what skunk stripe hair is, are you excited to try some? Here, some of the best skunk stripe hairstyles are mentioned, select and flaunt your new flawless look.

  1. Blonde & Brunette

You don’t need jet black hair to pull off the skunk color hair trend. A medium to dark brunette with platinum blonde hair also makes a stunning contrast. You can enjoy this hairstyle more with hair extensions if you worry that your natural hair quality will be affected by dye.

2. Lavender & Black

This lavender and black combination is mesmerizing as it adds a subtle twist to traditional skunk hair. It uses silvery lavender stripes on either side of the face instead of a pale blonde or platinum.

This hairstyle is quite common, but nevertheless, it is perfect for flaunting.

3. Pink and Blonde Hair

Consider this look, which blends an ashy cool blonde on top with a pink bubblegum layer underneath for a mild twist on the skunk stripe hair color trend.

4. Green & Silver

Green and silver is also one of the best skunk stripe hairstyles. One side of this half-and-half skunk hairstyle is silvery grey, while the other is a rich and inky green. With this look, you will turn heads everywhere you go.

 5. Half-Brown, Half-White

Make a split personality skunk hair look by dying half of your hair platinum blonde or silver and the other half dark.


You must have a few ideas about skunk stripe hair and some skunk strip hair ideas to flaunt this year. Make sure to flaunt your hairstyle this year!


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