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Host your E-commerce Website with VPS Hosting in Indonesia


Hosting your website with VPS hosting in Indonesia can be a profitable deal for your e-commerce business. Indonesia is in southeast Asia, situated between the Indian and Pacific oceans, and plays a major role in the global economy. It is the region’s biggest economy—also, Count in the G20 group world’s richest nations. E-commerce and any kind of Product Service-related business depend on the online platform then web hosting also plays a significant role in their daily basic business. If you also belong to Indonesia and you are dependent on an e-commerce websites business. Or want to know how you can grow your E-commerce business with VPS hosting in Indonesia then this article is for you.

In this article, I will give you all the additional information about your business-related and how can you build a solid platform for your e-commerce and other service-related website and also give you a hint that which web hosting provider is suitable for your e-commerce business in Indonesia and other nations. So please keep in touch with this article it will definitely be beneficial for you.

Why do you need a VPS Server for E-commerce Websites?

At present time most businessmen know the value of internet marketing and technology. All kind of business is getting online and the same situation happens with e-commerce agency. Everyone depends on technical leadership in internet marketing. The era of E-commerce business is growing very fast day by day not only in Indonesia but all over the world. In starting we just know some reputed companies like- Flipkart, Amazon, e-bay, and Alibaba. But Now in 2022, there an estimated that we cross the limit of 12 million to 20 million e-commerce sites across the entire world.

Now come to the point that why need a VPS server for an E-commerce website. As you know that VPS hosting is considered one of the best and most affordable web hosting that gives you advanced security and great speed performance that helps in growing your business. If you have an eCommerce website then VPS hosting in Indonesia definitely gives you all the advanced and additional features with effective performance that your website needs. The main advantage that you need VPS hosting is an advanced security level for your business website. VPS in Indonesia gives your website high security from hacker attacks and cyber-attacks with Advanced level DDoS Protection.

So, it helps to protect your personal data. As you know With an e-commerce website Security level is so much important because lots of customers save their personal details like; bank detail, payment detail, and personal user-id. So now you will understand why VPS hosting is so much important for your e-commerce website. Now it’s time to know which is the best hosting provider in Indonesia and why you chose them. 

Which is the Best E-commerce Hosting provider?

If you are new to the online business industry and don’t know How to purchase VPS Hosting for your e-commerce business then you don’t have to worry about it. You just have to do ‘read this article and get complete detail. Most people get confused when things come to choosing web hosting because there are more than enough web hosting provider available in this internet market. You need to confirm all the details that I will mansion below before purchasing web hosting.

Web hosting is a foundation of a  Business that plays a role in your business support. The old adage says ‘’ focus on what makes you different’’ so your e-commerce and Your online business are a Symbol to your customer that if you provide them the best and perfect service then you are different then others. so you have to go with a performance maker web hosting provider.

Here, I am introducing you to the best industry-level performance maker known for their quality web hosting provider ServerWala Cloud Datacenters PVT. LTD. the Quality maker VPS hosting provider in Indonesia. They deal with Perfect and fast performance for your e-commerce website. If you make sure that your website should work for you not against you then Serverwala VPS in Indonesia can be the worth option for you. Serverwala’s  VPS hosting in Indonesia has the goal to provide a pleasant Security level in an Affordable and very pocket-friendly manner. Not only that will give you more details about what serverwala’s VPS hosting in Indonesia and what features you will get.

Complete your E-commerce website Needs with Serverwala VPS Hosting in Indonesia

Complete your E-commerce website Needs with Serverwala VPS Hosting in Indonesia

In this half of the article, you will understand the importance of VPS hosting in Indonesia and How can Serverwala beneficial for your eCommerce website but this is not enough you are purchasing VPS hosting, and also spending money so you have to know the full details about the features that a web hosting provider provides. But I will give you a guarantee that you will get more with serverwala’s VPS hosting in Indonesia than what you pay.

There are some trending and important Advantages of VPS Hosting in Indonesia that you need to keep in mind:-

Full Root Access:-

Never purchase web hosting from a provider who doesn’t give you full root access. Full root access means you will get full control of a server with full control of a server you can do changes in your server like install and uninstall the latest and trending software. With an e-commerce website, you Definitely need Full root access because an e-commerce business is not a simple type of business you need every day new updates software that can help in your website performance and customer interest and you know that business is all about customer relationships. There is no need to compromise regarding Control of a server if you have VPS in Indonesia.

High Performance:-

Performance and speed are two things that are very important for your e-commerce business. Ensure that if your website deals with low performance then you are in trouble. In this fast generation, no one wastes their time on low-speed e-commerce websites you need to be fast so you can easily get profit related to your business. Serverwala’s VPS in Indonesia comes with a 100 Mb/s high Network speed and high uptime up so there are no chances to slow website load and performance. You will get your business with advanced loading speed in just one click.

High Uptime:-

Serverwala’s VPS in Indonesia is a power package of the highest uptime network speed like your page opens in just one click and with that, your business gets a symbol of goodwill.

Your site needs to be open in one click means doesn’t take too much time to load so your customer doesn’t give you a bounce-back rate. VPS Server Indonesia gives you a 99.90% uptime network guarantee so you just feel free about speed.

Advanced security:-

The main and important thing that every client is conscious of about their e-commerce website is the ‘’Security level’’. VPS Server in Indonesia provides you with all the additional security levels that your website needs. Firstly they give you a Private server so obviously, you will get fully loaded security features related to your business also with the Security level you will get Daily basic backup. So VPS Jakarta provides you with a fully secured environment of web hosting where no one accesses your data without your permission.


There are some important features that serverwala cheap VPS in Indonesia comes with. I think this is the perfect web hosting for your e-commerce business. You will get all the additional and new updated VPS servers in Indonesia at a very Affordable and Reliable price.  VPS in Indonesia comes with high scalability you will get access to optimize your hosting by yourself. Also, you can have an option With VPS hosting you can choose Them According to you your budget and business plan.

For Linux:-

linux VPS hosting in indonesia

For Windows:-

windows vps hosting in indonesia

Final Thoughts:-

Now it’s time to end my words. Every business faces challenges in its field and every challenge have solutions. With the Right strategies and plans, you can make your business grow rapidly. With good management and lots of hard work, everyone can achieve their aim. Serverwala VPS Hosting in Indonesia is also this type of Web hosting for your e-commerce business. With VPS you will definitely achieve your goals because it is very affordable, fast, and flexible. I hope you like this article and that it’s helpful for you and your business.


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