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How Do I Download iTools 4? 

Every iOS user needs to manage their devices easily and without struggling. Even though iTunes can be used as an iOS system management tool, due to its lack of a user-friendly interface and restrictions, millions of iOS users tend to find alternative options for iTunes. So iTools is here for you as the best alternative for iTunes. This is an essential tool for every iDevice user to download for free. iTools is the best option for managing iOS devices, backup data, and ensuring smooth function in iDevices. Download iTools 4 as this tool’s latest version is now available.  

With the help of iTools, you can do the same thing that can do with iTunes with more ease and without restrictions too. With its advanced technology and advanced features managing your iDevices is not a difficult thing anymore. This tool is compatible with all iDevices such as iPhones, iPods, iPad, etc. This amazing tool is capable of completing 90% of its process with just one click. And also you can manage anything in your iDevice like docs, images, audio, videos, iTunes and pdf, etc. You can download this application for Windows and Mac PC.

What is iTools 4 full version download?

The iTools 4 full version free download is the latest version of the iOS managing tool which is the best iOS managing software. It is the best alternative software for official iTunes. Why should you get an iOS managing tool as a substitution for iTunes? iTunes is more restrictive. Likewise, iTunes consumes more resources. It is difficult to handle. Therefore, you can use iOS managing software instead of iTunes. 

iTool manages all media files, creates its recordings as ringtones, manages battery life, Air Player to browse, data migration, etc. The software is compatible with all iOS devices, such as iPhones, iPad, and iPods. Also, the tool is computer-based and not mobile-based.

The software is compatible with all Mac PCs, including the Mac OS X 10.8 and above. Likewise, it is compatible with all Windows versions, including the latest Windows 11. The software has the highest device compatibility. Also, it does not ask for an Apple ID or password to function. 

Why iTools For You? 

Are you wondering why I use iTools instead of using iTunes? Here you can find the answer for you. The best thing about this application is, it is easy to use when compared to iTunes. If you have worked with iTunes you might understand how hard it is to use that application with its restrictions and all. That’s the main reason iOS users find alternative options for iTunes in order to find more freedom in iOS management procedures. 

While iTunes is concerned about the program standards, iTools gives their priority for users. That’s why users can use it without restrictions. Not only that, but also this tool provides you with plenty of advanced features. It can manage your iOS devices the same way iTunes does, plus you can enjoy many more benefits too. So we hope, now you have an idea of why we say this is the best solution for managing your iDevices easily. 

How does it differ from iTunes?

iTools 4 full version free download  

  • Supportive, flexible, and comfortable program with a manageable interface
  • The tool is lightweight and faster than iTunes.
  • It does not require logging into multiple accounts. Therefore, you can delete any file directly from it. 
  • It can sync into iOS jailbreak-supported devices and restore files to supported format rather than deleting them. 
  • The iOS managing tool comes with a library-style interface and does not offer any drag-and-drop access.


  • It is an extensive program that comes with more restrictions
  • It consumes more resources
  • iTunes does not contain a manageable and user-friendly interface. Hence, iTunes is difficult to handle. 
  • Requires access through the library to delete any file

Everything About The Latest Version Of iTools 

iTools 4 download 2022 is now released as the latest version of iTools. It was developed in a more user-friendly manner and also with lots of advanced features too. This version is mainly focused on iOS 15 OS however, it is suitable for other iOS versions as well. The latest version is compatible with all iOS devices like, iPhones, iPods and iPads. The happy fact is download iTools 4 comes up with many flexible features that you cannot find in iTunes. So you can find best features like, file backup feature, AirPlayer, ringtone maker etc. 

By using the latest version, you can restore files and music in your iDevices and also backup files as well. Copy paste and drag and drop and other essential options as well. In addition, it is really easy to use with its user-friendly interface. Download iTools 4 works for free on both Windows and Mac computers. And most importantly this tool does not ask for any password or Apple ID to begin the process. 

Features Of Download iTools 4 

Here you can find about the features of this convenient iOS system management tool. 

  • AirPlayer for iTools 

This is a special feature introduced by this application. With this special feature you will be able to connect your iDevice with the computer or any other devices as well. You can share your computer screen with others too. It would be beneficial in a meeting for everyone. 

  • Battery master 

With this amazing feature you can manage the battery performance of your iDevices. And also you can do any customized settings in order to increase the battery life too. 

  • Smart backup and restore with iTools 

This allows you to backup and restore any data in your iOS devices. All you need to do is select the files that you want to backup and hit the backup button and when you need to restore any file hit on the restore button in the menu.

  • Data migration in download iTools 4 

You can manage and transfer any file that you want by using this feature. This tool allows you to manage images, audio tracks, videos and many more. 

  • iTools ringtone maker 

You can make customized ringtones as you wish with the help of this tool. With this special feature no need to use the offered ringtones but you can make any ringtone you desire. 

  • File manager 

File manager allows you to manage files in your iDevices. You can manage files according to your desired order and also you can create disparate folders and organize files according to your choices. 

So download iTools 4 latest version for free to enjoy all features by yourself. 

How Do I Get iTools 4 Download? 

You can download the latest version of iTools easily from the official website. When you visit the official website you can get a direct link to download this application. And also it is totally free. Downloading this application is also really easy with its guidelines. This application can be downloaded to your Windows computer as well as Mac PC. 

Download iTools 4 For Windows 

The Windows version allows you to manage your iDevice with the help of a Windows PC. You can transfer data through the Windows PC to any iOS devices with this version. It is compatible with the latest version of iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max. You can manage the whole iOS OS with the help of Windows platform. With the advanced features you can manage your iDevices much easier and it is a 100% free application. 

All you need to do is visit the official website and select the Windows version. After that you can download the iTools and install it. Connect your iOS devices to the Windows computer with the help of the USB cable and begin the process to manage your iDevices. So iTools 4 download for free and get all the benefits. 

How Do I Download iTools 4 For Mac? 

If you have a Mac computer you can download the Mac version and manage your iDevices via Mac computer. It also saves your time while you do not need to struggle like in iTunes. And most importantly this application does not require any Apple ID or password to function. So get started with iTools today and see the difference. 

How to download iTools full version for free?

Here we provide a step guide to getting iTools free download. The software is unavailable in the Apple App Store. Hence, you can download it from the official website for free. Now let’s see the step guide.

  • First, prepare the Windows or Mac computers to install iTools 4 full version free download. 
  • Search the official website to download the latest version of the iOS managing tool
  • Download the package for free
  • The icon of tools will arrange on your Mac or Windows PC.
  • Then connect your iDevice to the computer using a proper USB cable. 
  • Wait and let it automatically detect the connected iDevices


How to get the iTools 4 full version free download? You can download it from its official website due to its unavailability in the Apple App Store. The software is a perfect substitution for the official iOS managing tool – iTunes. However, iTool is more advantageous than iTunes. It comes with more flexible and advanced features than iTunes. Hence, it is easy to handle. Now you can try it. It will make you happy. 

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