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How much does a flatbed tow truck cost?

How much you spend on your flatbed tow truck depends on many different things. There is a big price difference between new and used models, just like new and used cars. Do you want a diesel engine or a gas engine? What kinds of towing jobs do you want to do? Light-duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty?

If you know what you need before you go shopping for tow truck service in Snellville, you will save a lot of time and be able to plan your budget ahead of time.

Make a list of things you want

What kind of tires will keep your rig safe and help it do well? Make sure you only look at trucks that meet your needs so you don’t fall in love with one that won’t do the job or is way more than you need. Will you be working on roads that aren’t as wide? Is side recovery a common type of recovery you do in your area? Great Side Puller add-ons like the SP20000, SP8000, and P12000 give your recovery missions more options. Ensure that your winch is the right size and weight for your daily operations.

Used Models of Tow Trucks

For about $84K, you can buy a2012 Hino 260 HP tow truck service Snellville, with 130,000 km. This 358 S/A Automatic model comes with air brakes, a 12K lbs winch, and a 22-foot Carrier Rollback with a 15K LBS deck rating. It also has an air ride and a G.V.W. of 35,000 lbs.

For about $50,000, you can buy an older GMC C6500 model from 2007 with a 19-foot deck that can pull two cars. Picking the most durable model in your price range is important to building a good reputation.

Newly-made Tow Trucks

Do you want a full-featured model or a simple one? You can choose from many cab/chassis style configurations to get the flexibility and look you want. Select a body composed of composite, aluminum, stainless steel, or carbon, depending on your working environment.

A brand-new 2016 T370 Kenworth tow truck service Snellville, can cost more than $210,000. Be clear about what you need and want so you don’t pay extra for features you won’t use.


Used models may come with no warranty or a limited one. If you don’t need something new and shiny, look at the used trucks. You could save thousands of dollars by doing so. Shop around and test drive a lot of cars before you buy one. If this car serves as your mobile office, you will be spending a lot of time in it. Deal with successful companies to ensure that warranty work will be done on time and as planned in the future.

How much they cost to buy a new tow truck?

As we’ve already said, the price of a tow truck or wrecker can vary a lot. Below is the list of prices for different types of tow trucks to see how much a light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty tow truck costs, more or less.

  • Class 4 (GVWR: 14,001–16,000) and Class 5 (GVWR: 16,001–19,500): for example, the Ram 4500 (Class 4) and the Ford F-550 (Class 5)
  • The body of a light-duty wheel lift is painted to match: $58,900 – $ 72,500 (Gas/Diesel)
  • Two-car carrier for light duty with a 19-foot truck bed: $61,900 – $ 72,500 (Gas/Diesel)
  • Class 6 (GVWR between 19,501 and 26,000) and Class 7 (GVWR between 26,001 and 33,000):
  • Ford F-650 (Class 6) and Ford F-750 are both (Class 7)
  • Medium two-car carrier with standard removable rails and a 21-foot truck bed: $80,000 – $103,500 (depending on chassis)
  • Heavy standard wrecker, 25–100 tonnes, body painted to match: $250,000 – $650,000
  • Rotator super-heavy-duty wrecker, 35-75 tonnes $499,000 – $850,000+

These prices of tow truck service Snellville are based on how the dealer ordered the truck, not on the person who bought it. The price also includes equipment that comes with the car and is painted the same color as the car. Extra parts and bells and whistles are not included in the price.

How much is the cost to buy a used tow truck?

Great question! Prices for new tow trucks are listed above. If you buy a used tow truck, you might save money, but that depends on many things. You have to think about depreciation. The value of a used tow truck goes down as soon as you buy it. Then there’s the tow truck’s quality, which means how well it’s been taken care of.

If the tires and brakes work well, the interior is clean, there are no broken or cracked windows, the lights and hydraulic system in the bed work, and there aren’t any big dents, you should get a good return on your investment in the used tow truck. And you’ll save money at the same time. It depends on the used tow truck you’re looking at.

You may have seen “GVWR” in the above descriptions. This stands for “Gross Vehicle Weight Rating,” which is the safest amount of weight that can be put on the vehicle. This includes the weight of the vehicle, the people inside, the fuel, and the load. (The prices above also show different classes of vehicles based on their GVWR.) The bigger the truck you need, the bigger the load you want to pull.

When buying a tow truck, here are some things to think about:

  • How much the tow truck weighs
  • What the truck needs to be able to do for you
  • What parts of your tow truck you might need to add
  • How much a vehicle can pull and its GVWR
  • If you are buying a used tow truck, how old is it?
  • If you’re buying a used car, the mileage.
  • Insurance
  • What sort of wrecker do you need?

Each type of tow truck is made for a different kind of job. They can carry a variety of vehicles.

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