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How much does it Cost to Develop a Handyman Mobile App?

Are you planning to develop a handyman mobile app like FieldCamp, TaskRabbit, Housejoy, AllBetter, or Handy apps? Then you must be interested to know the cost of developing handyman apps. 

Today, consumers are significantly using mobile apps for regular life services. These apps provide all kinds of home-based services such as electrical works, AC/Fridge repairing. And make it easier for householders to connect with the right professionals. 

So before you invest your money in hiring a mobile app development company it is important to know the cost associated with this. It will help you estimate the overall budget and how you can generate good ROI like other apps are making. 

And this blog will give you the right information about the cost to develop a handyman mobile app. 

But before that, learn the basics

What is the Handyman app?

Handyman app is a type of on-demand mobile application. It allows customers to connect with the required or specific professionals or technical persons. These apps provide online booking facility for home-based services. For example plumbing, home wiring, electrical works, AC/fridge repair, cleaning, carpentry, and so on. 

Popular examples of Handyman apps

  1. AllBetter
  2. Handy
  3. Thumbtack
  4. FieldCamp
  5. Family Handyman
  6. BrightNest
  7. Porch
  8. TaskRabbit
  9. Housejoy
  10. KnockKnock

How Does a Handyman App Work?

Handyman mobile apps provide on-demand home-based services. It allows people to find and online book technician for household-related services. Hence, the core function of a handyman app is the same as an on-demand mobile application. These apps connect local handyman service providers to get business opportunities. 

And it helps people to find the expert or the right technical from a wide range of service providers at cost-efficient rates. Hence, the core working model of handyman mobile app include the following functions. . 

  1. Customer need to login into the app and select the region or their location.
  2. The app then provides the details of different handyman service providers.
  3. Customers need to select the type of services and book the appointment on a particular date and time. 
  4. After this customer gets the price of availed service. 
  5. And then, technicians visit the customer’s location.

How much does it Cost to Develop a Handyman app?

As we have discussed above, the handyman app is a type of on-demand mobile application. Therefore, it requires multiple functionalities and technologies to build the app. A handyman app needs geolocation technology, map integration, mobile payment facility, real-time order tracking, and invoice generation. and much more. 

And to build these features, you will need a dedicated mobile app development company or hire an experienced developer. All these factors affect the cost of handyman app development. Generally, the cost of handyman app covers the below key factors

  • API integration charge
  • Type of mobile app-native or cross-platform
  • Number of features
  • Mobile payment facility
  • Per hour rate of the mobile app development company or developer

So, the average cost to develop a handyman app like TaskRabbit, AllBetter lies between $15,000-$25,000 for both platforms iOS and Android. 

Why do businesses want to develop a handyman mobile app?

Handyman mobile apps solve key problems of regular life activities. Before this, people have to face many difficulties in searching for professionals. People had to visit physical stores or centers to find the technicians. But with the development of the on-demand handyman mobile app, things have become much easier. 

People can quickly find the required technician or professional from a mobile app. Taskrabbit, AllBetter, Handy, and FieldCamp are famous on-demand handyman mobile apps that are generating great revenues. If you take a look at the recent market statistics, 

  • Over 91,000 handyman services are operated in the USA only
  • The handyman service market size is expected to reach $4.5 billion in 2022 in the USA

And this is because of the benefits that handyman mobile apps provide

  • Allow homeowners to quickly find nearby handyman service provider
  • Online booking facility
  • Better employment opportunities for local businesses and professionals
  • Build loyal relationships with customers
  • Convenient mobile payment facility
  • Reduces the physical and administrative cost

Important Things to Remember While Developing a Handyman Mobile App

While you prepare for the development of your handyman mobile application you should know some important things. These factors matter a lot and directly affect the cost. 

  1. Type of mobile app -either native or cross-platform app
  2. Ensuring Handyman license and certification compliance
  3. Robust payment security and transparent service pricing
  4. Right developer or company

To Conclude

The adoption rate of handyman mobile apps has increased significantly these days. Consumers look for more convenient on-demand mobile apps that provide seamless and cost-friendly home-based services. Therefore, when you plan to create a handyman mobile app, make sure you give what customers are looking for. And then you will be able to generate better ROI. 

About the Author

Erma Winter is a Mobile App Consultant at MobileCoderz-a well-established android app development company that provides customer-oriented app solutions to businesses. She provides expert guidance to app founders, startups, and business ventures with mobile app development solutions and decision-making. Aside from this, She contributes as an author to many top sites and shares knowledge on IT subjects. 

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