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How to Fix Your Laptop Keypad Not Working

How to Fix Your Laptop Keypad Not Working .If your laptop’s keypad isn’t working, don’t panic. best laptop for tuning cars You can usually resolve the issue by removing and cleaning it, which will also make the keyboard function more smoothly when you replace it. In order to fix your laptop keypad not working, you’ll need to take off your computer’s cover, remove the keypad and clean off dust with compressed air or water. Once you reinstall the keypad, it should work again—and you won’t have to worry about losing any keystrokes!

Test your keys
Before doing anything else, turn off your laptop and take a look at your keyboard. The problem may be as simple as dust between some of your keys or something more severe, like spilled liquid getting in between keys. If you have an idea of what happened that caused your keypad not working correctly, try using a can of compressed air to blast any built-up gunk out from under and around each key. No matter what has caused it, if you’re still experiencing issues with certain keys after cleaning them, it may be time for replacement. For more details, please visit best laptop for tuning cars

Test your keyboard connection
Make sure your keyboard is properly connected and functioning. Be sure it’s plugged in, try using a different USB port, and check for bent or broken pins on your computer. If it’s wireless, double-check that its batteries are full and properly installed. If you can move the mouse when connected via a USB cable but not wirelessly, you may have a bad connection somewhere between your keyboard and computer. Check for bent or broken pins as well as proper installation of any additional drivers (particularly if you’re using an external keyboard/mouse combo).

Clean your keyboard
If your laptop keypad isn’t working, it could be due to food or debris making its way underneath. A quick clean of your keyboard should take care of things. Check out our guide on how to clean a laptop keyboard and fix sticky keys (even if you don’t have any). Since you’ll need to open up your laptop’s case, remember that static electricity can damage hardware; make sure you touch something metal before and during cleaning. If that doesn’t do it, a replacement keyboard is an option; third-party repair shops offer them for a variety of makes and models. It’ll cost less than replacing an entire machine if it’s still under warranty, though we’d suggest contacting Apple first—you may not need anything more than a quick software update!

Check in Device Manager
If your keypad stops working, first check in Device Manager. If you see a yellow exclamation mark next to your keyboard device, try updating drivers.  that doesn’t work, update or reinstall them (and, while you’re at it, make sure all other updates are current too). Just because your device isn’t showing up doesn’t mean there aren’t current drivers available—it just means Windows isn’t recognizing them.

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