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How to Merge Two Outlook PST Files?

Mwposting | If you are seeking to know how to merge two Outlook PST files? If yes, then you will get a complete solution to combine two Outlook PST files format. Here, we are going to discuss two methods to fulfill all your requirements without facing any hassle.

“Hi I am Johnny, and I want to merge multiple Outlook PST files. So, please someone suggest a reliable solution for the same!”

There are several users who are finding a way to merge two Outlook PST files with an easy & simple interface. So, that’s why we are here with the instant & non-professional methods to help you for the same.

But before we start the process to complete the task of combining two Outlook PST file formats. Firstly, we will know about the PST file.

A PST file (Personal Storage Table) is the Outlook data file that stores the complete mailbox information. PST files have more advantages than EML files as they can store information equal to hundreds of EML files. This reason is sufficient to convert EML files to PST file format.

Now, let us move towards the solution one by one!

How to Combine Two Outlook PST Files Manually?

The manual process is not a direct solution: You need to perform two steps to combine PST files. Then, follow the below steps to complete your task:-

Step 1: Create A New PST File

  • Firstly, Open Outlook in your system. And, click on the New Item, Select More Items >> Outlook Data File.
  • Now, select the location on your system where you want to save the PST files and provide a name for it. Click OK.

Step 2: Import Old PST Files Into Newly Created PST File

To Combine multiple Outlook PST files, in the step we will import the existing data files to the new one:-

  • Firstly, Open Outlook and go to the File tab.
  • Now, click on Open & Export and select the Import/Export
  • Select the option Import from another program or file and hit on Next
  • Then, select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click on Next
  • To browse, select the .pst file to Import and select the required options. Hit Next
  • After that, select the folder you want to import to the new PST file. Check the include subfolders and Import items into the same folder in the box
  • Finally, hit the finish button.

Merging Outlook PST files process will start. Using this possess, you can only import one PST file to the newly created file. To import the other PST files, repeat the same steps for each file. If you have a large number of data files then, you need to combine them, this task is very time-consuming and effortful.

Combine Multiple Outlook PST File Formats – [Automated Solution]

As we all know the manual method is quite complex, involves many steps, and requires appropriate steps to be performed. So, to get rid of all these issues and combine multiple PST files, use an automated solution i.e., Outlook PST Merge Software.

This tool is easy to use for a novice. The utility provides great features to combine multiple Outlook PST files into a single one. You can easily merge two PST files as well as multiple data items like emails, calendars, contacts, notes, tasks, and journals. It maintains the original email properties and folder structure of PST files throughout the merging process.

Therefore, it is capable of combining and removing duplicated items without altering the single information. You can easily combine Outlook archives as well as password-protected files without entering the password. Also, it has the split option that helps you to reduce PST file size while combining.

Working Process Explained For the Software

Follow the below steps to fulfill your existing process in an easy and simple manner using automated software. Let’s take a look at the same!

  1. Download and run the software on your Windows machine. And, Add PST Files or Folders.
  2. Now, choose the option Merge or Join and Click on Next
  3. Select the required folders and choose to combine an Existing PST, New PST, or Outlook Profile
  4. Then, click on the Next button and analyze the live combining process
  5. Finally, if the PST files combine successfully, you will receive completion messages on your screen. Hit the OK button.

So, this is a complete and successful process to merge two Outlook PST files using the software. Now, we just suggest this software for an easy and quick conversion process without losing any data files.

Final Words

Want to Merge two Outlook PST files. Then, in this blog, we discussed the same. Using manual & automated methods for an easy & simple conversion process. As we see above, to perform the manual method we need to perform two steps to complete the task. Through which users are facing issues completing tasks and it takes a lot of time to do this.

But, don’t need to worry, we suggest an expert recommended automated software which is an easy & a quick solution to combining multiple Outlook PST files into a single one without facing any hassle. And, both technical and non-technical users can easily finish their tasks through this tool. So, choose as you need which one is better for your task.

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