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Ideas for Mother of the Bride’s Wedding Day Clothing

In a woman's existence, her daughter's nuptials is more significant to her than her own!

In a woman’s existence, her daughter’s nuptials is more significant to her than her own!

She is experiencing one of her most intense days ever. A lifetime of preparations are finally going to come to fruition on the day of her daughter’s nuptials.

The mother of the bride is the one who carefully prepares her daughter for the wedding by dressing her from head to toe, planning her appearance, choosing her jewels, and choosing her makeup, only to give her away at the end of the day!

On the day of her daughter’s wedding, the mother of the bride is undoubtedly the most significant and impacted party.

A mother begins making preparations for her daughter’s destiny the moment the child is born. Watching her daughter embark on a new life is not only a significant event but also a very emotional one.

It is a day filled with waves of feelings for the mother of the bride, both joyful and sad.

Her daughter starting her own family makes her joyful, she says. She is also devastated by the void in her own home and concerned for her daughter’s safety.

The bride’s mother frequently totally disregards the significance of her own attire while planning her daughter’s wedding in the midst of her extremely hectic timetable.

The bride’s mother must maintain a youthful appearance despite her hectic schedule and mental ups and downs. After all, it’s also her day!

Why should the mother of the bride prepare perfectly for the wedding?

Let’s be honest about it! By paying the expenses, Indian dads complete their responsibilities. Thus, the mother of the girl is the wedding’s actual presenter. She is the one who recalls and recognises the distant relations, third cousins, and haphazard neighbours.

She is responsible for greeting everyone, engaging in conversation, finding out if they’ve dined adequately, etc. At the wedding location, everyone is excited to meet the bride’s mother. As a result, she should prepare by dressing appropriately.

In the chaos of the wedding days, among the variety of family members and acquaintances, the bride’s mother is the true ruler. She makes all the choices, including the type of flowers to be displayed at the location and the food. She must therefore project importance!

And for those fiery mothers, make sure that every visitor says something to the effect of “your daughter looks as beautiful as you” or “your daughter has inherited her beauty from you.” As a result, you must also appear beautiful!

When selecting an outfit for her daughter’s wedding, Indian moms often emphasise the “elegance” or “grace” component. Although this is an excellent place to begin, there are a few points to bear in mind:

  1. Being eccentric and thinking outside the box are two different things! Throw out the notion that you can only wear a Kanjivaram or a Benarasi sari to your daughter’s wedding. Continue reading to learn about a variety of other sari choices that are not conventional but personify grace and beauty.
  2. It’s a misconception that you must wear bright colours because you’re about to become a mother-in-law. Look for colours that make your skin appear healthier and livelier rather than haphazardly choosing lighter hues. Women’s epidermis loses its shine as they get older. It can be revived by wearing specific colours. Try on various colours as you choose your attire to determine which ones look best on you. However, you should completely disregard the colour your girl is sporting.
  3. Experimenting with contemporary styles or fusion clothing is not a good plan! On the wedding day, the bride’s mother is supposed to appear dignified and elegant. Make careful to pick cautious cuts, then. Select a usually Indian costume and add a touch of your unique personal style to it.
  4. When choosing your dress, make sure it differs significantly from whatever your daughter is wearing to her wedding. It gives off the wrong image.
  5. Regardless of your particular taste, avoid black and white on your daughter’s wedding day. In Indian culture, wearing black is thought to bring bad luck, and wearing white could make you appear stodgy and elderly. Choose something like a maroon or a deep blue if you adore black. Choosing a pale colour such as blush pink, peach, pista-green, etc., if you feel most relaxed in white, is a good idea.
  6. Avoid adding too many heavy accents to your ensemble. “Less is more” in terms of beauty.  Additionally, today is your daughter’s engagement day. So, you shouldn’t dress too flashily in comparison to her.

At a traditional Indian ceremony, everyone is expected to attire appropriately. It is beyond the control of the bride’s mother! We believe that donning a sari, lehenga, or salwar suit is the most appropriate attire for the bride’s mother.

So today we’ll offer you choices and ideas based on these three outfit categories so you can put together your own outfit for your daughter’s wedding.

15 best ideas for mother-of-the-bride attire in Indian fashion

Keep in mind the times your daughter searched through your closet to find the sari she would don for her college goodbye! Alternatively, think back to your mother’s masterwork sarees, which are now family heirlooms.

The sari is an iconic piece of Indian clothing that tells tales. Everyone of us loves to treasure a “saree memory.” On the day of your daughter’s wedding, wearing a saree will be an homage to those beautiful memories.

Pick the cloth over the decorations when choosing a saree. Be sure to uphold the saree’s enduring customs and aesthetic standards. The following choices are available to you:

1.Gold Kanjivaram

Never settle for anything less than an authentic variation of Indian handloom silk when purchasing the sari you’ll wear to your daughter’s wedding.

The sheen of pure silk zari can mesmerise on the wedding day, but handloom cotton sarees, chiffons, etc. look nice at pre-wedding events. And the Kanjivaram sari is the first item that springs to mind when silk is mentioned.

Try to draw inspiration from Rekha’s fashion choices at significant award ceremonies. Wear a gold or beige Kanjivaram and rely on your hereditary gold artificial jewellery for accents.

2.A Bright Patola

Choose a patola if you enjoy wearing vibrant colours. What makes a patola saree attractive are the intricate patterns, always in multiple colors, on rich silk fabric. This beauty is unique in its kind.

To give the saree a fresh look, you can request that your designer add some embroidery to the edges. Select yours carefully.

3.Bengal tussar

One of the customary clothing items that has not altered over the years is the Bengal Tussar Silk, also known as “Garad”.

The red and white Tussar saree is regarded as lucky in Bengali culture and is worn by women during bridal ceremonies or pujas.

If you’re not Bengali, you can still pull this style off! You will reach a new level of refinement thanks to the Tussar fabric’s sheer richness and the crimson border’s lustre.

If you prefer not to use the white and scarlet combo, the Bengal Tussar is also available in other colours.

4.A Muga from Assam

Muga, a unique style of Tussar cloth made only in Assam, is used in pure Assamese Muga Sarees.

The Muga fabric has a subtle, natural golden-beige gloss to it. Its radiance and shine are distinctive in their own right; they are not overly brilliant but are nonetheless recognisable.

Given that it avoids using too many colours but still looks stylish, this is the perfect option for a bride’s mother.

The Assamese Muga Saree is a symbol of status as well. Because it is a rare commodity, it is exclusive. Also available are coloured Muga sarees. These also appear to be very stylish and vibrant.

5.An Unusual Benarasi

Among Indian ladies of all ages, a Benarasi saree is the most popular bridal attire.

It is undoubtedly a secure decision for you, but we advise that you make a different option. To have a Benarasi saree made specifically for you in unusual hues, ask your stylist, artist, or fashion adviser.

Avoid the traditional reds, maroons, and blues and opt instead for colours like pink, apricot, pista green, lavender, etc.


If you are from North India, you must wear a saree on your daughter’s wedding day and cannot settle in any other way.

A saree, however, might be a touch too garish on you after a certain age.

If you must wear a lehenga and are fearing it because you are unsure of how to arrange it, continue reading. Right now, we’ll present you with some options for saree outfits.

7.Rose-colored and blush-colored lehenga

If you’re the mother of the bride and you’re thinking about what colour your lehenga should be, we advise choosing rose pink because it’s neither drab nor refined. Older women appear best in lehengas with light, vibrant colours.

8.Purple and silver Lehenga

Lavender is an additional gorgeous hue. Anyone will look good wearing lavender because it transcends age and gender.

Silver embroidery is the best choice to go with the purple cloth of your lehenga.

9.Blue Lehenga in Pastel with Floral Patterns

Another fashionable yet exquisite hue, pastel blue, has a very attractive appearance when combined with floral designs.

The patterns can be in any complementary hue or colors, such as matte red, pink, or peach. Make sure the patterns aren’t too big, though.

10.Light-colored lehenga and contrast-colored blouse

Consider wearing a pastel-colored lehenga with a shirt in a vibrant contrast colour if you feel that pastel tones on you are too dull but you are unable to wear very bright hues.

You could pair a light yellow lehenga with a red blouse or a sky blue lehenga with a vibrant green blouse, for instance.

11.Jacket and Lehengas

We have a fantastic choice for you if you enjoy trying new things that will make you appear both elegant and daring. Replace the dupatta with a longline traditional jacket and flaunt your daughter’s nuptials in a lehenga.

12.Saffron Suit

The salwar kameez or salwar suit is the perfect wedding attire according to some Indian groups’ traditions.

A salwar kameez is a very convenient ensemble to wear. You can think about the alternatives listed below.

13.Suit up like Sharara

A punjabi suit’s bottom wear determines how casual it will appear. So, we advise you to dress to impress by donning a flowing sharara

14.Salwar Suit with Skirt

Pairing your kurta with a lehenga skirt is another original salwar suit online variant that matches the opulence of donning a lehenga.

15.Pakistani Salwar Suit

  • A salwar outfit is required even though you wanted to wear a Benarasi sari. Spend extra time on the dupatta and have your salwar suit crafted from beautiful Benarasi fabrics.
  • The woman is the centre of attention at Indian nuptials because of the way they are set up.
  • The bride’s mother, however, simply cannot escape the need to look good. There is no justification for this, and women themselves should assist their mothers in selecting the appropriate attire. It’s a significant day for the bride’s mother as well!
  • It can be difficult to choose the perfect attire for the bride’s mother, but assistance is readily available. Do seek the advice of a stylist or artist for the project, and if you’re unable to do that, we can still assist!
  • We can help the mother of the bride with fully customising or personalising her attire. She will receive assistance from our legion of artists, artisans, and stylists. All she has to do is sign up with.
  • Simply get in touch with us and let us know what you need, and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Which outfit, in your opinion, would you want your mother to wear on the day of your wedding?

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