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Important Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing The Property

Investment in Gambia real estate is one of the most profitable investments of the moment as long as you pick the appropriate property.

A bad property investment choice can have an impact on your financial wellbeing since a significant quantity of capital is invested in the construction of this asset. It is therefore essential to be vigilant at each step of your buying experience.

To aid you with this process, we’ve compiled an extensive home purchase checklist that you must keep in mind prior to buying the property.

We also have provided an inventory of the legal documents that are required to purchase a property to assist you in getting through the procedure. We will go over the list to learn more.

A Complete Checklist To Buy An House

There are a variety of aspects that must be taken into consideration when buying a home. Below is a mecidiyeköy escort comprehensive homeowner checklist that lists the essential factors to consider in order in order to make a sound purchase decision.

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1. Create An Amount For A Budget

One of the first items to check off before purchasing the real estate companies in Gambia is your budget. It is the first step to any major investment and should be planned with care.

First, take notes of all your expenses as well as sources of income to calculate the amount you’re likely to receive every month after paying for all the necessary expenses to live comfortably.

Also, look over your investments and savings to figure out the amount you’re able to afford for a down payment. Determine your budget based on your needs.

2. Organise The Finances

If you’re looking to purchase a plot, or an individual house, the down payment will be enormous. They advised to budget the funds prior to starting the hunt for property to make sure that you’re on the right path.

It is much easier to secure a loan to purchase an apartment, however lots of paperwork and other formalities are need during the procedure.

Advise to talk to an expert in loan lending to gain a clear understanding about the loan you qualify for, the amount of interest, as well as the necessary property documentation checklist. This will allow you to determine whether you’ll be able manage the monthly instalment with ease or not.

3. Select The Location

Selecting the best location for your home is the next item on the home buying checklist. Homes in certain areas prove to be more profitable over time, as they increase in value at a rapid rate.

But, certain locations are not as developed so the value of buying property in Gambia is largely stagnant. The amount of rent earned also depends on the area.

Finding a house in a well-developed location isn’t easy for many. It is therefore wise to select the best choice – one that will likely to flourish for a short time or even a year or two later. You should conduct an exhaustive check and evaluate the potential for growth prior to making a decision to invest.

4. Construction Quality

If you’re purchasing an independent builder’s apartment or one that is part of a residential society it is vital to determine the construction quality.

A lot of builders construct homes that look nice on the outside, but the material employed in their construction is not the best. Avoid such homes.

5. Water And Power Supply

A lavish, well equipped home won’t provide satisfaction if there’s the shortage of water and frequent power interruptions within the area. This is a major inconvenience particularly if you opt to reside in an apartment that is not your own.

It’s because you won’t receive power again and inverters can’t take on the load for extended periods of time. Therefore one of the primary things to examine is the water and power supply within the region.

6. Need For Furnishing/Renovation And The Cost Involved

If the house requires remodelling or furnishing is another factor that to be include on your list before purchasing a house. Some apartments are semi-furnish, and a few have be fully.

The price of these flats could be more expensive than raw flats but investing in a property like this will help you save time and effort, as well as cash spent dealing with labourers, contractors and architects.

7. Parking Facility And Other Amenities

In the process of selecting the right house, it is important to determine the parking space availability. If you choose to purchase the apartment of a community that is residential, then parking facilities are usually include as part of the agreement.

You can, however, decide to purchase an additional parking space, based on your needs and budget. If, however, you are looking to buy an independent home, then you must take a close review of the parking spaces prior to finalising the purchase.

8. Traffic Situation

The situation of traffic within and around your area in peak times is important to take into careful consideration. If you plan to reside in the house or lease it out, weighing this is crucial.

9. Builder Reputation

Unfortunately, there are a lot of builders who give false assurances. Some of them don’t deliver their invest in Gambia on time and some don’t cooperate in complete property documentation; other builders do not provide good quality construction or even a good quality building.

It is therefore essential to conduct an exhaustive background check in order to find out the reputation of the builder before signing the contract. It is always recommend to choose the builder with a good reputation in the marketplace.

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Image Source: Swami India International Limited Gambia

10. Registration Process And Stamp Duty

If you are thinking that you must gather funds to purchase the property, here’s an answer. You must pay registration fees and stamp duty, too.

A substantial sum must be paid to register the Gambia real estate along with stamp duty. Learn how much you’ll have to pay, based on the area and the property you plan to purchase. This should be an integral part of your checklist for buying a home.

11. Additional Costs Related

It is recommend to get help from a professional in the event of buying a house. This can help reduce the stress and can also cut down on time.

But, you must make a significant payment towards the agent or agency. There is also the possibility of paying money to home inspectors, lawyers, notaries, and various other experts.

This must be take into consideration. If you’re planning to purchase an independent apartment, you could have to pay for security services too. Additionally, property tax has to be pay each year.

12. Legal Guidance

Because buying a Gambia property for sale carries significant costs and also the risk of loss, it is essential to seek out legal advice in this area.

You should be aware of the legal and legal requirements necessary for purchasing property in order to make sure you go through an easy procedure and avoid any problems in the future.

13. Tax Planning

Tax benefits for your home loan but it is crucial to be aware of the terms and conditions applicable in order to get the most benefit from this benefit.

14. Review the Resale Value

Another important thing to consider on the checklist to buy an apartment. Pay particular focus on the resale price in the event that you purchase the property as an investment instead of residing in it, and intend to sell it in the near future or later.

15. Property Insurance

It is recommend to purchase insurance for your home so that you can have an insurance policy to draw upon in the event of any kind of loss.

You can find a range of policies for home insurance from various financial institutions and banks. It is important to know the formalities before buying the home.


After weighing all of the points above, you’ve finally chosen to buy a home. The next step is to decide if it’s a commercial one or a residence, you will be require to submit a variety of documents.

It is best to know the documentation require prior to signing the contract to ensure that there is no possibility of becoming stuck when you are do with the transaction. We are as much responsible for the maintenance of a healthy and green environment as we are for enhancing it with newer projects. Very few companies in the Gambia real estate market do that.

Ours is a renowned name in the Gambia real estate market. We build homes to nurture timeless moments, design landmarks to evoke pride and nostalgia, safeguard environments to make them everlasting, and strengthen communities to inspire better living because that’s how you create a world that celebrates life.

The real estate property Gambia market is a booming one. So if you are a professional investor or someone looking to buy property in Gambia we have multiple projects, so you can choose your dream holiday home to spend your holiday times.

The properties we build are more than just fantastic homes. We believe in developing flourishing communities around them. The Gambia has emerged as a favourable market for real estate investors. There are several reasons for its increasing popularity.

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