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Inbound marketing in the healthcare sector

In the age of mass digitization, an effective healthcare marketing strategy is the key to educating, retaining, engaging, and motivating patients – potential, existing, and new. In particular, and we will see in this article, the success of a brand’s communication initiatives in such a complex context inevitably depends on the success of a specially designed inbound marketing plan in the healthcare sector.

Inbound marketing in the healthcare sector succeeds in providing immediately actionable answers to very articulated needs.

  1. It supports the radical rethinking of the model of care that digital transformation makes possible.
  2. It fully grasps the specificity of its target. Inbound marketing in the healthcare sector makes it possible to enhance the relationship with this hybrid consumer: it tackles the micro-moments of the funnel, avoiding focusing exclusively on conversions and sales, but enriches the “client-patient” journey with content dedicated to increasing his acquaintance.
  3. In its best version, it translates the concept of “centrality of the patient” into concrete initiatives through the research and distribution of correct, transparent, personalized information and the commitment to implementing interactive functions capable of facilitating access. To services and activate a real brand-user dialogue.

On the one hand, inbound marketing in the healthcare sector can contribute decisively to increasing knowledge, autonomy, and patient awareness. Before delving into the role of inbound marketing in the healthcare sector, let’s describe the arena in which different players face each other to quickly convince future and existing patients.

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Extremely vital industry and market: a few numbers

Suppose the global healthcare industry – comprised of thousands of companies, medical practices, nonprofits, universities, and government organizations – was worth nearly $ 8.5 trillion in 2018. In that case, it will exceed $ 10 trillion by the end of 2022. (source:

The growth prospects are enormous.

We are reaching the target audience: where to start?

Companies often implement strategies from search engines (especially Google) and social networks.

  • Seventy thousand searches per minute on the Internet concern Healthcare (7% on Google).
  • About 77% of people use search engines to start a treatment path (source: Milestone). And this makes them, at this stage of the funnel, the most used, most influential, and most engaging channels.
  • According to a recent healthcare social media marketing, users use at least one social platform to access health-related information or support their decision-making. Notably, 97% of respondents use Facebook to connect with others who share similar situations and explore new products or services.
  • As of 2021, 79% of users are turning to social media to answer specific questions related to personal health. Many conversations occur in private groups or with other patients.

How to gain visibility and build valuable relationships with patients?

And that intercepting potential patients means, first of all, for organizations, directing traffic to their sites or social channels.

The question we must ask ourselves at this point is: how is an effective inbound strategy structured? The answer points towards content.

Inbound marketing in the healthcare sector: the power of personalized and interactive content

Inbound marketing in the healthcare sector only unfolds its full power if it can count on a careful and calibrated content strategy.

  • of the individual patient-consumer, not only the personal or demographic profile but habits, behaviors, and preferences;
  • of the company itself, with its system of values ​​and its objectives;
  • Of the sector in general (competitors, dynamics, cultural and technological innovations).

This information must be selected, organized, and analyzed to produce useful insights to make the best decisions.

Inbound Marketing in Healthcare

By now, we should have guessed that trust allows players in the Healthcare sector to achieve their business objectives. Without trust, there is no growth.

Even with a diverse range of organizations, inbound marketing in the healthcare sector offers one of the most effective and efficient approaches to creating connections, cementing relationships, and growing the business. So what are the most powerful and flexible inbound tools available to companies? Let’s see them together.

A new way to interact with your company

In sectors related to the provision of continuous services, such as Healthcare, the points of contact with customers are often restricted to consulting reports, estimates for the services to be provided, to calendars for any bookings.

A product dedicated to producing and distributing personalized micro-sites that presents the individual patient with interactive and highly personalized web content capable of supporting their multi-channel journey.

The publication of the results of tests and exams or the suggestion of informative brochures on products or treatments become web experiences that facilitate the exploration and understanding of the contents thanks to interactive graphics, expandable tables, filters, and sorting.

Create involvement through the personalized story

Personalized videos help at this stage because they attract the target audience’s attention much more than other types of content.

  • In-depth pop-ups.
  • Links to data collection landing pages.
  • Call-to-action allows you to complete a purchase, make a purchase, or make a payment.

Inbound marketing in the healthcare sector finds in the products of the healthcare sector interactive experience line some excellent tools to enhance the patient experience.

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