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iOS 15 new updates and features

 As everyone knows, Apple always comes with new and recent updates to meet its user demand and overcome all the hacking, tracking your iOS device, and security breaches. And if you have iPhone 6S or the new one, then your device will be able to handle iOS 15. To enjoy the iOS 15 new updates and features, install iOS 15 without any delay.

What is iOS?

iOS mobile operating system was developed by Apple Inc. iOS is the world’s second most downloaded operating system. iOS is the operating system for all Apple’s mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, iPod touch devices, excluding MAC. As of 2019, iPad’s operating system is called iPadOS. 

Originally Apple’s operating system was known as iPhone OS, but with the release of iOS 4 in June, it changed its name to iOS. iOS is different from other operating systems as iOS keep each application in its protective shell. It is almost impossible for viruses to infect apps on iOS. You can find iOS applications on the App Store.

Unlike Android, which was designed for smartphones of all companies, iOS is designed for Apple iPhones and iPads.

List of iOS new updates and features

ios 15

Introduced in July 2021, Apple’s operating system, iOS 15, was released on September 20, 2021. iOS 15 comes with great new updates and features. iOS 15 new updates and features help you to:

  •  Focus more by reducing distractions.
  •  Explore the world by using Maps, and weather
  • Connect with people and do everything that you have never done before with your iPhone.

The iOS feature list is included below:

Improved FaceTime

The new update of iOS comes with the new function for FaceTime. New features like Spatial Audio Support, Portrait mode for videos, FaceTime link, Grid view for videos, and most exciting SharePlay service included in FaceTime updates make it more competitive with video conferencing applications, Zoom and Google Meet.

Grid View

With the feature Grid View, you can communicate more appropriately as it shows people on the call in the same size. The person who is talking will be automatically highlighted. It is beneficial to have better communication when you are on a group call.


You can share media and watch your favorite series movies together during FaceTime though you were far away. So that new update of iOS brings you and your close one together. Also, you can share applications and web pages using FaceTime. Moreover, if you want to watch on a bigger display, the screenplay allows you to display the shared video on FaceTime to your Apple TV.

SharePlay can work with third-party applications and streaming services using an API available to developers.

Spatial Audio Support

With new updates, the voice on video calls sounds as you all are in the same room. The microphone has two new options: “Voice Isolation” and “Wide Spectrum”. The two options filter background noise to provide the user with better sound quality while communicating.


The newly introduced feature of iOS, Focus, helps users reduce distraction as users can filter the notification and application based on their needs. Using Focus, the device can also be organized into several categories, including Work, Home, Sleep, etc. And depending upon categories, users can set which contacts and applications can pop up on their screen.

Improved Messages and Memoji

Any message that appears on your phone will now come in the “Shared with you” section. Also, any message that you want can be pinned, which will be on the top of the Shared with You section. You can send audio, music, Apple podcasts, save images through messages. And for Memoji, you can now select the outfits, change the eye color, and glasses to make them more expressive. You can change the style and look of your memoji.

Live Text

With the Live Text feature, you can copy-paste, translate and look up essential and knowledgeable text from images. It is one of the most fantastic features available in iOS 15.

Improved Safari

iOS new updates and features bring a completely new design to Safari. You can move between tabs by swiping right or left on the address bar, and if you desire to see all the tabs, then just by swiping up, you can do so. And for the first time, Safari has a customizable start page and mobile web extension. Controls are now on the bottom of the screen, which helps you to use Safari with one hand.

To refresh your web page pull down from the top of the page. In addition to that, you can search on the web through voice.

The latest version of the iOS, released on January 26, 2022, is iOS 15.3. The update fixes the safari bugs, which can leak the browsing activity.

Improved notification

You can now mute the notification of any application temporarily. You can add photos for the contact list and enlarge the icons of apps to make it easier for you to identify and decide if it is important for you or not.

 The notification will be collected by notification summary, and it can be delivered at the appropriate time. You can arrange the notification according to the priority that helps to reduce distraction. This improved notification will help you focus on your work without any disturbance.

Improved Photos

The photo app comes with OCR for recognizing text. This feature uses AI to detect text images. Now it is also possible to view your photos from Spotlight. According to the picture on Memories, you can add music to it from the Apple Music library, but only if you have a subscription to the music service. You can also edit all the content from Memories and have interactive memories look.

Improved Wallet

With an Apple wallet, you don’t need a physical wallet, and you can add the keys for work, home, and even hotels in the Wallet app. This year Apple’s Wallet will come with a new feature through which user can add their state ID or driving license to their wallet for customers of the U.S. 

Improved Maps

By using the updated iOS feature Maps, users can explore the world. Apple’s map has more detailed information about the commercial districts, buildings, crosswalks in iOS 15. There is a custom design for landmarks. User can pin their favorite route, and when they are near their destination, it will notify the time of disembarking. The new dedicated map helps you see the current traffic condition and incident just at a glance.

More privacy controls

New privacy features were introduced in iOS 15. Mail privacy protection disables the sender to know whether the sent mail was opened or not. Also, the sender can’t detect the receiver’s IP address. In addition, users can now see the App Report view, which shows how many times applications use the permission they have granted. For more privacy and security, you can turn on the 2FA (two-factor authentication) on your iPhone and turn it off whenever you want.

Also, the applications, Weather, Notes, Siri, Find My, Translate, Health, and so on, come with new updates.

Closing Thoughts

Apple never comprises on its services. Every update comes with a new and advanced feature that makes its operating system better than before.

iOS 15 new updates and features make your iPhone safer and easier to use. That’s why if you have not still updated your iOS, do it now.

Note: You will need an iPhone XS or newer to access features such as Live Text, Portrait mode on FaceTime, and Spatial audio.

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