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Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat to the Future of Website Development?

Website Development is impossible to talk about AI without talking about automation. We began to envision a society in which everything was automated from the moment we first thought of the robot idea. The Czech word “robot” is derived from the Czech robot, which means forced labor. Even today, Slavic countries use similar words to describe ‘work’ and ‘jobs’.

Would you believe that artificial intelligence (AI), was invented long before the first robot in the world? Unimate, an industrial robot, began its work on a General Motors manufacturing line in 1961. However, AI’s evolution began in the 1950s.

Much of this work was done by Alan Turing, an English mathematician who is famously credited with breaking down the German Enigma Machine in WW2. This achievement ultimately led to the creation of the computer.

What is Artificial Intelligence and how can it be used in Web Development?

Let’s now return to the present. Many businesses are using AI to improve their profitability or discover new ways of doing business. Artificial intelligence is slowly making its way into many more business areas, including chatbots, personal assistants, and forecasting tools.

It is natural to wonder what computer systems can do for humans. This includes jobs that require visual perception and speech recognition. To lower costs, a growing number of companies are hiring web developers from overseas who use AI technology.

These are just a few of the many ways that AI has been used in website development.

Producing Content

Publishing new content year after year can be difficult. Some companies prefer AI-generated content. This is content that uses machine-learning algorithms to create the appropriate content. This is not just for text but also images and video.

Natural language generation (NLG), which AI programs use to create writing that looks very similar to what is written by humans, is what artificial intelligence uses to generate AI programs. While you will see many AI blogging tools, you can also use the same technology to create business reports, customer predictions, or unique product recommendations.

Analysis of Customers

Ask any website development company, and they will tell you that understanding your customer’s preferences, characteristics and intent is crucial to any online business’ success. A proper SEO strategy must provide a relevant experience to your customers.

Companies use AI systems to analyze large amounts of data about their digital clients. This includes information such as geographical location, purchase history, anticipated needs, and site entry route. AI systems can help you interpret information quickly.

Automating repetitive tasks

Robots can be used to automate monotonous tasks. This is the basic idea behind automation. It’s not surprising that AI technology saves website developers a lot of time by handling repetitive tasks. While humans can get bored and make mistakes, AI technology allows you to achieve consistent quality in simple tasks. This is even true for some areas of coding. AI systems can be used by website developers to make their work more efficient and eliminate human error wherever possible.

Artificial Intelligence to Take Over Web Development World

Artificial intelligence systems allow web developers to perform certain tasks more quickly and with greater accuracy. Despite this, artificial intelligence has many limitations.

Website development and AI are intertwined. Yet, the fear that this technology could replace entire website development companies is ridiculous.

Insufficient Creativity

Although AI systems can mimic original thought, creativity is still a human task. Someone still needs to edit AI-generated content in the real world and someone still must approve the computer programs’ decisions.

This fundamental lack of imagination is why we should not consider AI systems as a substitute for creative website development tasks. Instead, they should be seen as an extension of our creative process.

No Human Touch

AI is a remarkable achievement in a short time. However, it’s all due to human ingenuity. There is a widespread belief that artificial intelligence cannot achieve humankind. You’ll likely feel the same way if you use an automated chatbot. While an AI chatbot may work well for most common questions, it quickly becomes unreliable when additional thought is needed.

This goes beyond chatbots. AI is unable to respond to genuine emotions, making a lot of AI-generated content seem alien. You need to feel human in website development if you want to make visitors feel at ease. AI is far too impractical.

Privacy concerns

AI technology can be valuable for customer analysis but it also poses a privacy risk. These tools are usually external so integrating them on your site can pose serious security risks. Although the term “machine learning” seems harmless, where are those lessons? AI needs data, yours, mine, as well as everyone else’s.

Data spillover is the collection of data on people not part of the target audience. There are also data repurposing which is the practice of using data beyond its intended purpose. Artificially intelligent machines are designed to eat as much private information as possible.

Future Web Development: The “Threat” of AI

As you can see, fully automated website development is a reality. While AI does reduce the time and labor required for a large number of site design and SEO tasks, it is not going to be the end of all website development.

AI programs don’t pose a threat to web developers if they lack the creativity to think creatively. They also don’t threaten jobs as content writers, graphic designers, and digital marketers. If you are in dire need of such services, don’t forget about AI programs and visit ARTOON, India web designers with a human touch!

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