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Jason jacket is the perfect Halloween costume

Leather Jacket

The Jacket of Jason is the perfect Halloween costume for teenagers; the Jacket has been linked with the killer Jason from Friday the 13. The horror movie has inspired teenagers, thus opting for the tattered Jason jacket to implement a serial killer look. The Jacket that Jason wore in the movie was made of burlap. However, brands have come up with various designs, making the movie’s character stand out.

Jason, from Friday the 13, was a murderer with a mask who never talked but avenged his mother’s death and killed anyone who tried to reopen the camp, which his mother didn’t want to be opened. Though through the movie series, Jason never wore a jacket. However, in the tenth movie, producers played with his costume a bit, giving him a scary look with the torn and tattered Jacket made of burlap.

How brands played with the Jacket.

Brands played around with the Jacket by making it an icon, developing various kinds to get the look that would attract customers as Jason became an iconic figure. Naked and famous took out a denim jacket along with denim jeans. The denim jacket is a classic one, perfectly made to fit in the chest and arms. It consists of two slash pockets in the front, two very large pockets inside, and chest pockets. Thus giving a dangerous yet smart look to Jason’s character.

The Jason look is a little more given with the denim jeans; they are heavy. Therefore being made from 21oz, Selvage denim gives an impact of Jason’s weight. It has a tint of red representing blood and how bloody and vain Jason’s history is. After the game Mortal Kombat, brands have given even more value to Jason Jacket. Thus making hoodies of the character. Amazon is flooded with various types of hoodies and shirts, all relating to the character Jason who wore a mask and killed innocent people.

The Game Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat main installment brought with it a significant change of Jason’s look. His look and outfit are pretty threatening. Therefore, giving strong and dangerous vibes as Jason jacket real version has been created for fans worldwide. This is the reason why it is so appealing to fans, with brown shades and a neat leather look. Therefore giving Jason an impressive look, making the character stand out, seeing how impressive and authoritative Jason looks.

The linkage between the Jacket and Jason is with the number of pockets. Two pockets are in the front, with four other flapped pockets. Jason’s Jacket in the Mortal Kombat game also includes a zipper to close the front. The Jacket sleeves are fitted and long, thus providing a professional look, and the collar has a shirt-type look, which appeals to the public even more.

Fans crave the Jason look and theme.

Fans have gone wild with the Jason look, from jackets to having a Jason-inspired room theme. Thus forgetting that Jason was a killer in Friday the 13th movie. Therefore being portrayed in a negative role gives negative vibes. As the obsession with Jason increases, fans start getting Friday the 13th tattoos, rugs, as well as Jason-inspired graduation photo booths and birthday cakes. Thus being proud and looking for more objects where the Jason look could be involved.

Sketches of Jason have been posted, and comparisons have even been made with Jason vs Freddy Krueger. Freddy is another mortal Kombat character. However, fans are so involved with Jason and Friday the 13th. Therefore, they do not realize the effect it plays on individuals. A fan-made movie was produced; its plot was that a fan dressed up as Jason and killed the entire cast. The popularity of Jason is already taking a go on fans. Thus it will result in numerous murders, just like the blue whale game skyrocketed the amount of suicide.

Lil baby supporting a Jason jacket-inspired look.

In Lil baby’s new music video, Lil baby wore a Jason-inspired puffer jacket look. The Jacket has a detachable hood with three pockets and a zip pocket. It has a zipped interior for closure, and press down button for button in the button. The puffer jacket gives a very smart Jason look, thus changing Jason’s personality and portraying Jason in a positive limelight.

With the help of a famous rapper supporting Jason’s look and his character. Jason’s actual characteristics will never be visible to fans. Since Lil baby faced prison, the Jason look that was worn would have been a linkage between Lil baby and Jason as Jason went to prison as well. However, after Lil baby wore the Jason Jacket look, brands are now producing this look.

The Moncler Jason Jacket look contains a Navy blue fathered hood, long sleeves, two front pockets, along with zip press studs fastening. Thus pretty similar to the look Lil baby supported. However, Lil baby Jacket cost around $7500. Therefore getting negative reviews, as fans considered it a waste of money, and how brands are selling the Jacket for an extremely high price which isn’t worth it. The Jacket comes in a wide variety of colors, from orange to black. Thus being unisex, though the target market is men more.

The Jacket Features Jason’s Personality.

A great actor whose clothing attire is highest in demand is Jason Statham. He thrives on developing a Jason personality since it’s thrilling. Therefore Jason Statham, black leather jacket is almost a complete replica of the original Jason Jacket. It contains a zipper for closure, long sleeves, and a waist pocket. Thus giving a simple yet sophisticated look. The fact that it’s made of high-quality leather and the color black ensures it can be worn at formal events, thus giving the wearer a demanding personality.

All the new versions of the Jacket are the complete opposite of what the original is. Since the original one wasn’t made of leather, thus giving a torn and tattered look. The original version can only be seen as a Halloween costume. Bikers are keener to support the Jason Jacket look, as the Jacket is a symbol of power, range, speed, and strength.

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