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Know Simple Tricks To Quickly Book Online Food Order In Train

Food Delivery in Train

The train traveling is liked by everyone. Almost every individual prefers train traveling over any other mode of transportation. Train traveling becomes more comfortable after Online Food Order In Train is introduced by the Indian railways. Now no one has to take extra luggage or food with them. Now the passengers don’t have to worry about the food while traveling. They can now enjoy different dishes from top restaurants while sitting in their seats.

Now they also don’t have to compromise with their food taste and food choice they can order what they want to eat. Railways have a vast variety of food options. It also has food according to different people’s preferences. The Jain can order Jain food also in the train while traveling. The restaurant also has approval from the food safety department. That means you get served healthy and hygienic food with proper safety and measurements.

Fast Food Order By Train By A PantryCar:

The supper fast food you will receive is through the pantry car of the train. But this food is not as good as online food in a train that gives you a lot of options. The pantry food is also unhygienic and is made according to the preference of the cook. That means you also have to compromise with your choice along with the taste. The food in the pantry car is served in unhygienic and unclean utensils. You will almost get no variety in the vegetables, and dal. The salad is also not fresh.

So eating food from the pantry car is just risking your health. I would recommend you to go for online food options where you can order food of your choice and also food is made with proper safety and hygiene. Moreover, you will also receive food on your seat that is too hot and fresh.

How You Can Order Food Online Quickly From The Website:

To Online Food Order In Train from a website. Go to Google and type yeh website name over there. Then the website page will display your option like PNR number or train number. Fill in your 10-digit PNR number or train number the website will confirm your details. After that, you have to select the restaurant and delivery station where you want your food to be delivered. Then the menu bar with the price will display many dishes. From there you have to select your required dish.

You will then see payment options, pay online or pay on delivery. Select it accordingly and you will now receive messages that your order is confirmed. Wait for your delivery station. Then at your delivery station, you will receive your order on time. This is how you can enjoy food with quick delivery.

Order Food Through A Mobile App:

 This is another quick and easy method to Order Food Online in Train while traveling. Download the app from the Play Store then open the app.

Fill in your basic details.

Then fill in your ten-digit PNR number or train number.

After that select your delivery station and restaurant from where you want to order food.

Passengers then have to select the food item from the menu.

Now the payment screen will be open from where you can pay online or can also choose COD.

Travelers then revise the confirmation message regarding their order.

If the order is successful place then just sit on your seat and wait for your order.

This is how you can enjoy tasty and healthy food with the help of an app. The app will also track your train and if the train gets late then they will also contact you to continue with the order or not.

Quick Delivery Of Food By Phone Call Or SMS:

sometimes the train travels through such stations where your internet may not work. Then the question arises of how to online food order in train during such a situation. Here is the solution you can then place an order by phone call or SMS. You simply have to dial their no through your phone. Then you will be assist by some people from the opposite side. They will then ask you for some basic details and your PNR number. Then they will confirm your PNR number after that they will ask you about the delivery station where you want your food to be delivered and then the food item that you want. After all this, they will confirm the order. You have to just relax and wait for your order.

Same with the text message. You have to send your PNR number and your delivery station with the food item. You will receive a back massage that will confirm or unconfirmed your order. If the order confirmation is there then just sit and wait for your order.

This facility has just made the food service so easy for the passenger and also a lot of food options can satisfy each and every passenger on the train. The passenger can now book food according to their culture, taste, and preference. Health-conscious people can also order food now while traveling.

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