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Learn how to send an automatic message on Instagram Direct

What is Instagram Auto Direct?

Due to its growing growth and popularity, Instagram is adding new features that will have its users forever. If you have a reputable business on Instagram, then surely your number of direct messages is high and you do not have enough time to respond to all your direct messages.

As a result, you can use the auto-direct feature. By activating this feature, you can answer all your direct messages. Stay tuned we’ll give you more details about Instagram most people are worried about the matter of what are the trusted sites for buying followers and they never buy followers from cheap sites but in this article, you can know what are the top-ranked sites in Australia where you can Get real Instagram Followers and boost your pages because good brands and business owners buy Instagram services from us.

What is Instagram Auto Direct?

Instagram users are looking to be able to do less work on Instagram; In the past, due to the limitations of Instagram, Instagram users had to be very active to improve their page, which was a big problem for users who had large businesses and, of course, time constraints.

One of these Instagram features that was able to attract more virtual users is Instagram Direct. As you know most customers are direct to you and you need to be prepared to respond. If you use Instagram Auto Direct, you can double your interaction with customers, and also your interaction will increase your sales.

Why should we use automatic direct on Instagram?

At the moment, if you do not interact much with your customers, you will certainly not have many sales. One of the things you need to pay attention to is the timely response from customers. As you know, most customers ask you the same questions. You can write direct messages in the section that we will tell you. If customers ask questions, you can immediately go to the automatic direct section and send them directions to them.

This feature has many advantages. Then join us to express the benefits of this feature for your dear ones.

Benefits of using Instagram auto-direct feature

Instagram capabilities always have many benefits. If you can use these capabilities well, you will surely become a successful business owner.

Time optimization with automatic Instagram direct

Instagram has more than 2 billion visitors, and if it cannot meet the needs of these users, it will surely face a decrease in followers over time.

But in the last few years that Instagram has been active, it has been able to increase the number of its users day by day, and it is because of the activities of this program that it has been able to meet the needs of more of its users. Most users today are looking for a program that offers simpler solutions to get started.

Understanding the needs of its users, Instagram is trying to simplify the business growth process by offering new capabilities. For example, communicating with the customer is one of the major concerns in Internet business, but most businesses have very low sales because they cannot communicate with their customers. But if you use this feature, you no longer need to worry about communicating with your customers and you just need to be with us until the end to explain how to activate it for your dear ones.

Increase the engagement rate of the Instagram page

Instagram is looking for pages that have a higher engagement rate One of the factors that increase the page engagement rate is effective communication with the customer. If you do not send or respond directly to your customers, be sure that they will no longer want to direct you. Dad.

But if you use this feature, you can connect more with your customers and increase your page engagement rate; One of the benefits of increasing page engagement is that Instagram puts your posts in Explorer.

Reduce follower loss with automatic Instagram direct

Naturally, if you cannot interact effectively with your followers on Instagram, you will soon experience a drop in followers. If you do not have enough time to do this, you can use the feature or get help from the Instagram admin page.

One of the benefits of using this feature is that it helps you spend less time directing your customers.

How can we post auto-direct on Instagram?

Finally, we come to the activation of Instagram automatic direct. You can easily use this Instagram feature by doing a few simple things.

First step

Log in to your Instagram account. Then, at that point, click the three dabs on the upper left. Click Settings to open the Instagram settings page for you.

Step two

Click the Creator option to complete the Instagram Direct activation process. Then select Saved Replies from the menu.

Third step

After selecting the Saved Replies option, click the New Saved Reply option so you can write down the reply you want to send to most of your users.

Step four

The last step is to choose a password for each note. This password can be a keyword or a shortcode.

If the recipient gave you the direct and you want to send the saved directly to him, write down the specified code or shortcode in the direct field, then it will show you the saved direct.

To access all the automatic directs of your Instagram, enter the audience directly. In the part where you want to send direct, there is a positive sign. By clicking on it, you can have full access to all your automatic direct.

Everything you know about Instagram Auto Direct!

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