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LOL! How and When to Use A Funny Logo?

There is a common saying that, ‘a picture says a thousand words’. Nothing can beat the effectiveness of combining creativity, entertainment with useful & important information. Therefore comes into action funny and animated logos. It is no surprise that funny, lively, animated logos are at its peak. It is obvious that human eyes get attracted to anything that moves. Henceforth this kind of magical touch is now incorporated in logo design and graphic design templates as well that can further be used in official merchandise like letterhead template designs. Animated logos have been observed to grab the attention of viewers from all around the globe..Be it in the form of people, objects or comical animals.

It is important to remember that serious images don’t suit every brand. Professional images are not meant and developed for promotion of every single product. Giving a touch of fun to the logo is one of the basic yet effective keys. It helps to drive more traffic and generate more leads. Companies willing to promote themselves lightheartedly should look no further than to make logo with funny or animated images. This type of logo suits reputed clown organizations, comedy clubs and so on.

In recent times, viewers does not have enough time to find out what the company deals with. However, a humorous logo seems to attract more viewers, make your audience laugh. It also motivate your brand to keep moving. It has been noted by a thorough study and research. At least 72% of consumers are captivated by brands that have a funny personality.

How and When to Use A Funny Logo?

You can be sure of creating a great impact on your targeted audience, new and potential customers, when a remarkable comic personality of your brand is showcased, . This small yet effective step is sure to impress your audience, leave a mark on their mind and make them remember your brand and the product / service you offer to your esteemed valuable global clients.

There is no doubt in revealing the fact that a brand when showcased with entertainment, funny, animated logo can reflect your brand’s personality better, eases communication and help you reach your targeted audience in a jiffy.

In this article, we have compiled some useful ideas to create your own logo with funny, animated images. Reflect humor, strengthens your brand identity and online existence by taking into consideration the below mentioned funny logo design ideas. Here we go:

  1. Consider using name puns

Use name puns if you wish to design a humorous logo to make your brand seem more exciting and interesting to your audience. Salons, eateries, construction firms make use of this latest fun method to design a hilarious logo catering to their business needs and requirements.

However, it is essential to do some kind of research work and survey to find out whether any business already exists with the name you wish to use, before you take up the decision of fixing a name pun for your logo. Also some unique name is helpful to make your audience remember your brand and of course the funny logo.

  1. Consider incorporating visual puns

If you wish to strengthen your brand’s image, and make your funny logo more alluring, consider using a visual pun in your logo design. Make sure that you incorporate symbols to make the logo look more creative, and to boost the spirit of your brand name. Impress your audience with a funny, animated logo that too with relevant information and meaning.

  1. Consider using mascots

An easy and convenient way to represent your brand and make your audience laugh is to add a mascot or a relevant comic character to your funny logo design. Including funny animated images or unique characters relevant to your company’s purpose is a big plus. It is one of the best ways to make your clients all around the globe remember your brand, memorize the product and service you offer to your esteemed customers. Manufacturing industries related to beverage, sports accessories, fast food eateries etc use mascots, funny images and comic characters.

  1. Consider applying slogans

Every entrepreneur wants to make their brand memorable and remarkable to their consumers. Therefore, incorporating an attractive, relevant, eye-catching slogan is a must thing to do in today’s competitive world. It is a sure-shot way to make your audience remember you and the offered product and service.

Moreover, using attractive taglines is a great way to make your brand stand out from the crowd. Amazing taglines and slogans are sure to invoke some positive emotions from your esteemed global clients. Using relevant, meaningful quotes is also a convenient way to give a touch of elegance and professionalism to your funny logo design. Captivating slogans are helpful to add depth, fun, humor to your funny business logo.

Need to Create a Funny Logo:

A funny logo for your brand that will make your audience laugh, and memorize your brand as well. It is better to create funny logos via a reliable, free online logo maker tool like Designhill.

Your logo can prove to be a big hit if you can include the perfect humor, comic character as per your business purpose. It helps the audience get connected to the brand. Also bringing a smile on their face with an image, slogan or tagline. Furthermore, it is important to make sure that your funny logo should be entertaining to the audience. It should be funny enough to make them laugh and remember your business.


The above-mentioned funny logo design tips will definitely make your clients understand your humor. Others will appreciate you for the efforts. It also strengthen brand recognition and invite more clients from all around the world.

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