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Millennium View: Student Accommodation Coventry within Easy Distance from Universities

Millennium View: Student Accommodation Coventry within Easy Distance from Universities

Millennium View can be the right place to stay for you if you are looking for a student accommodation Coventry within an easy distance from universities. On the other hand, you find a wide range of facilities that make it a perfect place to stay for the overseas students.
Millennium View also offers the ideal security features for the safety of the students and their belongings. To know more about this place of student accommodation Coventry, read this article till the end.

Walking Distance from the Universities

If you are a student of Coventry University, you can reach there within 8 minutes on foot. Besides, there is a 20-minutes of walking distance from CU Coventry from this property.
Besides, the property is connected to the transportation system; therefore, one can reach within much less time if it is used. Moreover, if you are a student of any other university than the ones mentioned above, then also you can reach your college or university easily to attend lectures on time.

Distance from Bust Stop and Train Station

As stated above, you find Millennium View near the transport system. It not only makes it easier for you to easily to your university or institution but also the places for sightseeing in Coventry. You would definitely like to visit some attractions in Coventry during your spare time for which this easy transport system helps you.
The nearest bus stop is just a stone’s throw away from this property. On the other hand, Coventry Train Station can be reached within 15 minutes on foot.

Ensuite Rooms and Studios in Millennium View

There are two types of student accommodations available in Millennium View. These are ensuite rooms and studios. The ensuite rooms are available in two types, which are silver ensuite and silver plus ensuite. The studios can also be found in two types – gold studio and gold accessible studio.
Both these places of accommodation have all the facilities that a student needs in his or her place of stay.
Study arrangements are required in every student accommodation; therefore, the students can find a set of study table and chair for the comfortable studies.
A fully equipped kitchen is another necessary thing that is needed, and in the kitchens inside the ensuite rooms and studios of Millennium View, students can find everything required.
In the kitchens, you find a cooking hob, an oven, and a microwave to prepare as well as to heat the meals. Besides, there is also a fridge for maintaining the freshness of the eatables and for acquiring the ice.
In addition to all this, the students find a lot of storage space, where they can keep anything. For instance, a wardrobe is available where the clothing can be kept by the students.
In addition, all the units have comfortable beds and bathrooms with showers.
Other than all this, the arrangement for the entertainment of students has also been done here. There is a TV inside the studios and ensuite rooms, which allows you to watch TV shows, the latest news, and discovery programs.

Amenities inside Millennium View

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, you can find a lot of other amenities inside Millennium View, which make your stay comfortable and enjoyable in this place.
Here are some more facilities that you can find.
There are the arrangements of games like foosball and pool in the property. Therefore, the students can have fun in their spare time.
A common area is also available. So, the residents of the property can meet each other and make new friends. This area is also helpful if you want to get the help of other students in your studies or are willing to offer them help.
The study room inside the property provides you the facility to study without disturbance. This room is perfect for you to prepare for the exams.
A laundry room is also here. So, you can keep your clothes clean and up to date to visit universities and the places for sightseeing as well as to maintain hygiene.
A bicycle storage space is also available here.
There is also a heating facility, which is inclusive of bills. So, you can keep your room warm in the extreme winter season.
Wi-Fi internet connection is also available, so you can connect the internet to your laptops and smartphones.

Security Features

Millennium View provides secure door entries to safeguard your belongings. CCTV cameras are also installed at the property. So, everything can be monitored here. Therefore, any type of unwanted activity can be detected.

Final Thoughts

So, you can find everything in Millennium View, which meets the requirements of the present-day students.
You can book this place of accommodation in Coventry easily now through the websites of the student accommodation service providers.
On these sites, you can find Millennium View listed under the properties of Coventry. From there, you can visit the webpage of this property, read its details, and go through the booking procedure.

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