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Mistakes to avoid when you play Ludo

Online Ludo picks up where board games left off and manage to hold the same attention of players.

It not only tackles boredom during a global pandemic, but it also has other merits of its own in fighting the quarantine blues.

That’s the great thing about online ludo games. Many people believe that it is simple to win an online ludo game with minimal effort. But this is not the way reality works.

Through studies, data has shown that common mistakes are made by aspiring players while they play these online Ludo games.

3 common mistakes people should avoid making when playing online Ludo.

1. Overconfident Attitude

Ludo game moments can lead to problems with online players. While playing your upcoming match, it is essential that you simply keep track of the matches you have won and do not rely too heavily on what your competition looks like or wins.

The one mistake to avoid when playing Ludo is only using what has worked for you in the past. No single strategy will work for all competitors and no one knows exactly how the game unfolds.

2. Playing Blindly

It is difficult to play a game of online ludo with a high chance of winning, based on human input.

There are players who make moves very wisely in comparison to those who simply rely on the dice roll.

People make mistakes during Ludo that lead to lost games or close games, such as playing without planning.

Others are careless in how they play, not working towards victory in the long term.

3. Not Playing The 6 Right

When it comes to guessing, strategy is necessary and a stroke of luck isn’t possible when you can’t know where you are on the game board.

Signs of your success might be players clapping for not giving up their hunt for tokens.

The shape of the Ludo board is one of the biggest factors in playing Ludo.

Once a token gets nested in a double row, you should always opt for the 6 moves, simply because it’ll allow you to get away from the area most often populated by your opponents and that has 2 rows open across in two directions.

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This can result in mistakes and setbacks that are detrimental to the team.

By spreading out tokens on each side, you create an all-out race to the twenty-one-point spot that often rewards you with more points than starting off with just one token at home.


Playing Ludo online with real money is so exciting and people can celebrate all those golden days of their teams.

As a country, now Indians can wear their Ludo cap by playing on a mobile app for real money.

What if games that you love could earn you real money? AIO Games has introduced its very own version of real money games in which players at all levels can participate & if they win, are sure to win cash prizes and compete with each other.

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