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Music NFTs : How To Create A Best NFTs

Now you are among those who know: Music NFTs are related to crypto-currencies and the blockchain. From an outside perspective, it’s a world that can be scary, it’s true. Especially since he gets talked about in the general media only in the event of a big crash in the values ​​of crypto-currencies. But do not panic, you are not here to play the budding trader, by investing real money in bitcoin, but rather to generate value. The worst you risk: not selling anything. So the game is worth the candle. To create an NFT, you will first have to create a wallet , a crypto-currency portfolio. This is essential to receive your payments, as they will only take place in this form.

Which is one of the most common, and especially one of the simplest. What is interesting is that as it brings together many users, you can connect to sales platforms by being connect to them, like Facebook Connect for example. Meta Mask works with the help of a Master Key , a 12-word phrase that will allow you to log in in case you lose your password. Be very careful to save it somewhere, hidden and secure. Have you ever heard of people with large sums of bitcoin on wallets they don’t have access to? You don’t want to find yourself in their place.

There are several platforms to upload your music and put it on sale, we recommend Open Sea , but you can also choose Rarible or Nifty Gateway which are just as safe and recognize. You go to the site, you click on the small wallet at the top right, you will be able to connect your Meta Mask wallet .

You will be redirected to the “create a collection” option. It is mandatory before uploading a file, it must be part of a collection, it is a kind of folder in which you can upload several Discord Music NFTs. The collection is customizable, take advantage of it to show your visual identity: photo, logos, graphic elements. Once you have your collection, you can upload your MP3 files. It is the platform that takes care of minting your files, that is to say placing them in the blockchain, in order to make them unique. Note, however, that you will have to pay management fees.

They are very variable, just like the price of crypto-currencies. They can oscillate between 7 and 110$. To upload your Music NFTs at the right time, use the ethers can tool . Moreover, you will have to buy Ether to pay the gas cost . It’s very simple, via Meta Mask or even Open Sea.

Communicating around your Music NFTs Creating an NFT remains relatively simple and within everyone’s reach. Except that there is an additional factor to take into account, and not the least. For your NFT to increase in value, you have to create envy around them. In fact, the sale will happen like an auction. The people who come to see what you do will be very interest in the profitability of their purchase. The more you are known, the more they will be able to bid.

Buyers are there for the add value they could realize, so show them you have potential. You don’t have a great reputation, ok. But you have a lot of room for improvement. Display clean social networks, take care of your communication, it will prove that you take the game seriously, and who knows? Maybe you are the Strome of tomorrow and therefore an interesting investment.

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