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Newborn Baby Accessory list in Pakistan


Parents start accumulating babies’ essentials even before they are born. Like they buy clothes, feeding bottles, blankets, strollers, diapers, etc. to buy such items they first need to find an authentic store. That has products of a great standard. Because babies require lots many items. As they are fragile they don’t want to damage their skin. Finding a perfect store in Pakistan is a challenge. Then, visit the raja sahib store.

The store has a great value for especially new parents. As they find so much variety for their babies. Also, their staff is so corporation. They guide you about the products, brands, prices, and quality. Even, they make you try some of the products. Like they would let you fully examine strollers, cribs, bathing seats, cots, and baby carriers. After your inspection, you can decide about buying them. Similarly, they never force you to buy a specific brand. Rather, they will let tell you the pros and cons of every single product they have.

Accessory list for newborns

Baby safety and body

  • Baby safety care kits

You need to purchase this kit. You need to purchase a scissor, nail clipper, comb, hair brush, dropper, thermometer, aspirator for nasals, and dispenser for medicine bottles. All of the essentials are necessary. Raja sahib has single products as well it has a kit for all of these products. Parents purchase more kits because they have more variety and are economical than single ones. Afterward, you need to buy cotton buds.

  • Body essentials

Firstly, buy a baby tear-free shampoo, a mild soap, a powder, and baby oil for them. This store has various brands. You can purchase the one you want to. Like raja sahib, dove, Johnson’s, baby mild, and nexton. Next, buy a bottle of baby rash cream.

Clothing section

  • Baby towels

Towels are the basic requirement for them. They are used for cleaning, bathing, washing, and other reasons.

  • Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is required to make your baby covered when he is sleeping. They are usually made from light material. The baby feels comfortable in the bag.

  • Hooded blanket

The soft blanket provides warmth to the baby. It fully covers the baby.


The store generally has set for newborn clothing. The set includes trousers, bibs, mittens, socks, caps, and a shirt. The bibs are made from silicon. Some cotton made have cartoon shapes. You will see different printed sets. Then, you can buy them full sleeves vests. Afterward, look for body suits. You can even name their onesies.

Diaper section

Changing the sheet is his daily requirement. Because the sheet is utilized for diaper changing, and the mat for playing, the baby can lie on it. You can find parachute material and cotton sheets also. Next, buy size one diapers. All of the top and most seller brands are available there. Afterward, purchase a pack of wipes for cleaning purposes.

Feeding bottles

Generally, stores have a single-bottle pack for babies. But the good thing about the Raja sahib store is that they keep sets for feeding bottles. Also, the package includes bottle brushes, sippers, and extra nipples. The bottles are highly graded and of good plastic. Apart from sets, you can also get single feeders.

  • Bottle sterilizers

They have imported sterilizers for bottles.

  • Sippers

Further, buy them soothers made from silicon.

Baby cot and cribs

Your newborn will need a crib, cot, and baby carrycot. Buy the solid ones, which include the compartment, drawers, and side tray.

Baby bag

The bag is essential. As parents will place all of the baby essentials in it.

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