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Save Time and Money with a Mindblowing App – Gojek Clone

Mobile Applications have made our lives easy. Now we don’t have to Download, Install and Register with hundreds of different Apps that provide only a handful of On-Demand Services at a time and only end up eating our entire Phone Storage.  But, with this Gojek Clone App, you just need One App and One-time Registration to enjoy up to 70+ Services. 

To commentate more words about this App, in simple words, IT IS NOTHING LESS THAN A MIRACLE!


Many Entrepreneurs are giving a heads up to the Gojek Clone App mainly because of two reasons: 

  1. It is Time Saving 
  2. It is Money Saving 

Do both the reasons have a predominant hand in making the App a SUPERAPP? Let’s see for ourselves! 


Cooper is an aspiring Entrepreneur who wishes to run his very own Gojek like App in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His Friend suggested him to buy a Ready-Made App from a White-Labeling Firm because;

  • The Firm will rebrand their Base App with his Company’s Name and Logo, change the Color Theme of the App and its Website to match with the color of his Company’ Logo.
  • The App will be ready to launch within 7 Business Days because the Professionals need hardly 3-4 Days to Completely Customize or Rebrand the App. 
  • This will give him an Instant Entry into the On Demand Service Company.
  • Purchasing a Pre-Built App also means that you don’t have to waste 6 to 7 years of your precious time just to build the App from Scratch. Building the App right from the Ground Up means you and your Team will need at least 3-4 years in creating a working model of the Prototype ready. Add to this, couple of more years in transforming it into a Fully-Functional App. And even if the App is ready by the end of the Sixth year, you can’t launch it unless you Beta-Test it for Six-Months followed by a long-drawn process of rigorous Market-Testing.
  • The White-Labeling Firms already have all the Services and Latest Features integrated into the App. Implying, the App is in 100% Working Condition!  
  • The Firm will provide you a Lifetime Licensed Source Code for One Domain at no extra cost with the Purchase of the Package. This will help you to customize your App at your own convenience by enhancing the Source Code yourself!
  • Such Firms will also offer you One-Year Free Support for Bugs that may show up in their Code. Although there won’t be any need for Bug Fixing as all the bugs that had shown in the past have already been fixed. However, if any Bug shows up in their Code, the Firm will be at your Service! 


Cooper’s friend also mentions how purchasing an App like Gojek will also save him a Fortune!

  • He will get to use the FREE DEMO APP trials for as long as he wants. This gives him enough time to see if the App is worth purchasing or not. So, that Cooper doesn’t have to regret making a costly decision. 
  • Many White-Labeling Firms of Global Repute offer Payments via Payment Milestones. For instance, if the Gojek Clone App is priced at US$4,999. The Firm will expect half of this amount, i.e., US$2500 before they start developing 50% of the project, say; 3 Android Apps, WebSite, and Admin Panel. Now that the Firm has rebranded your App & Website inside out, they’ll now show you a Demo of Android Apps and a Web Panel on their Development Server for the Review Process. They’ll use APK Files to show you Android Apps. And if it is, they will ask you to make the remaining payment of US$2499 before they move on to developing the last 50% of the project, that is, the 3 iOS Apps. Just the way they showed you Demo of your Android App, they’ll also show you a Demo of the 3 iOS Apps on their Development Server for the Review Process. They’ll use IPA Files to show you iPhone Apps on Development Server.
  • It saves you from incurring Infrastructural Costs of Renting an Office Premise, buying State-of-the-Art Electronic Equipment and Subscription Plans of all the software needed by your Proficient Team App Developers, Designers, etc.  Paying Six-Figure Salaries to the highly experienced IT Professional on a monthly-basis for a period of over 8 years! Add to this, the contribution made to the Provident Fund, awarding Financial and Medical Incentives to keep their morale high. 
  • You are offered a 100%, Ready-to-Launch App that is powerful enough to earn you Profits from Day 1 of the App Launch.

After listening to his Friend, Cooper is all impressed with the App and now quickly wants to start up his own On-Demand Service Business that offers services like: 

  • Taxi Ride 
  • Taxi Rentals 
  • Food and Grocery Delivery 
  • Parcel Delivery 
  • Pharmacy Delivery 
  • Doctors 
  • Car-wash 
  • Beauticians 
  • Massage Services 


Do you wish to be a Successful Entrepreneur? Do you want to make easy and quick money? Do you want to save time and money by simply purchasing a Pre-Built, Mature, Fully-Optimized App like Gojek?  

Here’s what you need to do – search for a White-Labeling Firm of Global Repute that has an Industry Experience of at least a Decade! 

Get-Set-Go! Such opportunities won’t knock at your door TWICE! 

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